Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chamber of Commerce Export Courses Provide Grounding in Freight and Logistics

Yorkshire Training Group Aims for Big Returns on Investment
Shipping News Feature

UK – Training, in all its forms, has seen a huge rise in importance in recent years and possibly no trade or profession has been affected as much as logistics and associated industries concerned with moving freight, both domestically and internationally. Courses for Health and Safety have become almost mandatory for anyone involved in the physical side of the business whilst professional qualifications are now required to perform jobs such as truck driving which formerly simply needed a suitable licence.

Many companies consider that the expertise needed by anyone involved in exports and imports should be seen in a tangible form via an official qualification and to this end Chamber International, Bradford has seen its list of export course offerings grow to ten and covering issues which include exporting principals, documentation, payment methods and security, cultural etiquette, insurance and the delivery of shipments, but to keep abreast of changing international regulations, the company is preparing for a further series of courses which may start this autumn.

The company provides the courses to offer international trade support on behalf of Chambers of Commerce and in the first six months of 2013 has seen 132 pass the relevant British Chambers of Commerce courses with merit. Greater understanding about exporting and its benefits is being stimulated by Leeds Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) We Are International export campaign, which is being delivered by Chamber International and aims to bring £2.6 billion of additional export earnings into the ten local authority areas within Leeds City Region by 2018 and create thousands of new jobs. Chamber International head of export training, Mike Strawson, comments:

“Growing demand for our courses is further evidence that Leeds City Region in particular, and Yorkshire as a whole, is gearing up for a significant export drive. We have never been busier, interest is coming from businesses across the commercial spectrum, from national supermarkets and large plc’s to a wide range of manufacturers and SME’s. Many which have previously been dabbling in exporting have discovered the benefits and now realise that with a flat domestic market they need to do it seriously to prosper and survive.

“The courses enable businesses to respond more professionally to enquiries and to generate more overseas business so they can increase profitability, turnover, security and employment. In spite of recent better economic news, the UK and wider EU economy remains weak and businesses in Yorkshire, like those in the rest of the UK, need to realise their export potential, especially to faster-growing markets.”