Friday, July 8, 2011

Cargoshell Looks to Revolutionise the Humble Freight Shipping Container

New Concept Applies for ISO Certification
Shipping News Feature

THE NETHERLANDS – A new concept that is looking to revolutionise the ubiquitous freight container is to apply for its ISO certification in September. The Cargoshell container will be submitted to Germanische Lloyd for certification and is expected to achieve qualification in October. New shipping container designs may only be released to the market once they have been certified.

As mentioned in our container versatility article last year the Cargoshell shipping container folds down when not in use and is made from composite material, making it much lighter than a steel container while retaining the same volume when erected and resulting in less energy being required for transportation and handling. The makers claim that the container can be broken down by one person in thirty seconds.

In addition to emission savings from its lightness, the Cargoshell only takes up a quarter of the space of a standard shipping container when collapsed, freeing up large amounts of valuable space in freight hubs and substantially cutting on the number of trips necessary to transport empty units. According to Cargoshell, if all steel containers were replaced with the new design then in the Port of Rotterdam alone this would save 10,000 transport movements, representing 250 fewer trucks a day during peak hours.

Cargoshell state that they will be launching the new product at an international presentation on Monday, October 31st. The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Schultz van Haegen, will be in attendance. To see a video of the assembly of a Cargoshell click here.