Monday, August 3, 2009

Cargo Overseas expands its Sri Lanka freight link

New Colombo branch a first for UK forwarding
Shipping News Feature

Despite the overall downturn in the freight industry, Manchester based forwarder Cargo Overseas has announced a major investment in their transport operations in Sri Lanka.

In a statement from the group’s Managing Director Phillip Curran, which emphasised the potential for growth, he outlined plans for the new undertaking. Cargo Overseas Lanka (PVT) has been developed with the cooperation of their existing partner in the region, Mr Gamini Gunaratna.

Mr Curran said "This new venture aims to take advantage of the vast potential of the Sri Lankan market. On the back of our regular weekly consolidation services, this new office will enhance the overall quality of operations. We have worked closely with Gamini for many years and he has a very strong reputation in Sri Lanka. His enthusiasm and innovative thinking has already brought great success and we look forward to this continuing in the future".

Cargo Overseas Lanka (PVT) Ltd., which will commence operation in the next few weeks, is the first direct investment in Sri Lanka since the onset of the political troubles which have dogged the country of late. Mr Curran continued to say that Cargo Overseas intends to be a market leader in the area by providing: “An unrivalled service to Sri Lankan importers and exporters.”

Sri Lanka is currently seeing a growing wave of development in areas previously controlled by the LTTE (Tamil Tigers), who now appear to have been effectively cleared from the country. Task Force 8, the Government troops dedicated to mopping up operations, yesterday discovered more munitions in the areas around Puthukudyruppu and Vellamullavaiikal, and the clean up will continue for the foreseeable future. Meantime new reconstruction and redevelopment of housing and commercial areas continues apace throughout the country.

By moving so quickly to develop an integral base, Cargo Overseas may have put themselves in a pivotal position for the expected growth of trade.