Tuesday, June 19, 2018

CakeBoxx Unique Security Containers Receive US Government Approval as Anti-Terrorist Technology

Arduous Process Results in a First for Deck and Lid Shipping Boxes
Shipping News Feature
US – WORLDWIDE – Whilst the company currently touts its products along the waterways of Europe, over in the US CakeBoxx Technologies tells us it recently received SAFETY Act liability and risk management approvals for their innovative, high-security, 'deck and lid' design containers. CakeBoxx containers are therefore now a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) and are listed on the US Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Approved Equipment List, under the Act, the designated mark of which can now be used on CakeBoxx products.

Following the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, the US Government established the Department of Homeland Security to focus on preventing and responding to future threats and in 2002 the Homeland Security Act was established, enabling United States Congress to enact several liability protections for providers of anti-terrorism technologies.

The resulting SAFETY Act provides approvals for those companies who provide such qualified anti-terrorism technologies. The process of attaining a SAFETY Act designation is arduous, requiring an in-depth examination of the technology and the company behind it. The seal shows confidence from the US Government security experts that CakeBoxx products are effective against terrorism.

CakeBoxx Technologies says that it is the first and only shipping container firm to receive the SAFETY Act approval, or ‘protection’ from the US authorities. The company and its ‘deck and lid’ two-piece container design were founded with a commitment to global trade security. By removing the cargo doors typically installed on end-loading containers, the ‘no doors’ CakeBoxx design eliminates the most common vulnerability associated with container security. Such security is a globally recognised problem, but practical, effective solutions for conventional containers have been elusive, and could not be fully developed due to the vulnerability of the doors.

The CakeBoxx design is the only industry-friendly solution developed to address this problem since the inception of container-based trade. CakeBoxx containers significantly increase the level of effort required to use the container as an instrument of illicit activities, including all aspects, from human smuggling and the conveyance of illegal goods to theft, product tampering and vandalism.

While the raison d’etre for the CakeBoxx design is security-based, response from industry has shown that the long-awaited combination of security, cargo safety, employee safety and cargo handling efficiency is a welcome addition to a variety of shipping options for containerised freight. In addition to being the most secure container available for high-value/high-consequence cargoes, the CakeBoxx two-piece design provides a practical option for many types of freight not previously good candidates for container shipping. Daine Eisold, CakeBoxx Technologies’ CEO commented:

“We launched CakeBoxx products to provide a secure option to confront the pervasive and growing container security threat. Our door-less design is an extremely effective deterrent to the most common risk scenarios. At the same time, we wanted to keep the design simple to facilitate ease of inspection and use. We made it strong to ensure longevity and reliability. This combination of attributes results in a very safe, highly secure and money-saving product with a strong return on investment for a very broad spectrum of users. There are more versions of the CakeBoxx design coming to serve more products and requirements.”