Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bureau Offers Free Tyre Safety Pack To Truckers

But Senator Disgusts Retread Industry
Shipping News Feature

US – CANADA - The Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau are so concerned by the casual attitude of many freight and delivery drivers to the maintenance of their tyres (OK tires in their case) that they are offering a free pack of useful information including tips on how to properly maintain your tyres including a CD and DVD. The Bureau understands the difficulties in accurately checking the condition and pressures on a full set of eighteen wheels but point out the dangers of not doing so.

Interested drivers can obtain their free pack by e mailing info@retread.org or ringing toll free from the US and Canada on 888-473-8732.

The same organisation has been in the news this week after a US Senator maligned the retread industry whilst haranguing a colleague. Senator Tom Harkin (D-IOWA) described a member of the Republican Party during a speech at the Iowa Democratic Party’s state convention as a “retread” and continued, “And the problem with retreads is that they have a tendency to blow out and cause a lot of wrecks.”

Not the most diplomatic remark for a man whose home state contains the world’s largest retread tyre manufacturer. The Senators comments led Harvey Brodsky, Managing director of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau to say: “Senator Harkin better get used to taking the train back and forth from Washington since every major airline –including military planes – routinely take off and land on retreads. He might also be interested to learn that retreads are safely used on school buses throughout the country, and in many other parts of the world. Fire engines and other emergency vehicles also safely use retreads, as do millions of commercial and public sector fleet vehicles.”

Mr Brodsky’s comments are understandable as there is even a Federal Executive Order (13149) mandating the use of retreads on selected federal fleet vehicles.