Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bunker Group Will Refuel Freight and Passenger Vessels Under a Different Name

Attempt to Strengthen Brand in Key Baltic Market
Shipping News Feature

GERMANY – ESTONIA – With the collapse of major bunker suppliers at the end of last year and the sharp drop in fuel prices plus the inception of more stringent emission controls the sector is undergoing many changes as it fights ever harder trading conditions to supply freight and passenger vessels with suitable marine oil products.

Now the Bomin group, which has been active in the bunker business for more than 35 years via its subsidiaries and is one of the world’s leading independent suppliers and traders of bunker oil, has re-branded its operation based in Tallinn and previously known as AS Bominflot Estonia, to Bomin Baltic AS. The company says the development comes as it looks to further expand its presence in the Baltic Sea region, now one of the key Emission Control Areas (ECAs) under the revised MARPOL regulations.

The company, 100% owned by German based Mabanaft GmbH, the trading division of Marquard & Bahls, Germany, a leading, privately owned, petroleum company, has supplied bunker services in the ports of Estonia since 2001. Jan Christensen, Regional Manager Northwest Europe, commented:

“The region is an important market for our customers, as they look to manage the challenges of the 2015 ECA (Emission Control Area) regulations. And while fuel prices are considerably lower from this time last year, it is still critical that they have access to quality products, when and where they need them, from a supplier that they trust, that ensures compliance.”

Commenting on the development, Thomas Johannsen, Managing Director Bomin group, observed:

“We have ambitious plans for Bomin throughout the course of 2015, including growth and expansion in Europe, and wider on a global basis. The bunker industry faces renewed responsibility to meet the changing demands of ship owners and operators, and has to ensure quality in the products and services it provides. With Bomin’s financial strength and liquidity, we will therefore further invest and develop our infrastructure and set new benchmarks for service excellence to deliver against the increasing requirements of our customers and prospects.”