Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bulk Haulage Operator Cuts Insurance Costs With Improved Safety Options on New Truck

Quinns Transport over the Moon with New Actros
Shipping News Feature
UK – North Yorkshire bulk haulier, Quinns Transport has saved £700 on their insurance bill thanks to the latest, state-of-the-art truck safety systems from Mercedes-Benz. The company's latest acquisition, a new Actros tractor unit, came with an optional Safety Pack, an investment that has enabled the company to secure a 5% reduction in its annual fleet premium.

Based in Shipton by Beningbrough, near York, Quinns Transport four tractor units pull bulk tipping trailers which carry a variety of agricultural commodities, but predominantly potatoes, grains and fertilisers. Liam Quinn, Managing Director, witnessed the performance of the updated safety options on the Actros at a demonstration and immediately ordered the upgrade on an outstanding order with Mercedes-Benz via Northside Van & Truck. Quinn commented:

“The braking performance was unbelievable. I was left in no doubt that this technology can save lives, either by preventing an accident altogether, or dramatically reducing the effects of a collision.”

The upgrade enabled Quinns to approach its insurer and secure a discount on its yearly bill. Liam Quinn added:

“My agent took it on board totally. He acknowledged that I was clearly taking the issue of safety very seriously, and that I had proactively reduced the risk of my truck being involved in an accident. He agreed that this should be reflected in the cost of my insurance.”

More of an eye-opener, however, has been the vehicles performance. “The Actros absolutely flies,” Quinn continued. “During long runs up to Scotland it’s proved more than a match for our higher-powered vehicles on the hills. Everyone is really surprised and impressed by how well it goes.”