Tuesday, January 5, 2010

British International Freight Association Detail HM Revenue And Customs Changes For 2010

Faster Clearance for Fresh Produce, AEO update and Bank Details change
Shipping News Feature

UK – The British International Freight Association (BIFA) have detailed current changes underway by HM Revenue & Customs. The faster Automatic Licence Verification System (ALVS) which affects any importer of flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit from outside the EU will come into full effect from 16th February 2010. Since March 2009 when the scheme was first trialled there are now 90 importers and agents registered and clearance times are set to reduce from two hours to around ten minutes. There will be two final briefing sessions at the Premier Inn Heathrow on the 6th and 10th February. Full details can be obtained from the Food and Environment Research Agency website.

There is a new information paper on the current status of the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme within the EU which is essential reading for any companies considering applying for AEO status. The BIFA produced .pdf document is available here. So far 260 applications have been received by HMRC and 123 certificates issued.

During 2009 HMRC switched bank accounts away from the established Bank of England facilities to new accounts with Citi and the Royal Bank of Scotland. As from the end of January the old sort code and account details will no longer function and therefore the new account details should be used. Once again a BIFA .pdf file here contains all the new details.