Tuesday, October 13, 2009

British Company Leads Drive For Cleaner And More Efficient US Reefer Trucks

Americans Impressed by New Tail Pipe Technology
Shipping News Feature

NEWHAVEN – ENGLAND - Clean Power Technologies, of Newhaven, East Sussex have impressed US based Cascade Sierra Solutions, a not for profit organisation which specialises in the investigation and supply of cleaner technology to the trucking industry.

Clean Power have developed a system they call CESAR which recovers heat which flows from the vehicles exhaust and exchanges it to provide energy to drive the refrigeration unit mounted on the truck. The technology has other potential applications and the company works with likely users of the system to arrive at satisfactory solutions.

Engineer Joel Smith from Cascade was astonished when he saw the potential of the system. "When I first heard about the technology, he reportedly said, “this is crazy, there is absolutely no way it is going to work.” Now he has returned to the States to consider the ramifications of introducing and developing the system.

Mike Burns, chief technology officer at Clean Power, explains,

“We are currently trialling the system with Safeway in the US. We have fitted the system to a Freightliner Columbus C120 to take up the heat after it passes the particulate filter and Catalytic converter. We also have applied the technology to landfill systems which are designed and ready to commence operations in March. Our first vehicle based system we expect to commence operations in Summer 2010.

“Many smaller US refrigerated trucks now use a process whereby a frozen gel is used on a slow release system to operate the cooling system. Our CESAR when fitted currently produces 17 Kw of three phase power, ample to use in such a system. We envisage the possibility that the use of this technology will give companies the potential to discard electrical components from trucks which, up to now have been essential, such as alternators or air conditioning compressors.”

Any companies interested in investigating the potential of the system for road, marine or other use should contact Mike at mike@cleanpowertech.co.uk or via the company’s website.