Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Brexit Offers Opportunity for Scottish Removals Company

Concerns about Future Leading to More Emigration
Shipping News Feature
UK – The ongoing issue of Brexit is certainly eating up a lot of headlines (including this one) and causing debate and concerns across the country. But one canny removals company thinks that where there is crisis there is also opportunity.

Removal Services Scotland (RSS) are expanding their service offerings to include international relocations for Brits who either are planning on coming home from Europe or else heading for other climes in response to worries about the possible effects of Brexit. Speaking of their expanded services Finn Hayden, Marketing Executive at RSS said that:

“To reflect the sudden surge in Brits moving abroad, especially Brits moving to obscure locations, Removal Services Scotland have now introduced international shipping to any country in the world. Part of this decision is based on the early Brexit debates, with many people expressing concern that moving to other locations in Europe would be impossible, and consequently making plans to move elsewhere in the world.

“Despite claims that moving to Europe will be perfectly feasible for the foreseeable future, many Brits have already made the decision to move elsewhere, and we are now catering for this. Australia has long been a popular destination for Brits moving abroad, and is the number one destination that we ship to. However, we've also noticed recent increases in moves to Africa and other locations which were previously unpopular with Brits.

“We're fully expecting other shipping companies to follow suit, as the concerns around Brexit are still not fully resolved and many families still feel reluctant to commit to a European move.”