Thursday, November 11, 2021

Brexit Counts Another Casualty as European Air Freight Moves Overseas

Austria Sees the Commencement of a New Cargo Airline
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRIA – This week we witnessed another casualty of Brexit when DHL announced the commencement of operations by DHL Air Austria, with many of the aircraft to be used coming from services previously based in the UK.

The airline will be operated by DHL Express with eighteen B757 freighters utilised on pan European routes working from the new Vienna headquarters of the company. Up to now only three of the designated aircraft have been registered in Austria, the rest to follow by Q1 2022. The UK operation will continue to operate international flights using a fleet of B777 and B767 freighters.

Talks with the Austrian authorities commenced nine months ago with an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) then being granted and subsequently the Operating Licence on 18 October. DHL says it chose Austria as a suitable European hub due to a stable economic and political climate, its central geographical position, along with a good reputation within the air industry. Barbara Achleitner, managing director, DHL Air Austria is quoted as saying:

"The establishment of DHL Express' first Austrian airline and the receipt of all licenses is an historic moment for all of us. The efficient implementation of this important milestone would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our team and, above all, without the great support of the responsible ministry as well as Austro Control.

”It makes us particularly proud that we have managed such enormous achievements together as a team within nine months and that we are creating 54 new jobs at our headquarters at Vienna International Airport.”

Dr Magnus Brunner, State Secretary for Aviation said the new airline was a boost for both the local aviation sector and the economy, whilst Dr Valerie Hackl, managing director of Austro Control, commented:

"I am particularly pleased that with DHL Air Austria we can welcome another airline to the Austrian aircraft register. I would like to thank DHL Express for the good and professional cooperation, which has made it possible to complete this process so quickly and efficiently.

”It is also a sign of the high quality of our aviation authorities and a consequence of the high quality of service we offer our customers every day that more and more renowned airlines are finding their way to Austria. We have earned this excellent international reputation in recent years, and we intend to continue along this path in the future as a modern and service-oriented aviation authority."

Photo: The first Austrian flight touches down (courtesy DHL).