Monday, June 8, 2015

Break Bulk, Project Freight and Heavy Lift Shipping Lines Form New Alliance

Cargo Cooperation Agreed by Asian - German Pair as with Container Carriers
Shipping News Feature

MIDDLE EAST – INDIA – OCEANIA – In the spirit of the many and varied container alliances we have seen being announced in the past few months, now two major players in the break bulk, heavy lift and project freight cargo markets have joined together in what they term a ‘connecting carrier partnership’. Swire Shipping, the liner shipping division of the China Navigation Company (CNCo) and Rickmers-Linie have outlined how they propose to collaborate in future.

Under the new partnership, Swire Shipping will be able to connect its break bulk and project cargoes in India and the Middle East, through Rickmers-Linie’s Middle East and India Service, to its network in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, via Singapore. The first voyage is scheduled to depart Mumbai on 9 June 2015, the first voyage from Jebel Ali being on 28 June 2015.

The loading ports are Jebel Ali, Mumbai, Chennai, Dammam, Kolkata (with other ports on inducement). The destination ports, via Singapore, are Papua New Guinea, Solomons, New Caledonia, Fiji, Australian East Coast, Darwin, East Timor and New Zealand. William Arblaster, Commercial Manager, Swire Shipping commented:

“This collaboration with Rickmers-Linie allows Swire Shipping to provide its customers with another shipping solution for their multipurpose cargo needs. It enhances our network coverage by providing a regular break bulk service out of India and the Middle East into the South Pacific region.”

The service will result in a potential connection for customers between twelve ports and offer a monthly multipurpose service with lifting capacity of up to 120 tonnes. Gerhard Janssen, Director Global Sales and Marketing for Rickmers-Linie added:

“Since our vessels from Europe to the Middle East and India continue to Singapore, this cooperation offers an increased range of destinations and loading ports on offer for customers of both Swire Shipping and Rickmers-Linie. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation.”