Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Break Bulk Freight Specialist Uses Container Ship for Unconventional Cargo

Dutch Courage Needed to Ship Goods to Chinese Beer Capital
Shipping News Feature

UK – NETHERLANDS – CHINA - Project cargo and break bulk specialist Tuscor Lloyds loves a challenge and when a crowded factory dispatch department needed to move awkward freight quickly Tuscor Lloyds’ projects team was called in to transport eight heavy cable reels from the manufacturers in the North of England to Qingdao in China, a town famous for its beer. The question for Tuscor Lloyds’ project managers was how to ship heavy conventional cargo quickly and efficiently to China from the UK? The answer is to move it on a container vessel, with its stable sailing schedule and timed arrival in destination, the shipment timescale can be confidently predicted. Tuscor Lloyds organised for the cable reels to be picked up and transported to the Port of Rotterdam.

Some guts were needed for this job as the largest of the cable reels weighed in at 86.5 tonnes and measured 4 x 3 x 4.2 metres and the Dutch port has the facilities and experience necessary in the container terminal to handle heavy pieces like this, it also has knowledge of how to use a bed of flat racks to load loose cargo as break bulk on a standard container vessel.

Due to the large number of reels the cargo loading had to be precisely planned around equipment availability and other cargo loading times, this was organised by the projects team who worked with the vessel owners and crane operators to ensure all the cargo would be loaded in time. The goods were transported by road to Rotterdam and consolidated there as the factory staggered their completion and shipping dates.

Thanks to a complex and efficient operation on the day all the reels were brought alongside the vessel and the shipment safely loaded onto the ship using a floating crane. Tuscor Lloyds’ project managers followed the operation closely and brought to bear the company’s influence in the port and with the stevedores.

The eight cable reels were safely shipped to China, and once in the Port of Qingdao the cable reels were unloaded from the container vessel, positioned and securely lashed onto flatbed trucks which transported the cargo onto the final destination. The discharging operation was watched and monitored by Eastlink Logistics – Tuscor Lloyds’ sister company based in Hong Kong.

Photo: Four of the giant reels safely stowed in the container vessels hold.