Monday, August 16, 2010

Bomb Targets Freight Train - Again

Dagestan Militants Sabotage Track Used for LNG Carriage
Shipping News Feature

RUSSIA – Islamic militants are suspected to be the cause of a bomb attack on freight rail traffic last night in the Dagestan Republic, the largest in the North Caucasus. Local press state that around 10am yesterday an explosion occurred on the Kaspissiky-Tarki line, the target of which was an eight car freight train, some of the carriages thought to be carrying liquefied gas.

A statement from the Department of the Interior said the track is little used and the train remained on the tracks with nobody hurt. It is believed that the track is inspected for explosives twice a day following explosions in July which derailed two trains and injured two staff.

Although Russian is the recognised language of Dagestan less than 5% of the population are actually native Russians in an area with huge ethnic diversity, predominately Muslim and speaking a range of languages including Iranian and various Caucasian tongues.

Unrest seems on the increase in the area with further reports from Russian sources saying a policemen was one of two people shot and wounded whilst travelling in the town of Kaspiisk this morning and two more explosions last night in the capital Makhachkala.