Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boeing Continue To Supply Freight Aircraft To The Navy

10th C - 40A Delivered Yesterday
Shipping News Feature

US - The Boeing Corporation yesterday delivered the 10th C-40A transport - cargo aircraft to the U.S. Navy. The Boeing 737-700 commercial derivative was modified at the company’s Wichita facility for its Navy mission. The C-40A is equipped with a main-deck cargo door and can be configured for troop transport, freight transport or both. With superior range and performance, a state-of-the-art flight deck, 21st century avionics and quiet, clean, fuel-efficient engines, the C-40A increases the Navy's capability for rapid response to the fleet worldwide.

Boeing and Navy representatives marked the completion of the modification at a delivery ceremony yesterday. Steve Wade, general manager of Boeing Global Transport & Executive Systems said:

"The C-40A has a critical mission to deliver personnel and supplies to all areas of the world, and we're proud to play a part in making sure that can happen. We're looking forward to continuing to enhance the Navy's fleet of C-40As with as many aircraft as are required to support this mission. The C-40A is a proven workhorse, whether it is delivering humanitarian aid to the scenes of natural disasters or military equipment to ships and troops on the ground."

Vice Admiral Dirk Debbink, Chief of Navy Reserve commented:

"The C-40A plays an important role in the Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift (NUFEA) fleet. These fuel-efficient, extremely flexible logistics-support aircraft are an integral part of every maritime mission, from humanitarian assistance to power projection. The bottom line is the ability of the C-40A to provide our nation important, Navy-unique airlift capability at a lower cost. We welcome this new aircraft into the fleet!"

Boeing is on contract to deliver two additional C-40As; one 737 is currently being modified at the Wichita facility, while the other is on the Boeing Commercial Airplanes production line in Renton, Washington.