Sunday, August 17, 2014

Body Found in Shipping Container After Discharge from Freight Ferry

Thirty Four Survivors Rescued After Screaming for Help
Shipping News Feature

UK – A police investigation is under way after 34 people thought to be of Indian sub-continental origin were found early today (August 17) in an import shipping container at Tilbury Docks, together with a man’s body. The survivors were discovered after screaming and banging on the steel sides of the box to attract attention. After treatment one man was being questioned by police. The container had arrived on a P&O freight ferry from Zeebrugge.

The ship in question takes both trailers and containers and Belgian police have already established details of the vehicle which dropped the box at the Belgian port and are trying to identify the driver. It is unknown if the container in question was subject to transhipment and, if so, the original port of loading.

The Essex emergency services deployed at least ten vehicles and assorted staff within minutes of the discovery of the mixed group of men, women and children and, although there were no apparent ailments apart from hypothermia and dehydration, the group was sent for treatment at Basildon, Southend and London’s Whitechapel hospitals, with language proving a major obstacle to the enquiry.