Thursday, September 10, 2009

BioDiesel Takes Away UK Council Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Richmond Becomes First 100% Eco Friendly Carrier
Shipping News Feature

RICHMOND, ENGLAND – Richmond Council have declared their green intentions by moving their entire fleet of trucks and vans onto a diet of – chip fat. In future all the Councils commercial vehicles will run on fuel made from recovered cooking oils. Other Councils around the UK have made the move to a biofuel/diesel mix but Richmond is the first to move their fleet over to a completely recycled fuel source.

Uptown Oils of London will supply the fuel in a contract worth £3.5 million over five years with a reserve supplier in place should there be problems or shortages. The Council estimates a 5% saving by using the biodiesel which is made entirely from processed cooking oils collected from numerous sources around the Capital. This represents a saving of around £60,000 per year.

The fuel has been trialled for some time by Richmond and declared completely successful, they intend to make the final transition by January. The Council also estimate it will reduce their CO2 output by 1,170 tonnes annually and thus keep their carbon footprint using their current fleet to a minimum.

Given the British penchant for Fish & Chips and other take away fast foods there should be no shortage of biodiesel for the Richmond’s fleet whilst newer electric powered vehicles are being developed.