Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bio Diesel To Fuel New Australian Rail Freight Venture

SCT Logistics Launch New Bulk Carrier
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – SCT Logistics, road, rail and refrigerated freight transport specialists are apparently behind a new and separate company to be known as Specialised Bulk Rail Pty Ltd (SBR) to add competition to the bulk haulage by rail sector which dominates the South Australian region. Principal customer initially is IMX Resources which produces huge quantities of iron ore from the Cairn Hill site, destined to produce initial revenue of over A$150 million for SBR.

SBR will use four 4500HP B20 bio diesel fuelled locomotives for the 900 kilometre haul to Port Adelaide which the company claims will result in a saving of over 2,000 tonnes of CO2 against regular fuels. Bio diesel is being used to fuel every stage of the operation as IMX buy it in from Logicoil who also supply DP World at Port Adelaide to power their stevedoring equipment. Even the tankers which deliver the six million or so litres of the diesel to port and mine alike, run on the fuel.

The new company say they have the capability of shipping in excess of two million tonnes of ore annually and SBR boss, CEO Geoff Smith said in a statement:

“SBR’s people have a wealth of rail knowledge from decades of experience in the rail industry. We have no doubt that we will bring to the table creativity and innovation particularly through design and implementation of the latest technological advancements in locomotives and rolling stock.

“We genuinely feel that the Australian mining industry will welcome increased competition into the bulk rail haulage sector and appreciate the fresh approach that we will bring to the market.”

News of the new venture comes just as observers await the decision of the Queensland authorities on the future of QR National freight trains and tracks which was due to be sold off by public flotation but ownership may yet be transferred to a consortium of local mining interests.