Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Big Payout Between Scandinavian Tanker Fleet Operators as New Vessel Class Prospers

IMOIIMAX Merchant Ship Design Proving a Success
Shipping News Feature

SWEDEN – WORLDWIDE – The widening range of classes of merchant ships as new technologies find their way into the industry are to be celebrated as they tend toward cutting emissions and reducing costs for ship operators and shippers alike. One company certainly celebrating this week is Gothenburg oil tanker fleet operator Concordia Maritime AB which is to receive a $5 million payout for its IMOIIMAX concept.

Paying the $5 million is recently newsworthy fellow Swedish tanker group Stena Bulk AB, which has employed the concept for which Concordia are credited as the ‘driving force’, to its full advantage, and the payment is a consequence of the commercial successes of the IMOIIMAX fleet since delivery. The payment will be made during Q3 2019 and will be reported as other income in the company’s accounts.

The vessel class is indeed a bit of a game changer, IMOIIMAX is designed to carry IMO 2 classed cargoes as well as clean and dirty products. The vessels being equipped with eighteen cargo tanks of max 3,000 m³ capacity as well as a nitrogen based inert gas system. The design was refined between Stena Teknik together with the Guangzhou Shipyard in China, with the pair claiming it is probably the most energy efficient Eco MR Tanker existing today.

Despite a higher fuel efficiency engine, revolutionary hull lines and specially designed propeller, rudders, exhaust gas energy recovery and on board systems, the really impressive factor for the class is in the cargo carrying sector. The arrangement of eighteen cargo tanks means no single tank is larger than 3,000 m³. Consequently, the IMOIIMAX can load a full IMO 2 cargo in each tank.

The tank cleaning system provides for four tanks to be washed simultaneously with heated as well as cold sea and fresh water and, to ensure a greater range of cargoes can be handled, the normal coated, mild steel piping with flanged couplings is replaced with stainless steel, in order to comply with FOSFA recommendations and the chemical trade.

All cargo pumps can be run and controlled individually giving high discharge rates and flexibility of cargo circulation. Tank cleaning is with clean Nitrogen instead of traditional inert flue gas, decreasing the time between discharge and loading due to faster operation.