Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best Fleet For Truck Drivers Award Winners Announced

Haulage Companies Show they Know how to Innovate and Treat Staff
Shipping News Feature

US – This week saw the results of the annual “Best Fleet for Drivers” awards given by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), in conjunction with CarriersEdge. This is the second time the awards have been made and their purpose is to illustrate trucking companies operating 10 or more vehicles who provide the best workplace experience for their drivers. The survey, in order to uncover the winners, incorporate drivers’ evidence and opinions, what a company offer in the way of training plus other programmes and how effective these are.

The companies surveyed carry interstate freight far and wide across the US and Canada. The survey revealed some truly innovative schemes by the truckers. These include Bison Transport’s satellite survey to enable drivers’ families to plot their position, Kennesaw Transportation who base a new drivers pay on the longevity of service for a former employer and Boyd Brothers Transportation bonus programme which balances out for seasonal adjustments. Bizarrely Don Hummer Trucking even run a scheme which sees their drivers engaging in that peculiarly American pastime of quilt making during downtime. The products are then raffled or donated for charity.

As is often the case it is drivers’ comments which prove the richest source of information, not just useful for this award but proving informative for any truck company prepared to listen. Despite the fact that gas prices have levelled off somewhat many of the drivers pointed out bonuses nowadays are often linked to environmentally initiatives like fuel efficiency. Another frequent comment was that many firms were opting out of 401(k)* arrangements and retirement savings plans altogether or lowering company contributions to the schemes.

A full alphabetical list of winners of the awards is:

Bison Transport, Winnipeg, MB

Boyd Bros. Transportation, Clayton, AL

Brian Kurtz Trucking, Breslau, ON

CalArk Trucking, Mabelvale, AR

Central Hauling, Mabelvale, AR

Coastline Transport, Fowler, CA

Con-Way Truckload, Joplin, MO

Dart Transit Company, Eagan, MN

Don Hummer Trucking, Oxford, IA

Kennesaw Transportation, Rydal, GA

Laidlaw Carriers Van, Guelph, ON

MacKinnon Transport, Guelph, ON

Melton Truck Lines, Tulsa, OK

MSM Transportation, Bolton, ON

Schneider National, Green Bay,

WI Shulist Trucking, Maple, ON

Yanke Group of Companies, Saskatoon, SK

The research was undertaken by CarriersEdge who provide online driver quality improvement solutions and the awards were sponsored by the Atlanta based Ramp Media Group and Over the Road Canada who assist in the recruitment and retention of road haulage professionals.

401(k)* is a US retirement savings plan which allows a worker to save for retirement and have the savings invested while deferring current income taxes on the saved money and earnings until withdrawal.