Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Belgian Eurovignette Toll System for Freight Trucks to Change Next Year

Lorries to be Charged on Mileage, not Time as at Present
Shipping News Feature

BELGIUM – GERMANY – A new satellite based system of charging freight trucks over 3.5 tonnes for road use in the country is to be introduced on 1 April 2016. The Viapass toll system will apply to the existing Eurovignette route network within the regions of Flanders, Vallonia and Brussels from that date. The registration phase for the new toll in Belgium starts on 1 October 2015 whilst the same day will see changes in the existing scheme in Germany.

Pre-registration applications can be made here on the DKV website for those who wish to use that company to invoice for the new Belgian service. By completing the pre-registration details DKV says it will keep clients advised of the final registration process. The new distance-based toll will be calculated using a satellite-based On Board Unit and those who have not registered will be able to do so at local service stations which will also issue the On Board Units and accounts can be settled by pre-payment or post-payment.

Tariffs and maps of the regions where the tolls are applicable can be downloaded here and the new Belgian truck toll will apply to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes permissible total weight and to Belgian and foreign trucks alike. The level of the toll will depend on the permissible total weight, the EURO class of the truck and the road category. Full details of the financial architecture of the scheme can be seen here and a short video describing how the scheme works can be viewed here. Gertjan Breij, managing director at DKV Euro Service Benelux, said:

“The introduction of a new toll system generally involves additional work imposed on our customers. As service provider we aim to take a maximum amount of strain from our customers’ hands in this respect, enabling them to continue working in a cost efficient way.”

In Germany 1 October 2015 sees the toll limit on trucks reduced from the current 12 tonnes to just 7.5 total permissible weight. The toll fees are based on emission class, number of axles and the length of chargeable route travelled and can be paid by a Toll Collect on Board Unit, at the toll terminal or on the internet.

Photo: One of the Belgian On Board Units.