Monday, August 3, 2009

BDP Acquires UK Freight Forwarder

US forwarder moves into Britain
Shipping News Feature

USA & UK - BDP International, a global logistics and transportation services company based in the U.S., has acquired U.K.-based Rostrum Forwarding Ltd. The company's name will be changed to BDP International, and it will operate under the continued leadership of Rostrum's Managing Director Bruce W. Pope.

“Rostrum and BDP represent a good fit between two like-minded companies that are zealously committed to customer care, operational excellence and a mutual respect for one another's traditions and cultures,” said BDP's Chief Operating Officer John M. Bolte.

“Beyond the competitive necessity of having a more substantive presence in the UK, it further enhances our flexibility and service capacity for customers between this vital market and the world,” he added.

In addition to its Dartford headquarters, Rostrum has receiving depots in Birmingham, Bristol, Heathrow, Leeds, London, and Manchester. BDP has invested immediately to expand the operation's service portfolio with the opening of an office at London-Heathrow Airport earlier this month.

“We recognized a respected brand in the industry could help us meet the challenges of the global economy and become an even more effective global enterprise for our customers,” said Rostrum's Pope.

“Just as important as we took this decision, BDP is one of the few family-owned, mid-sized companies in the international logistics industry whose success has been achieved the old fashioned way, by building enduring relationships with its customers. We are proud to be a part of the BDP family.”

In addition to the UK, BDP has offices and affiliates in 37 other European countries.