Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bath Police Crack Down on Haulage Operators

Deliveries only rule sees enforcement
Shipping News Feature

UK – In response to the complaints of aggrieved local businesses and residents police in Bath are clamping down on haulage drivers who defy the 7.5 tonne weight limits in the city centre.

Currently HGV’s are only allowed into the area if they are delivering. However, a number of truck drivers have been using the roads through the centre of Bath as a cut through, which is illegal.

In one hour yesterday, the police team stopped five lorries for questioning. Sgt Richard Durnford of Avon and Somerset Constabulary said: “We are stopping vehicles and speaking with the drivers, ascertaining the reasons why they are driving vehicles over 7.5 tonnes through The Paragon and George Street.

“We will then speak to the owners of the haulage companies and drive home the message they cannot send HGV’s through Bath unless for local street deliveries. It would appear that satellite navigation systems are to blame a lot of the time for sending drivers through the centre of the city as a short cut to surrounding major routes.”

Speaking to Handy Shipping Guide Karen Hoyle of the police said that “…the regulation of HGVs in Bath City Centre will continue and we will be looking at fines for repeat offenders.”

Hauliers who do use satellite navigation systems should be extra attentive that they do not stray into Bath city centre as a short cut as it seems likely that the excuse will not be tolerated in the near future.