Monday, April 12, 2010

B and G Adopts Zoomsafer To Protect Drivers

New Technology Aims To Combat Distracted Driving
Shipping News Feature

USA – The campaign by the US government to combat the problem of drivers using cell phones has created a great deal of attention both with the public and in the media. Now one equipment supply company has signed up to a new product that it hopes will protect it drivers from the dangers of ‘distracted driving’.

Birmingham, Alabama based B&G Equipment and Supply has signed up with Zoomsafer phone management software. This uses GPS to automatically determine when a user is moving faster than 15 mph and locks a phone’s keypad and screen. This feature remains engaged until the user is finished driving and turns the program off, thus removing the temptation to use the phone whilst driving.

As well as suppressing inbound text and emails ZoomSafer can automatically reply on your behalf informing others that you’re driving and that you’ll get back to them once you reach your destination safely.

“At B&G, safety is our number one priority. We knew that our employees were at a high risk due to their desire to be immediately responsive to our customers and management team, so we had to remove the temptation to respond to texts or emails when it wasn’t safe to do so,” said Eric Hudson, Director of Planning and Administration for B&G Equipment and Supply.

“Mobile phones are critical to our productivity as a company. However, when used while driving, mobile phones pose a serious danger to our employees as well as an expensive liability to our company.”

B&G Equipment and Supply is one of the few U.S. corporations to implement policies prohibiting employees from using mobile phones while driving. Only about 20 percent of corporations currently have policies in place.

In addition, recent surveys have found that more than half of workers admit to checking their phones while driving, whilst 21 percent check their device every time it beeps, buzzes or rings.

“Unfortunately, without management tools to ensure compliance, companies have to depend entirely on employee self-enforcement when it comes to not texting or emailing while driving,” said ZoomSafer CEO Matt Howard.

“While documenting a corporate policy is a terrific first step toward managing risks, by itself a paper policy is not enough to reduce the risk of crashes and minimize liability. In order for a company to truly protect their employees and their business, they needed the active ability to help drivers make better choices so they are less distracted and more focused.”