Sunday, November 15, 2009

Award Winning Airline To Expand Its Air Freight Interests Using New Investment Fund

MIdex Airlines UAE National Carrier Launches $500 million Cargo Plan
Shipping News Feature

DUBAI – UAE – The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, state owned Midex Airlines, used the prestigious Dubai Air Show to announce the launching of a locally financed scheme to invest half a billion dollars in air freight infrastructure and to further their airfreight business through whatever means are available, both locally and globally. Midex, holders of the prestigious Middle East Logistics Award (MELA) for best air cargo operator of 2009, believe that air freight in the region is due for expansion, as, unlike in many other parts of the world, it is often the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way of moving goods around local countries.

MIdex intend to use the money in several different ways. Smaller operators attempting to enter local market sectors can use Midex to fund the lease or purchase of suitable aircraft on their behalf. The company’s own infrastructure will utilise assets to increase their presence in both local, and global markets. By investing in overseas air freight related industries and companies Midex will secure a foothold in a broader spectrum of activities throughout the industry.

Airports are another field in which the company would like to invest, believing that the airside service sector and the various support industries offer an opportunity to develop a larger, better trained work force in all areas of the industry whilst providing talent for own use and with the prospect of an increased customer base.

Photo: July 2009. Mr. Jassim Albastaki, Director General, Midex Airlines receives the 2009 MELA award for best air cargo operator .