Thursday, March 8, 2012

Automotive Supply Chain Specialist Sets Up European Multi Modal Logistics Solution

Cars and Car Parts Exported for Dacia
Shipping News Feature

ROMANIA – ITALY - EUROPE – GEFCO, which specialises in supply chain support for the automotive sector, has set up a multi-modal logistics solution for Romanian car company Dacia, a subsidiary of Renault, and for whom they have provided 3PL services since 2008. The new arrangement features both road and rail haulage with GEFCO shipping finished vehicles to the Romanian and Italian markets from the Dacia plant in Pitesti (Romania).

GEFCO was the first company to set up a rail solution for Dacia’s logistics department and handles inbound shipments including the collection of parts from several European countries, such as Germany and Belgium, and delivery to the CKD Centre in Pitesti to supply the Dacia assembly plant. From Pitesti, GEFCO operates road and rail shipments of finished vehicles to the Parma industrial park, for distribution across Italy averaging one train per week in 2011.

Rail/road multimodal transport is used to ship vehicles to the port of Constanta, for export to the Middle East, the Gulf and Africa, at a rate of 5 to 6 trains per week with GEFCO shipping 100,000 vehicles on average per year for Dacia. Shipments of finished Dacia vehicles between Pitesti and Constanta accounted for a volume of 64,920 tonnes transported by rail in 2010, which meant 8,431 fewer trucks on the road.

Starting this year, vehicles are distributed in Italy by Gruppo Mercurio, in which GEFCO has acquired a 70% stake The partnership between GEFCO and Mercurio, a major player in vehicle transport and distribution, contributed to the renewal of the contract with Dacia for the distribution of its cars from the Automotive Centre in Parma where GEFCO and Mercurio have pooled their operations. Emmanuel Arnaud, Sales Director, Global Accounts Department at GEFCO, explained.

“If Dacia has renewed its contract with us, it is because of the combined efforts of the Italian and Romanian subsidiaries, with the support of GEFCO Sales. We have also redesigned our logistics organisation by relying on our new partner Mercurio.”

Photo : Dacia concept car.