Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Automatic Weight and Cube Checking Now a Reality for Freight Forwarders and Groupage Operators

DSV Implements New Technology to Improve Revenue
Shipping News Feature

UK – Cube cutting and the under declaration of weights can not only cost freight forwarders and road haulage operators money, it can sometimes be downright dangerous. Now prototype scanning and weighing equipment, which trailer operator and cargo consolidator DSV Road Services designed, together with logistics equipment manufacturer Qubiqa, is able to measure the exact dimensions and weight of all shipments, ensuring DSV can more accurately plan every trailer load.

The new equipment has been implemented at DSV’s Purfleet, Essex hub and will ensure the road groupage operator ensures all trailers are now loaded to maximum capacity. DSV says general research shows that around 8% of weights and 15% of volumes are inaccurately declared, often unintentionally, by consignors.

The project uses specially-designed overhead scanning equipment to calculate the dimensions of loads while consignment weight data is generated by forklifts.The equipment also scans shipment barcodes and automatically uploads the product data into DSV’s Transport Management System, which keeps track of inventory operations inside the Purfleet facility.

The weight and dimension data generated by the equipment can also be fed back clients to help them improve their internal procedures. The aim is to scan 100% of all consignments that transit the Purfleet warehouse and DSV hopes to gradually roll out the scanning equipment across all branches. Denise Clarke, DSV Road, Director Europe says the issue of possible delays was very important in the design process. But, in fact, the equipment can reduce delays as shipments are no longer held up because of incorrect information. She continues:

“By ensuring trailers are loaded to maximum capacity, we have been able to reduce the number of journeys our trucks need to make – reducing fuel consumption as well as improving our environmental performance. The precision data also helps speed up the loading process as it is used to accurately pre-plan trailer loading.

“Shippers do not always have access to the necessary equipment to provide accurate measurements, so DSV has overcome this problem with the installation of this equipment. The Qubiqa machines allow us to be one step ahead and find a solution more quickly.”

Photo: DSV Purfleet Warehouse