Thursday, May 24, 2012

Auto Freight Forwarding Group Opens Logistics Facility in Bulgaria

GEFCO Expands its Traditional Client Base Abroad
Shipping News Feature

BULGARIA – French headquartered freight forwarding and automotive logistics specialist GEFCO founded an office in the country last year which quickly opened a facility in Lozen, south-east of Sofia to group vehicles together ready for distribution. Now the company intends to further strengthen its presence in Central and Eastern Europe and from the beginning of April, GEFCO Bulgaria and GEFCO Germany jointly launched a new groupage line between Sofia and Stuttgart.

A leading chemical company, already a client of the Germany subsidiary, is the first to benefit from this new weekly link. It takes 4 days to transport the products and 24 hours to distribute them on the national market. This controlled temperature transportation strictly adheres to the demands of the European agreement concerning the international transportation of dangerous goods by road.

One of the Bulgarian offices principal customers is French car giant Peugeot acting via its official importer in Bulgaria, Sofia France Auto (SFA) meaning the company is the exclusive logistics partner for the distribution of vehicles managed by SFA on the domestic market with other clients including Citroën, Volkswagen and General Motors.

Due to its geographical location, Bulgaria acts as a gateway between Western Europe, Turkey and the Middle East, facilitating automotive logistics flows in Europe and eventually the company plans to develop its overseas activities, including maritime connections between Bulgaria and the Middle and Far East. The subsidiary's managing director, Aleksander Raczynski, said:

"In Bulgaria, the transport and logistics market is very healthy and has a strong potential for growth. We plan to quickly expand our activities and our customer portfolio by offering our logistics expertise to the electronics, consumer goods and industrial equipment sectors. We also intend to strengthen our ties with small hauliers in Bulgaria, thereby contributing to local growth. Located between the Romanian and Turkish subsidiaries, GEFCO Bulgaria facilitates close cooperation between these countries and promotes commercial traffic heading towards Europe.”