Monday, November 2, 2009

Australian Island Freight Ferry Service Finally Gets A Review

Public Meetings to Discuss Series of Flinders Transport Problems
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – After the numerous problems which inhabitants of the Furneaux Island group have undergone preventing goods shipments between the islands and the mainland, the next two days will finally see them having a chance to express their views to officials face to face. 

A group representing the upper House of the Parliament, the Tasmanian Legislative Council Select Committee, will stop at King Island tomorrow and at Flinders Island, the scene of the prolonged dispute which we have reported here ad nauseum, on Wednesday. They are likely to receive a somewhat heated reaction from the locals.

Local farmers particularly are thoroughly fed up with the inconsistent service, which is run under government contract by Southern Shipping.

Some locals have also expressed doubts about the reliability of other possible contenders for the ferry service should Southern forfeit the route. Problems include a stranding of the Matthew Flinders with almost 300 head of cattle on board on a beach in Grassy Harbour in March, TasPorts suspending dock services due to allegations of non payment and a crew strike.

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