Friday, January 15, 2010

Australian Hazardous Freight Needs Updated Manual

ATA Calls for Industry to Get New Response Guides
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has called for companies that transport dangerous goods like lithium ion batteries, fuel cells or petrol-ethanol blends to update their copies of the Dangerous Goods - Initial Emergency Response Guide (HB76).

The ATA have issued the following statement:

“The current Australian edition of HB76 was published in 2004, and does not list a number of the dangerous goods covered by the new version of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, ADG7.

Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand are jointly developing the next edition of HB76, but it is not due out until mid-2010.

“To fill the gap, Standards New Zealand has released a four page insert for the Australian edition of HB76, which can be folded and pasted or stapled inside the back cover. The insert includes 17 additions to the numerical list of dangerous goods, covering UN numbers 0505-0508 and 3469-3481.

“Under ADG7, all trucks carrying a placard load of dangerous goods must carry emergency information in the cabin as well as the dangerous goods transport documentation. The emergency information can consist of either a copy of HB76 or specific emergency procedures guides for the goods carried in the truck.

“Operators only need to update their copies of HB76 if they carry the new dangerous goods listed in the insert.

“New Zealand operators do not need to use the insert. The New Zealand edition of HB76 was updated in 2008 and includes all the new dangerous goods.”

Anyone with any concerns on this issue should contact the ATA at: