Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Australian Freight Group Continue Search for Expansion

Toll Search Continues for Access to New Transport Markets
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – The much hyped move by Toll Holdings Ltd., the freight and logistics specialists to take over Brambles Ltd., has apparently come to nothing. As detailed here before Toll have aspirations to expand their role as Australia’s second largest logistics group, to a pan Asian base.

Rumour and speculation surround what really happened regarding a conjoining or takeover of one group by the other. As early as 2007 Brambles declared that Toll, together with the port and railway company Asciano (who Toll sold off that year) were acquiring stock which led to speculation of a takeover. Toll say they sold of their Bramble shares earlier this financial year.

Whatever was afoot would now appear to be dead in the water as Toll executives insist they were only interested in a mutually compliant scheme. Brambles had looked an ideal vehicle to assist Toll in their global ambitions.

The group own Recall, a digital information storage and retrieval company, but the jewel in the crown is the CHEP operation which manages 300 million pallets and associated products worldwide.With established business in Canada, Europe and South Africa, the brand is attacking markets throughout the US, South America, India and China amongst others. These are precisely the markets in which Toll have ambitions.

It remains to be seen whether there is still any possibility of a deal as both groups issued conflicting reports of their take on the situation.