Monday, April 12, 2010

Atchison Topeka Takes The Biscuit

Wins McVities Logistic Deal
Shipping News Feature

UK - Droitwich-based food ingredients logistics company, Atchison Topeka, announced they have secured a significant contract with the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturer, McVities. The new deal involves the storage and distribution of egg powder to factories in Aintree, Halifax, Manchester and Glasgow.

Atchison Topeka has recently made a number of improvements to its ‘food ingredients network’, which provides a tailored supply chain for food manufacturers and ingredients providers, including a new warehouse with 20,000 pallet spaces and a state-of-the art distribution fleet.

The company has also been recently awarded a British Retail Consortium Storage and Distribution (BRC) accreditation.

McVities, a household name, have been making biscuits across Europe for nearly two centuries and hold leading positions in UK, Belgium, France, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Atchison Topeka’s Sales Manager, Scott Waters said: “We’re delighted to be working for such a prestigious brand as McVities which is affirmation that our recent investments are beginning to pay dividends.”

“Food safety is a critical element for the supply chain when handling food ingredients and our BRC accreditation demonstrates our ability to achieve this. In addition, there are significant commercial benefits by consolidating loads or pallet groupage into manufacturing sites on a just in time supply.”

(pic: Achinson Topeka’s haulage fleet; Ed’s note: Apologies for the headline.)