Monday, January 11, 2016

Asian Based Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Reinforces its Presence in Myanmar

Opportunity for Development of Rail Cargo Options and Inland Ports
Shipping News Feature
MYANMAR – The Singapore subsidiary of Kerry Logistics, a leading power in the freight forwarding sector in Asia particularly, has been awarded the concession to operate inland ports in Yangon and Mandalay, two major commercial cities in Myanmar. The inland ports will serve as container and cargo terminals linked by railway to major routes in the country, and as hubs for the exporters, importers and domestic logistics service providers of cargoes in and out of Yangon and Thilawa Ports, as well as for cross-border cargoes from neighbouring countries such as China and Thailand. George Yeo, Chairman of Kerry Logistics, said:

“We would like to thank the Ministry of Rail Transportation of Myanmar for its trust in us, and are pleased to be offered the opportunity to contribute our expertise in terminal logistics operations to benefit the development of Myanmar. Railway transportation is an essential backbone in support of Myanmar’s economic development, both within the country and with nearby regions.

“Given Kerry Logistics’ presence in ASEAN [countries], our goal is to further strengthen the linkage among countries in the region and seek accelerated growth by developing an integrated Greater Mekong Region platform covering Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos. The inland ports in Yangon and Mandalay form a vital part in pursuing such an integration.”

Kerry Logistics opened an office in 2012 to add another country to its strong Asian presence and now, in a bid to seize new opportunities for cross-border trade upon entering the ASEAN Economic Community, the government of Myanmar has committed to developing the railway transportation potential and promoting mass cargo transportation in the country.

With established credentials in logistics and experience in the ASEAN region, and commitment to the development of Myanmar, Kerry Logistics, through its Singaporean subsidiary KLN (Singapore) will work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Rail Transportation of Myanmar in a bid to strengthen the country’s rail transportation capabilities and expand its network both domestically and within Southeast Asia. This partnership is expected to create 400 job opportunities and facilitate industry expertise sharing in the country.