Friday, April 16, 2010

ASH CLOUD UPDATE 1445 16/4 : Small Ray Of Light Through The Cloud

Ash Looks To Cause Problems Till Monday
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EUROPE – The latest update from the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) indicates that flights within England and Wales will be stopped until 0700 BST tomorrow at the earliest.

From 1900 BST today ATC restrictions will be lifted in a large part of Scottish airspace including Scottish airports, Shetland, Orkneys and also Northern Ireland. Their will be some trans-Atlantic traffic possible.

NATS state that they hope that Newcastle airport will be able to resume operations at 0100 tomorrow morning, though they will be issuing an update at 2030 on the situation.

Across Europe the picture is very mixed.

The Irish Aviation Authority has lifted restriction to Irish airspace and has authorised the resumption of flights for Dublin Shannon and Cork airports. However, the ash cloud means flights to the East and South are not possible at this time.

Sweden has also stated that they hope to resume some flights this evening.

The French DGAC has stated that airports across the northern half of the country, including Charles De Gaulle, are to remain closed till at least 2000 local time. Evaluations are ongoing on conditions.

In Germany, Frankfurt airport remains closed as are Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin.

Finnish air traffic control has announced they will be restricting flights until 3am on Sunday the 18th.

In addition the airspace’s of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Estonia are closed, as well as parts of Poland including Warsaw airport.

In terms of alternative transport, the cross channel ferry companies are asking that people DO NOT arrive at ports hoping to get tickets as they are seeing heavy demand due to the lack of air transport. Please check availability of tickets first.

(pic: The future of air freight?)