Friday, April 16, 2010

ASH CLOUD UPDATE 0900 16/4 : UK Airspace Will Be Closed Until At Least One AM Tomorrow

NATS Announce Ash Still Too Dangerous For Flights
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UK – The UK air traffic control centre, NATS, have extended the ban on flights in British airspace until 0100 BST Saturday 17th of April. There is no guarantee that flights will be allowed even after that time.

However, NATS stated that flights in Northern Ireland and the Western Isles of Scotland to and from Glasgow and Prestwick will continue to be allowed until 1900 (UK time) subject to individual co-ordination. North Atlantic traffic to and from Glasgow, Prestwick and Belfast may also be allowed in this period.

It is also possible that Scottish airspace may be announced clear from 1900 BST, allowing domestic flights and international flights to Ireland and across the Atlantic.

However, NATS state that the situation is highly fluid and subject to change at any time. They intend to issue an update at 1430 BST.

The ash cloud is gradually drifting east, forcing Scandinavian countries to remain closed to air traffic. Austrian and German airspace is also subject to disruption.

Anyone planning to travel should consult their airline.

(pic: Projection for cloud at midnight)