Tuesday, June 17, 2014

As Trouble Rages in Iraq One Logistics Outfit Analyses Current Possibilities for Shipping Freight

Breakdown of Law and Order but Consignments Can Still Get Through
Shipping News Feature

IRAQ – With the current chaos in the region we felt readers would be interested in this, the latest bulletin issued by Move One, the logistics outfit headquartered in Dubai which somehow specialises, whether by design or not, in freight movements throughout some of the world’s most troubled regions. The company works extensively for UPS in Iraq and offers an online brochure detailing the facilities and services available to shipping customers. As at 17 June 2014 Move One finds conditions in the following regions as described here:

Baghdad: As we continue to monitor road closures and curfews, we can still provide services via Baghdad airport and deliver shipments within city limit and to Southern Iraq. But as the situation changes, we encourage you to contact us prior to booking and put the shipments on hold at the origin.

Kurdistan: Still secured and controlled by the Kurdish Government, we are receiving shipments through Erbil and Suleymaniyah airports to deliver them within Kurdistan. But as conditions change, service methods may change very quickly.

Zakho to Erbil: Currently, the main road is controlled by Kurdish Armed Forces and safe. Although there is heavy traffic and roads are crowded due to the citizens of Mosul fleeing from the city, we are expecting delays. Any shipment in transit from Turkey to Central and Southern Iraq will have to be stored in Erbil. If required, we have the capacity and facility to provide secured storage (laydown yard and warehouse).

Erbil to Central and Southern Iraq: The roads from Kurdistan to Baghdad and Southern Iraq are unsafe. Currently, all transportation services utilising trucks are on hold. Depending on the circumstances, deliveries of small shipments (less than 50kg) with vans may be possible. For anything larger, we can arrange transportation armed Peshmerga security if required, please request quotations. When considering delivery routes through this region, it is best to always contact us in advance.

Taji, Balad, Tikrit, and Mosul: Presently, we are unable to deliver shipments to any of these cities.

Southern Iraq: As of yet, Southern Iraq is not effected by the crisis. Thereby, allowing us to provide transportation services via Safwan, Umm Qasr, Basrah Airport. It is our suggestion to clients that imports to Southern Iraq to utilise trucking routes via Dubai where we provide Full Truck Load and Groupage Truck options with short transit time.

UPS Express: Delivery and pickup operations in Erbil are currently unaffected. Surrounding cities like Suleymaniyah, Zakh, Dohuk and Kirkuk are also currently still served. However all shipments consigned to Baghdad, Basra and other cities which require trucking from our gateway in Erbil are currently being held at our warehouse due to closure of roads connecting Erbil to mentioned cities.

Move One says it will continually monitor the situation throughout the region with the intention of delivering the best service possible under such difficult circumstances. Clients can continue to work with their allotted Account Manager or take the alternative which is available to potential customers and contact Iraq Country Manager Ian Caron, via email: ian.caron@moveoneinc.com   or by phone at: +971 4 438 5300 ext. 5101