Thursday, November 26, 2020

As Brexit Looms Warehousing Association Advises on Steps to be Taken

Last Chance to Review Options as Deadline Draws Near
Shipping News Feature

UK – With the government having written to every business in the country to advise what they can expect, and prepare for, as Britain leaves the EU, one might hope that everyone is on the same page and ready to seamlessly move to a position where they are comfortable with the country's new independence.

Sadly of course that will certainly not be the case and one of the prime worries is that the little available storage space available to traders will reach bursting point in the early days following the transition.

With all the logistics trade associations keeping members updated on Brexit and how to prepare for it the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) has published its monthly magazine ‘newsrack’ which offers a checklist for all affected parties.

The magazine also includes a survey of UKWA members which reveals the frightening fact that only 40% of those who responded felt they are prepared for the Border Operating Model which is to be introduced.

newsrack is downloadable here and also covers a variety of topical matters, including details on registering non UK citizens for work in Britain, the deadline for tax claims on R&D projects, plus news of a webinar ‘Enabling Resilience in the Supply Chain’ which is scheduled for 3 December.

Coupled with the nightmare that is Covid-19 these are difficult times for many companies, especially those unused to handling complex customs regulations, and as Peter Ward, UKWA CEO says in his introductory piece:

“In 40 plus years in this industry, never have I ever witnessed anything quite like this.”