Tuesday, April 23, 2019

As Brexit Doubts Continue Those in Britain Seeking to Stockpile Freight Get a Lifeline

UK Warehousing Association Helps Find and Offer Storage Space Countrywide
Shipping News Feature
UK – One of the key matters to come under scrutiny during the Brexit debacle has been that of the storage requirements and the available, suitable warehouse space across the country, as more companies envisage the need to stockpile items coming in as freight from Europe with potential problems to future supplies.

The problem has not been ignored by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) which believes that the paucity of suitable space across the UK is set to continue and which new research predicts demand will increase exponentially, driven by the relentless rise of online retail.

The UKWA has introduced its MarketSpace option, the online portal that matches potential tenants directly with warehouse operators nationwide to ameliorate the situation and the system means a direct connection between seeker and supplier with no charges or commission and no middle men. A brief search reveals the options available in the region and gives the contact details for the warehouse owner.

The system of course also suits those companies with spare capacity seeking tenants and is completely free to UKWA members who can post as many space opportunities as they have, wherever in the country the storage is located. The UKWA says MarketSpace is not just about finding an empty property, but is designed to provide a choice of high quality, fully serviced warehousing solutions that match your specified needs, by location, sector, storage type and size.

Although membership is normally a prerequisite for joining the scheme anyone has the chance to use the service and post available space if they book a free 30 day trial with the UKWA.