Thursday, December 12, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Employed to Control Freight and Passenger Ferry Data

New Project Investigates the Use of AI
Shipping News Feature

SWEDEN – Freight and passenger ferry group Stena Line is turning to fellow countrymen and experts in artificial intelligence (AI) Semcon to assist in a new pilot project for development of a unique data management solution. The companies say the solution is intended to pave the way for new digital, sustainable and profitable services at Stena Line.

Stena Line is focusing widely on digitisation throughout all parts of the business. As part of the new project Semcon has been tasked with developing a smart solution for managing all the data required for new digital offerings and additional AI projects for the shipping company going forward. Carl-Johan Aldén, Global Business Director Digital Solutions at Semcon commented:

“Stena Line is embarking upon a fantastic data transformation initiative, and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to join them on their journey. This is an exciting project that is really coming together at just the right time. At Semcon, we have a unique combination of expert skills relating to information management and AI. This means we are able to create smart data management solutions that allow new digital services to be implemented.”

As part of the project, AI teams and experts on semantics and information structures at Semcon and Stena Line have joined forces to develop a dynamic and scalable semantic layer. This means that all existing data in all the different systems is linked in a smart, effective way with anyone or anything requiring access, whether it is a human or another advanced AI solution. Dr Lars Carlsson, is Head of AI at Stena Line and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Machine Learning Research, University of London. He observed:

“Stena Line’s ambition is to be the world’s first cognitive ferry operator using AI throughout the entire organisation. To succeed in this, we need to structure all our data and intelligence and make it available. This may involve financial and operational data, for example. It will be exciting to see what new values we can create together with Semcon.”