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February 2022

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Random Ship Attacks Will Dissuade all Maritime Traffic

UKRAINE – As the conflict in Ukraine plays out, Russia's arguments, accusations and avowed intentions are looking increasingly thin, hopefully to its own people as well as the rest of the world. It is always difficult to ensure a correct analysis is being given when the fog of war has descended but the situation in the Black Sea is gradually becoming clearer.

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Tales from the Quayside This Week

UK – In 2017-18 seven children died, and 48 more received life-changing injuries whilst crossing or playing on railway tracks. In a bid to alter this GB Railfreight's (GBRf) safety team is using the company's Rail Innovation & Development Centre (RIDC) Melton to help educate local schools as to the dangers.

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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Take to the Stage

KOREA – The Korea Register (KR) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with European based STX Energy Solutions (STX ES) and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) to work together on The technology standardization and commercialization of solid oxide fuel cells. A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) is a new low-carbon, high-efficiency renewable energy power generation facility that produces electricity through the electrochemical reaction of oxygen and hydrocarbons from oxidizing LNG.

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Spring Statement Sets Out a Vision for Success

UK – There is continuing concern within the road haulage community as the faults and problems in the industry persist. The combined impact of Brexit and the pandemic have left the supply chain to reveal the flaws and shortages in manpower, infrastructure, available vehicles and parts, coupled with spiralling wage and fuel costs.

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Ukraine Situation Adds to Security Burden

UK – With so many of its areas of concern becoming ever more important the UK Border Force is to be subject to a wide-ranging, independent review to assess its structure, powers, funding and priorities.

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Thousands More New Applicants for Free and Subsidised Courses

UK – Whilst everybody associated with the supply chain are wringing their hands over the shortage of trained HGV drivers, it is good to see some in the freight community are addressing the situation with common sense initiatives.

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The Horror of Thirty Five Years Ago Remains with the Living

UK – BELGIUM – Many of us who suffered personal grief when the cross Channel ferry Herald of Free Enterprise rolled over killing 193 souls on 6 March 1987 will never forget the events of what happened that night.

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Disaster Enters Second Week

ATLANTIC OCEAN – As the tragedy approaches the start of a second week, the 60,000 gross tonne car carrier Felicity Ace continues to burn somewhere south of the Azores with the entire cargo of nearly 4,000 new vehicles, supposedly including Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche luxury cars, suspected to have all been damaged.

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Specifications for Six Multipurpose Ships Released

SINGAPORE – WORLDWIDE – It seems the maritime heavy lift sector is in good health, that is if the latest announcement from multipurpose vessel operator AAL Shipping is anything to go by. The Maltese and Dutch founded and now Singaporean headquartered company has just increased its latest vessel order to six specialist ships.

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Minister for Employment Tours Facility and Meets with UKWA CEO

UK – As the country's most influential lobby group for the warehousing industry, with its members controlling over twelve million square metres of warehousing from around 2000 depots, it is understandable that government are interested in the views and opinions of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA).

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Twin Trials and Tribulations Have Been a Salutary Lesson for Government

UK – There are welcome signs that this government, and the various regulatory authorities, have learned important lessons with regard to the supply chain following the horrific blunders made during the pandemic and Brexit (à la Grayling and the ferryless ferry company).

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Who is Starting Where and When

UK – WORLDWIDE – Online valuation and data provider, VesselsValue, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Alexander Adamou to the Board of Directors. As an experienced mathematician and modeller in the shipping industry, Alex will oversee the scientific research that underpins the company's products in his new role as Chief Scientist.

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Bits You Maybe Missed During the Week

US – WORLDWIDE – California headquartered Moeco has specialist technology to support end-to-end visibility and condition monitoring for shipments. An SaaS platform and disposable, non-invasive 5G trackers collect information about key shipment metrics (location, shocks, temperature, humidity, and light) and transmit this data to the customer-owned platform.

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Napoleon Never saw This Coming

FRANCE – UK – Well Napoleon didn't ever envisage anything like the latest news from Getlink, operators of the Channel Tunnel, when he first considered digging an undersea link so that he could invade Britain.

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The Mission to Map the Entire Seafloor of the Planet Continues

WORLDWIDE – For the past few years we have followed the progress of the Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project, the mission to map the entire ocean floor and, in the latest development, satellite technology has been used to chart shallow areas of the Cook Islands seafloor in never-before-seen detail.

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French Initiative Takes Us Back in Time

FRANCE – US – LATIN AMERICA – We have reported for a number of years on several smaller initiatives, such as the now defunct Maine Sail Project, dedicated to using only the power of sail to disburse freight to local communities. We also have of course a plethora of wind assisted merchantmen (merchantpeople? Ed) on trial around the world's oceans.

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Two Tales Illustrating How Difficult the Profession is and Calls for Improvements

RÉUNION ISLAND – SWEDEN –WORLDWIDE – The life of a sailor gets no easier it seems as two entirely separate stories this week reveal. Firstly there is the case of the eleven strong Indian and Bangladeshi crew of a small tanker wrecked in the throes of Cyclone Batsirai.

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End of System Draws Nigh with Fears Many Will Not Have Updated

US – Remember Y2K? The computer disaster that never happened? Well at least one company can see a similar problem on a smaller scale about to happen, potentially to hundreds of thousands of truckers the length and breadth of the country.

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Bits and Pieces of Supply Chain News

US – TAIWAN – Taiwan flag carrier China Airlines has ordered four 777 Freighters from Boeing, increasing an already substantial fleet from the Seattle based manufacturer. The airline operates 18 of the company's 747-400 Freighters and, when the new batch of 747-400 Freighters with a list price of $1.4 billion arrives, China Airlines will have 10 of the aircraft.

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Staff News of Staff Moves

UAE – Gulf Marine Services (GMS), operator of a fleet of lift vessels primarily serving the offshore energy sector, has announced the appointment of Alex Aclimandos as Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect. Alex brings with him a wealth of progressive international financial management experience gained in over 27 years with first-tier companies.

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Infrastructure Development Needs Precise Planning

EUROPE – Cautiously optimistic might be said to be the mood of the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA) after consideration of the eagerly anticipated full details of the European Commission's proposals for a revision of the TEN-T Guidelines which were released in December 2021.

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Logistics Warehouses Will Appreciate the Development of Technical Help

ITALY – A collaboration between two of the country's sibling companies is overseeing the development of innovative, wearable exoskeletons which can support the lumbosacral joint and reduce the burden on the human back during lifting activities, thus improving working conditions and quality for operators.

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Service Expansion for Information Site

WORLDWIDE – To the three million or so subscribers who use its services MarineTraffic, which tracks vessels and provides a range of maritime data, is an essential resource. Now, as part of its MarineTraffic 2022 strategy to broaden the data available on its platform, it has partnered with another maritime data specialist, Signal Ocean to provide vessel valuations.

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With a Vast Array of Different Careers Available Industry Players Step Into Action

UK – This year National Apprenticeship Week, which runs until February 13, seems to have been taken more seriously than ever before by those in the freight and logistics industry. Companies and professional bodies along the supply chain have all been playing their part in raising the profile of the profession, particularly to younger potential candidates.

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Free of Charge Post Brexit Paperwork Solution Available

UK – EUROPE – Even the most hardened Brexiteer could not say, hand on heart, that the situation for shippers after leaving the European Union are the sunlit uplands they had hoped for. As the dust settles and new routines and requirements are worked out the companies responsible for ferrying trucks across the Channel are doing what they can to smooth the path of hauliers.

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Trials Undertaken on Latest Generation Biofuel

NETHERLANDS – These days part of the DP World Marine Services portfolio, serving Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Wider Indian Subcontinent with the vessels that carry containers to and from the major ports as larger vessels load and discharge, Unifeeder is joining the effort to decarbonise.

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Volatility Affects Charter Rates

EUROPE – ASIA – WORLDWIDE – As the battle to reduce carbon emissions from ocean vessels continues the major shipping lines are experimenting with a range of options and, as with hybrid technology ashore, stop gap measures to cut, but not eliminate, pollution are often put in place, one of the major fuel sources now being used is liquid natural gas (LNG).

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New Grants Available for Those in Distress

UK – WORLDWIDE – As the Covid pandemic attracts headlines of a different sort, it is easy to forget the devastating effect the disease has had on the health and welfare of the hundreds of thousands who earn their living at sea. The threats, dangers and stresses of life on the waves can be manifold however and a new initiative is aimed at assisting those who so desperately need help.

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Deep Water Container Port Has Moved on from Difficult Early Days

UK – In the thirteen years since we first started commenting on its development, the waters surrounding DP World's; London Gateway development have not always provided smooth sailing. From early days of slumps in the global container market, consequent falling share prices and environmental contentiousness the Dubai based group has pushed on relentlessly, seeing the potential for success.

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Mega Box Ships May Present a New Raft of Problems

GERMANY – There will have been some pale faces and sharp intakes of breath in the offices of Danish headquartered Maersk Line and beyond on Wednesday February 2 when news broke that one of the world's largest container ships had grounded outside Bremerhaven.

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Who is Moving and Where in Transport Industry Staff News

UK – WORLDWIDE – The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) has appointed Shell's Head of Shipping & Maritime in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Nick Potter, as the new OCIMF Chairman.

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A Host of Smaller Global Stories Along the Supply Chain

UK – With the government suffering a rash of criticism for failing to electrify much of the country's rail system, GB Railfreight (GBRf) believes it has at least solved part of the problem by taking on a Class 18 hybrid+ shunting locomotive as part of a three-month trial with Beacon Rail Leasing, meaning battery power will undertake much of the engine's workload.

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Airline Dedicated to Out of Gauge Urgent Freight

EUROPE – It seems competition for those extraordinary loads which need carriage by air to far flung destinations is being hiked up with the news that Airbus is creating a new cargo airline, Airbus Beluga Transport.

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Major Deals Signed with London Headquartered Vegetable Oil Group

UK – The success of biofuel as a viable, more environmentally friendly alternative truck fuel continues unabated with the news that bp has taken a 30% stake in Green Biofuels (GBF) the country's largest provider of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO).

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Deal with Department of Agriculture to Finance and Future Proof Farm Produce

US – The logjam afflicting ports around the globe is something now well known to the whole of the shipping world, and few have been as damaged as the US west coast ports such as Oakland. With the port's 2021 loaded import container levels setting a record at 1.05 million TEU, and export levels dropping 8%, a way out of the crisis was needed.

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International Windship Association Achieves Full Consultative Status

UK – WORLDWIDE – Among the four organisations making up the first intake granted such access since 2019 by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) recently was the International Windship Association (IWSA) which has been granted full consultative status at the regulatory body.

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Charity Teams Up with Software Developer to Offer Help to Crews

UK – WORLDWIDE – The charity Stella Maris, formerly known as Apostleship of the Sea, is partnering with London based software platform outfit FrontM on their development of onship, a new crew collaboration and wellbeing platform and 'super-app'.

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With Logistics Short of Talent Freight Forwarding Association Steps Up to the Plate

UK – With the government's appointed National Apprenticeship Week, the fifteenth year of the event, taking place next week from 7-13 February 2022, there is a real opportunity for those companies within the logistics sector to step up and do something about what they have been complaining about so much of in recent months, the labour shortage across the industry.

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Accusation That There is No Money Left for Freight and Passenger Services Elsewhere

UK – Like a dog with a bone Lord Tony Berkeley OBE has spoken yet again on the future of both passenger and freight services on the country's rail network, and reiterated his position that the government needs to look again at cancelling parts of HS2 to free up capital to improve the entire network.

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