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December 2010

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Exports Affected by Monsoon Conditions

AUSTRALIA – Our story of the 13th December pointed out that the appalling weather had forced several exporters to invoke force majeure with regard to their inability to fulfil contracts for the supply of coal to their overseas clients. Freight and shipping operations have been severely disrupted by the severe monsoon rains falling, particularly in the Queensland region.


Bulk Freight Carrier Releases Activity Review

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
image: Denmark bulk freight carrier cargo shipping line logistics

Dry Cargo and Tanker Operator Looks at This Century's Trends

DENMARK – Having announced a dividend of around $90 million for shareholders on the 15th December together with a proposal to buy back shares valued at $30 million, bulk cargo and tanker operator Norden A/S have released a comprehensive review of freight activity during the past decade. Following on from our article earlier this month an examination of the company’s report gives an insight into the bulk freight carrier market of today.

image: Somalia pirate freight shipping cargo tonne ship vessel tanker

Gangs Seize One Vessel, Release Another and Miss One Altogether

SOMALIA – Since our last report on the current pirate situation there has been another mixed week of fortunes for freight vessels in the Gulf of Aden and beyond. On Christmas Day the MV Thor Nexus and her all Thai crew of twenty seven, was attacked and seized by an armed gang some 450 nautical miles North East of the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean. The 20,000+ tonne ship, which is also Thai owned and registered, was en route to Bangladesh from Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates when she was captured.

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What's Been Going On Whilst You Were Away

WORLD WIDE – Clarksons, the integrated shipping services group with interests in everything from shipbroking to stevedoring, will announce full year results for 2010 on the 10th March 2011 but have dropped a hint that strong trading and suitable exchange rates are likely to mean better results than their previous predictions. The company’s shares have risen steadily to return to the highs of 2008 (currently trading at 1122) after collapsing into the 300’s at the beginning of 2009.

image: US UK electric freight truck IPO

Smiths Deal Goes Through with Talk of an IPO

UK – US- As we reported back in March the British company Smith Electric Vehicles, a partially owned subsidiary of the Tanfield Group, have been sold to their US counterpart this week. The offer came only months after Smiths ventured into the rapidly growing American electric powered truck market by opening a division there together with associated company, SEVUS and being paid a licence fee for every truck sold, demonstrating the rapid growth in the market.

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Established UK Group Retain Their Name

UK – CHINA – Britain’s largest privately held freight forwarder which turned over £219million in 2009, has merged with CS Logistics Holdings Limited, the parent company of Cargo Services Far East Limited, Chinese based logistics operators. The two companies have been working together for 20 years having established the Far East Cargo Line NVOCC network, set up joint ventures in countries such as South Africa, Singapore, Thailand and Korea, and now providing services to clients in Australia/New Zealand, South America, North America, the Middle East and U.K. regions.


New RoRo Freight Ferry Schedules Announced

Friday, December 24, 2010
image: Belgium RoRo rail freight ferry cargo intermodal trailers

DFDS Rosyth-Zeebrugge Route Upgrade

UK – BELGIUM – Following our article in August regarding the withdrawal of passenger services on the Rosyth-Zeebrugge service following their takeover of Norfolkline, DFDS Seaways has outlined details of its new, enhanced freight service on the freight ferry route. The new schedule, which takes effect from January 5, will see two ships operate on the route providing four departures a week from each port, allowing cargo capacity on the service to be significantly improved.

image: Greece container shipping line bulk carrier box ships

Bulk Carrier to Distribute 80% of its Interest

GREECE – Dry bulk shipping specialist Diana Shipping Ltd. intends to distribute 80% of the shares it owns in its partially owned box carrier Diana Containerships Inc. of which it currently owns approximately 55% of the issued and outstanding common stock. This equates to a distribution of 2,667,066 shares by the aggregate number of issued and outstanding shares of common stock held by Diana Shipping on the 3rd January 2011.

image: Siemens supply chain consignment cargo freight forwarder

Shipping Industry at the Cutting Edge

WORLDWIDE – Many freight forwarders and shipping lines are familiar by now with the relatively new technology known as RFID, radio-frequency identification. There are three systems employed in the identification of tags carrying chips loaded with whatever information is required; passive, active and battery assisted passive. Up to now their use has been limited to such things as identifying cargo to upload information such as current position etc. into freight tracking systems using mostly passive chips, but now the potential uses of these systems is being explored more thoroughly.


Another Air Freight Cartel Penalty Finalised

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
image: New Zealand air freight forwarder cartel anti trust surcharge carrier shipping cargo

More Multi Million Dollar Fines Expected

NEW ZEALAND – As reported on the 17th December the anti trust suit against the air freight carriers who colluded to impose surcharges on clients shipping cargo via their services continues. After EGL received a NZ$1.15 million penalty last week, the second of the companies who offered evidence to the Commerce Commission in an attempt to reduce any penalty, have now been told their fate.

image: Somalia terrorist freight bulk shipping pirate tanker tonnes

Meanwhile Underwriters Extend Attack Zone - Premiums to Rise?

SOMALIA – UK – WORLDWIDE – Pirate attacks planned and executed from bases in Somalia have continued since our last report but, apparently at least, there are no indications that the current wave of hijackings are terrorist related. It seems however that in the corridors of power attitudes toward the raiders are hardening with a review of personal security guidelines by the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

image: BIMCO vessel maritime second hand vessels dead weight tonnes merchant shipping

SALEFORM 1993 to be Amended

WORLDWIDE – Since 1956 there has been an almost universally accepted contract form for the purchase of second hand vessels, freight or otherwise. The standard sales form, now known as SALEFORM 1993, has gone through several transformations since its introduction and is about to be examined again by the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and the Norwegian Shipbrokers’ Association (NSA) who, following consultation with the industry over the summer, have decided to revise it.

image: France container shipping panamax cargo tonnes port terminal TEU freight crane

FOS 2XL Project Sees First Gantry Cranes Arrive

FRANCE - The first two super post-panamax gantry cranes delivered this week, with a capacity of 100 tonnes and a reach of 22 rows of shipping containers, was described as a ‘symbolic step’ by joint PortSynergy partners CMA CGM and DP World. PortSynergy controls much of the country’s freight handling ability and in 2006 the group signed an agreement with the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille to build and operate a container terminal at Fos for a period of 35 years as part of the FOS 2XL project.

image: China air freight cargo handling shipping tonnage per kilometre

New Tie Ups and Facilities for the Major Carriers

CHINA – The air freight scene is expanding rapidly as the main cargo carriers invest and amalgamate to take advantage of the growth in traffic. The Association of Asia Pacific Airlines traffic figures we reported in August showed a considerable jump and the latest report, released in November, shows October traffic up 16.6% against last year measured by freight tonnage per kilometre.

image: UK container shipping bulk freight tankers nuclear reactor vessels atomic icebreakers

Ambitious Project to Validate the Atomic Option

UK – WORLDWIDE – Just two weeks after two senior executives from the BMT Group Ltd., specialists in maritime design, engineering and risk management, were invited to become members of Lloyd's Register's Technical Committee came the announcement that the two organisations were joining with Greek bulk tanker and container ship operators Enterprises Shipping and Trading S.A. and US based atomic energy experts Hyperion Power in a bid to investigate the practicability of small modular nuclear reactors as the power plants for freight vessels of the future.

image: US freight logistics cargo LTL truck

Law Suit Fails But May Still be Appealed

US – Despite a Court in Arkansas throwing out their case on Thursday, and the fact they were ‘playing at home’ by lodging their suit against the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union and competitors YRC Worldwide in a local Court, less than truckload (LTL) carriers ABF Freight Systems state on the website dedicated to their legal action that they are considering next steps, including possibly an appeal of the decision to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

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Rotogrip Simplifies Safer Running in Frozen Conditions

EUROPE – UK - Of great interest to all involved in freight and logistic movements by truck comes an invention of particular interest at this time of year. With snow enveloping Britain and much of Europe, many countries which are unprepared for the conditions have drivers also unfamiliar with the process of fitting snow chains. A system produced by German manufacturer RUD, the Rotogrip, could well prove the answer the next time your commercial fleet is liable to be stranded.

image: US supply chain logistics freight forwarders anti trust air cargoes

Agility and Anham Respond to Incorrect Press Reports Whilst Anti Trust Fines Levied on Freight Firms

US – IRAQ – KUWAIT – NEW ZEALAND - Following on from our story two days ago in which we referred to press reports elsewhere commenting on the provision of a supply chain for the US military, both the incumbent and former freight contractors have responded to media stories to clarify the situation.


Freight Trucking Said To Be Improving

Friday, December 17, 2010
image: US freight shipping less than truck load LTL domestic haulage

Tonnage Rises Predicted in the Delivery Sector

US – With the shipping of freight, particularly by truck, taken by many analysts as one of the most contemporary and reliable guides to the financial conditions prevailing, there will be many eyes on the American Trucking Associations announcement due today which is expected to reveal a 5%+ rise in tonnage transported this November against the same period last year, this after positive gains in the previous two months.

image: Australia natural gas locomotive rail freight

Natural Gas to Power Locomotives?

AUSTRALIA – NEW ZEALAND - A new document on the subject of environmental solutions for rail freight has been released by the Australasian Railways Association (ARA) the body which represents all sectors of railway transport in Australia and New Zealand. The review provides a calculated look at the possible futures of intermodal transport using cleaner technologies, particularly the move from diesel locomotives to natural gas power.

image: UK Lloyds Register freight carriers shipping energy transportation aeronautics astronautics marine

Lloyd's Register and the University of Southampton Create Technology Centre

UK – With a massive £ 116 million investment business interests have linked with academia as Lloyd's Register and the University of Southampton announced they are to develop the first phase of the university's state-of-the-art technology and training campus, designed to provide industry with the technical solutions and human expertise it requires to support an increasingly complex world. Lloyds Register traditionally provides technical ‘assurance’ to a variety of industries which build and operate hi-value infrastructure such as maritime vessels, power stations and offshore oil-rigs.

image: Kuwait Finland freight shipping container port handling

Modernisation At Major Ports

FINLAND – KUWAIT – Konecranes are to deliver a substantial order of container handling equipment to the Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) over the coming months. The machines, 9 reach stackers and 23 empty container handlers, were ordered for freighting to the ports of Shuwaikh and Shuaiba in sequence from January to June next year.

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GACAG Plan to Beat the Bombers

WORLD WIDE – A statement issued this week by the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group (GACAG) gives a considered view of what the air freight industry needs to safeguard against incidents such as those seen in October. GACAG is the new body made up of the main air freight and passenger carrier administrators as we reported in November and consists of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) and the Global Shippers Forum (GSF).

image: US air freight and logistics price cartel supply chain

Court Cases Rumble on as Arguments About $8.5 Billion Overcharge Continue

US – IRAQ – DUBAI –KUWAIT – It seems there is still much to be discovered about the logistics services previously provided by Agility of Kuwait and now awarded to Dubai based Anham FZCo to resupply the American forces in Iraq and Kuwait.. As reported in our story of the 18th August, Anham have once again reiterated that they became fully responsible for the Prime Vendor contract with the U.S. Government, providing full-line food and non-food freight, distribution and support services in Kuwait and Iraq.


Freight Haulage Costs Continue To Rise

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
image: UK freight truck costs diesel

RHA Survey Highlights Increases

UK – Costs for British road hauliers rose by 4.9% in the 12 months to October 1, according to the Road Haulage Association’s annual cost movement survey, even discounting fuel, costs rose by 1.7% and rising diesel commodity prices and duty increased costs by a further 3.2 percentage points.The Road Haulage Association warns that its survey of what members are paying for diesel shows an increased in this core cost of 4% in just a fortnight. The price has risen by 3.88 pence a litre to 104.78 pence (before VAT) from an already high level. The RHA cost movement survey is based on the costs of operating a 44 tonne articulated truck.


Freight And Logistics - Help Wanted

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
image: UK Africa shipping freight transport logistics commercial vehicle

Change at the Top of Transaid Prompts Call for Action

UK – AFRICA – We are pleased to have often promoted the work of Transaid, the transport charity devoted to the reduction of road deaths in Africa by sponsoring better driver training and commercial vehicle management. Founded by Save the Children and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) the organisation also assists with teaching preventive vehicle maintenance and introducing local, low cost transport solutions including its innovative bicycle ambulance. Now the call has gone out for more freight and logistics companies to take an active part in eliminating the problems associated with the shipping industry.


The Spectacular Side Of Air Freight

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
image: US air freight logistics cargo

How Do You Ship an Aircraft without Flying It? Why Fly It!

US – This week saw a genuine first in the field of air freight, no strangers to logistics the Boeing Corporation faced a new challenge when it came to shipping one of their latest exotic creations across the country. Boeing have been developing the unmanned Phantom Ray aircraft for less than ten years, using entirely their own funding and with the intention of pushing back the barriers of what is possible using craft without crew. Primarily designed as a weapon of war the Phantom was constructed at the Boeing facility in St. Louis but will shortly undergo its first test flight at the Dryden Flight Research Centre at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

image: Egypt Israel Lebanon Syria force majeure rail freight deliveries dry bulk carrier truck driver export

Extreme Conditions Force Changes to Shippers Itineraries

WORLD WIDE – After suspending truck drivers’ hours of service in Scotland due to heavy snowfalls in the past weeks comes news of unseasonal weather elsewhere affecting the logistics sector across the globe. One of the worst hit areas is Queensland where continuous rain has caused major disruptions, particularly to coal deliveries as rail operator QR National has just reinstated rail freight services between the mines and the export terminals at Hay Point .

image: US truck freight LTL logistics

Court Date Looms for Wage Deal Disagreement

US – The ongoing strife and struggles for survival in the less than truckload (LTL) sector continue despite an upturn in traffic since the market bottomed out. Just last month we detailed the further cuts to be made by YRC Worldwide and how the delicate state of negotiations between the freight and logistics group and the Teamsters Union was under pressure after significant cuts in pay and conditions were accepted by the workforce to enable the company’s survival.


Do You Know An Outstanding Freight Trucker?

Saturday, December 11, 2010
image: Australia freight truck awards professional driver

Australian Awards for Heroes of Haulage

AUSTRALIA – Nominations are now being invited for the annual Australian Trucking Association awards which aim to recognise excellence in all facets of the industry, including the contribution of operators, drivers, trainers and the National Trucking Industry Woman of the Year Award (known to some as the ‘Sheila the Wheeler’ award). A pdf file of the nomination form can be downloaded HERE and gives full details of the requirements.

image: UK freight transport haulier truck haulage Scotland commercial driver hours of service

EU Regulation Suspension Extended During Severe Weather

UK – Following on from our story last week the Scottish authorities have decided to extend the suspension of EU commercial drivers’ hours of service regulations, a situation caused by the exceptional weather conditions, for another few days. The suspension was due to end at 23.59 hours tonight but now will be extended to the 15th December when there will be a further review in the light of continuing snow falls and freezing conditions which have persisted for the past week.

image: Yemen UAE bomb freight airfreight Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Hassan al-Asiri security logistics

Scenes of Bomb Plot Surveyed for Security

YEMEN – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – According to local Yemeni press reports the ban on freight travelling to the UAE has now been lifted after the incidents in October when unexploded bombs were found in Dubai and the UK. If the reports are correct it will have serious implications for any flights emanating from the UAE and doubtless even more stringent security methods will need to be employed.

image: US freight forwarders customs brokers traffic management supply chain logistics NVOCC container shipping customs brokers

Geodis Wilson Sign Up With CargoWise

US – Having secured the business of Houston based customs brokers and freight forwarders RW Smith & Company Inc. last month, technology supplier for logistics service providers CargoWise are reported to have signed up Geodis Wilson, freight management division of international shipping group Geodis, for their ediEnterprise transport management system.

image: Somalia product tanker general freight container ship dwt

As One Door Closes - So Another One Opens

SOMALIA – Another mixed week, with two exchanges taking place under very different circumstances; today the MV Panama, a 26,000 dwt Liberian flagged and apparently US operated general freight and container vessel, has been seized by a pirate gang approximately 80 nautical miles east of the Tanzanian/Mozambique border. This extreme Southerly attack in the Somali Basin is a further example of the constantly expanding area of pirate activity.

image: Germany logistics freight shipping climate change CO2

DP DHL Will Finance Clean Air Project in Lesotho

GERMANY – LESOTHO - For some while Deutsche Post DHL has claimed it is the first logistics company worldwide to offer a carbon neutral shipping service to its customers and, following on from our story regarding UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s comments that the leading freight and shipping groups must take a lead in environmental matters, the company has provided details of their own climate protection project.

image: Australia Denmark project freight forwarder cargo tonnes vessel container ship poison toxin HCB

Not the Last Word Yet on Poisonous Export

AUSTRALIA – DENMARK – Confusion still surrounds the proposed controversial export of 16,000 tonnes of toxic waste due to ship from Botany Bay and destined for Nyborg. The initial 3,000 tonnes of containerised waste polluted with hexachlorobenzine (HCB) were supposed to load last Saturday for destruction at a high temperature incineration plant. It appears that the Danish Government bowed to political pressure to suspend the shipment after strenuous opposition from environmental and labour groups.

image: Mexico ocean freight container shipping TEU pollution carbon footprint

Cancun Climate Change Conference Cops Out

MEXICO – At the start of the COP16 United Nations Climate Change conference which opened yesterday in Cancun the head of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon made a passionate plea for unity in the fight to preserve the planet and criticised the efforts of governments thus far. In a speech indicating that he had little faith that satisfactory and effective resolutions would be found, the Secretary General called upon industrial leaders, including those in the freight and logistics sector, to produce workable solutions to the problems.

image: US freight transport index logistics freight shipping container airfreight intermodal

Statistics Open to Different Interpretations

US – Yesterday saw the release of the monthly Freight Transportation Services Index (FTSI) figures from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The Index provides a good long term insight into the output of logistics services provided by the for-hire freight transportation industries but, as with most statistics, predictions based on them depend on one’s own interpretation of them.

image: Singapore Beluga project freight forwarding break bulk over dimension gantry cranes

Break Bulk Exhibition in Singapore Hosts Educational Forum Again

SINGAPORE – A course designed by over dimensional cargo network the Project Professionals Group to qualify freight forwarders for the Certificate of Achievement in Project Cargo Management, will again be part of the education component of the 3rd Annual Breakbulk Asia Transportation Conference & Exhibition at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The two-day course will be held from January 27-28, and was previously in Singapore as part of Breakbulk Asia 2010.

image: UK freight truck fuel supply chain EU hours of service

But Only for Scottish Hauliers

UK – In a sensible move the Department for Transport has agreed to relax the enforcement of the standard EU drivers’ hours and working-time rules for those operators suffering supply chain problems caused by the recent heavy snowfalls and extreme weather conditions. The exceptions to the usual rules will only apply to journeys within Scotland however and will last until midnight on the 11th December when the situation will be reviewed. With some freight delivery drivers trapped in their cabs for twelve or more hours on several main highways the suspension of the hours of service rules will be welcome.

image: DHL France Germany overnight express freight US airfreight

European - US Routes Introduced

FRANCE – GERMANY – US - DHL is establishing two new strategic air routes from Paris and Frankfurt to the U.S. The new connections are timed to feed directly into DHL's North American overnight Express freight network and will enable customers in Germany and France and some neighbouring countries to send next day delivery shipments to the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

image: UK Mary Rose fork truck heavy guns shipped warship Henry VIII

465 Years Between Services for Warship

UK – The Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard is due to open in 2012 and now materials handling specialist Jungheinrich UK have come forward to assist the project which is tasked with returning the old ship to her former glory. The company has donated free of charge a 3000kg capacity electric counterbalance model EFG 430 from their Ready to Go range to assist in manoeuvring the numerous artefacts, including the heavy guns (as pictured)and ship’s anchors, around the display site.

image: UK rail truck freight wagon shipping logistics

Can Proposed Cost Savings Please Everyone?

UK - The report by Sir Roy McNulty into the way the country’s rail services should operate has been largely welcomed but some logistics interests have concerns regarding the age old problem of integrating freight trains into a network whose primary concern tends to be passenger carriage, especially in these days of high speed services.

image: Somalia Philippines bulk freight ferry tug lighter

Estonians Join the Battle for Law and Order on the High Seas

SOMALIA – PHILIPPINES – Yet another vessel seizure far from the Somali coast this week illustrates the lengthening reach of pirates operating in the region. Bangladesh-flagged ship MV Jahan Moni was taken approximately 1300 nautical miles East of Eyl (Somalia), and only 300 nautical miles from the Indian coast. The vessel which was taken on the 5th December and reportedly loaded with 43,000 tonnes of nickel was later reported seen heading for the Somali coast.

image: Malawi Africa UK shipping insurance medical logistics container freight ship port piracy

Thomas Miller Win Corporate Responsibility Award for Humanitarian Project

UK –AFRICA – The novel scheme launched by specialist transport and logistics insurance group Thomas Miller, to celebrate its 125th anniversary by becoming the lead sponsor of the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust, a UK charity which is renovating the 19th century ship Chauncy Maples as a clinic to provide essential medical services to the lakeside people of Malawi, has been recognised with an award from the insurance trade publication Insurance Day.

image: Côte d'Ivoire shipping freight and logistics appointments multimodal

Recruitment Activity from Around the Globe

IVORY COAST – Leading multinational and multi modal shipping group Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) opened a new office this week in the country’s economic capital, Abidjan. Contact there is F.Malevialle on telephone + 225 0926 0707 and the address is MOL Côte d'Ivoire, Boulevard de Vridi rue A6 lot 220 quai 17, Abidjan - Ivory Coast.

image: Scotland rail freight shipping coal wagon bogie

Residents Complain Over Out of Hours Scottish Haulage

UK – Whilst all parties claim their inability to settle the matter, the rail freight noise dispute which is affecting Clackmannanshire residents literally rumbles on into the night. For months now there has been a growing wave of discontent regarding the dispute raging between Scottish Power, Network Rail and DB Schenker and the aggrieved residents who live adjacent to the Stirling-Alloa-Kincardine line.


Another Island Freight Ferry Row Simmers

Sunday, December 5, 2010
image: Isle of Man freight ferry container shipping

Arterial Service Vital to Maintain Food Supplies

UK – ISLE OF MAN – As regular British readers will know there is little than engenders such fervent opinions in the freight industry as the depths of emotion produced when difficulties face a local island ferry service. Be it close to home as in this years case of the Cornish and Scilly Isle links, or across the other side of the world, container and ferry routes with the mainland are the very lifeblood of such island communities and the natives are understandably sensitive to any changes to their shipping schedules.

image: Germany Korea China bulk project freight cargo shipping container vessel tonnes

MPC Will Take Up Long Term Charter

GERMANY – CHINA – SOUTH KOREA – Last month saw the Rickmers Group take delivery of the MV Rickmers Masan, its tenth multi-purpose carrier (MPC). Built at the Jingling yard in China, the new vessel is the first in a series of four Superflex Heavy MPC vessels that are being long-term chartered to shipping line Hyundai Merchant Marine for an eight year period. They will operate a new HMM service linking the Far East with the Middle East. MPC’s are a popular choice for the German owners with the versatility associated with a ship capable of handling both containers and bulk and project cargoes.

image: UK rail freight intermodal shipping

(But Not North of the Border)

UK – Freight organisations welcomed the news this week that the English revenue support grant has escaped drastic cuts. £19m of funding will be allocated next year, just £1m down from the previous annual funding, with the same amount recommended for the following two years. The fund supports co-modality, where different forms of transporting freight synergize into a more effective intermodal method of carriage.

image: US Korea freight market tariff free trade export import

Revisions to Duty Level Are First Step to Free Trade

US – SOUTH KOREA – With the EU’s Free Trade agreement scheduled to begin with Korea next July, the United States has moved to negate the terms agreed with the Bush administration over car and truck exports which has engendered much anger amongst American manufacturers. Simultaneously terms are to be discussed regarding US shipments of beef and other products with a view to negotiating an agreement similar to that of the European model.

image: US express freight third party logistics 3PL tonnes vehicle shipping X-37 consignment goods cargo

How Long Florida to California? The Third Party Logistics of Tomorrow.

US – WORLDWIDE – FURTHER - Stick with this one, it’s not a fantasy. A shipment of experimental goods took off from Florida on the 22nd April and landed today (the 3rd December) at an airstrip in California and the consignee was delighted. Slow you say? Not a bit of it, for these goods were experimental equipment shipping aboard a new thirty foot vehicle weighing around five tonnes. Oh. And a top speed around 17,500 miles per hour.

image: Denmark bulk shipping vessel container ship tanker

New Builds on the Blocks and Already Chartered Out

DENMARK – SOUTH AMERICA – CANADA – ASIA - International bulk freight and tanker operator Norden has contracted two Handysize new build vessels which, following delivery from the shipyard, will be chartered out to Rio Tinto, one of the biggest dry bulk charterers in the world. The agreement is long term and is expected to result in accumulated earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of approximately $60-70 million for the entire contract period.

image: Africa shipping container freight charity emergency

Once Again Freight Industry Shows its Compassionate Side

AFRICA – DENMARK – Over decades shipping containers have demonstrated their versatility, as emergency and luxury housing, even as aquaria and emergency medical facilities because when disaster hits, timely relief aid is crucial. This is why the charity Advance Aid is placing 90,000 emergency kits at strategic locations across Africa – and Maersk Line has donated 300 containers worth $500,000 to help store them.

image: UK  RoRo fast ferry RoPax ship freight vessel trailer

Irish Sea Services Change Hands

UK – Yesterday, just five months after securing ownership of Norfolkline, Danish group DFDS have hived off their Northern Irish ferry services between Belfast and Birkenhead (Liverpool), and Belfast-Heysham to rivals Stena Line. The passenger and freight RoRo services will mean Stena taking over operations at the port terminals of Belfast, Birkenhead and Heysham and, with a few exceptions, all shore based staff at Belfast, Birkenhead and Heysham will be transferred to Stena, maintaining their current conditions of employment.

image: China Shanghai Expo air quality pollution container shipping TEU RoRo port quay

Cargo Handling Development and Investment Grows - But So Does Pollution

CHINA – During October Shanghai cemented its position as the world’s foremost port with an 8%+ jump in containers handled against the previous year meaning in excess of 2.35 million TEU’s of freight transited the city during the month. The Shanghai International Port (Group) Co. (SIPG) said customs statistics meant their facilities had handled more cargo than any other in each of the past three months.

image: France container shipping ocean freight box reefer carbon footprint TEU

CMA CGM Take a Lead in Carbon Reduction Policies

FRANCE – WORLDWIDE – Many companies in every industrial sector are aware of the importance of not only reducing their carbon footprint but announcing their efforts to the world. No part of world trade is under more scrutiny in this respect than the carriage of air and ocean freight. Now leading container shipping line CMA CGM have released figures to demonstrate how successfully they are battling the problem and their commitment to continue on the same path with an eye to lowering the amount of pollution produced for every kilo of freight per kilometre.

image: US freight shipping container overloading boxes cargo capacity

Joint Request for IMO Assistance

US – WORLDWIDE - The World Shipping Council and the International Chamber of Shipping have urged the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to establish an international legal requirement that all loaded containers be weighed at the marine port facility before they are stowed aboard a vessel for export. The issue of overweight containers has been a subject of industry, insurance, and at times government, concern over the years, and has from time-to-time become an issue of concern to the general public after incidents involving overweight boxes.

image: US truck safety freight transportation logistics

Facing up to the Challenges for the Industry

US - Volvo Trucks North America, Volvo Group North America, and the American Trucking Associations (ATA), along with the Embassy of Sweden joined together to host a ‘Moving the World’ conference held today at the House of Sweden in Washington, DC. The purpose was to tell the assembled freight transportation leaders and stakeholders of the difficulties faced by the freight shipping community and how the trucking industry was facing up to the challenge.


GWI Firm Up Their Grip On Aussie Rail Freight

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
image: Australia rail freight cargo carried port railcar track railroad tonnage

North South Track Bisects a Continent

AUSTRALIA – The Genesee & Wyoming (GWI) railroad group completed the deal this week that sees them become the third largest rail freight operator in the country. The strategic track linking Tarcoola, North of Adelaide in the South Territory to the Northern port of Darwin cost the US based conglomerate A$332 million which purchased the combined assets of FreightLink Pty, Asia Pacific Transport Pty and associated business.

image: UK women shipping freight logistics

Your Chance to Mould a Future Role for Females in Freight

UK – Since the group’s foundation in September 2008, Women in Logistics UK has become the fastest-growing business networking group in the UK, with membership requests doubling since it exhibited at IMHX at the NEC Birmingham mid November. The all female organisation is on a mission to prove the value and reliability of the fairer sex in the freight and logistics sectors, addressing the gender imbalance which still exists, and boosting the confidence and profile of women engaged in work within shipping and related industries.

image: BIMCO ISF ocean freight merchant marine shipping seafarers

New Report Highlights Potential Global Crewing Shortfalls

WORLDWIDE – A new report published in full later this month indicates the tenuous and fluctuating state of employment levels in the merchant shipping service. Yesterday in London the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF) presented the conclusions of their latest comprehensive study of the worldwide supply and demand for seafarers to governments attending the IMO Maritime Safety Committee indicating that, despite an overall balance, some sectors of the ocean freight industry might find themselves short of officers.

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