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November 2021

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German Multimodal Operations at a Near Standstill as Bottlenecks Grow

GERMANY – The European Rail Freight Association (ERFA), along with several other major industry players such as the European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services (CLECAT) and the European Shippers Council (ESC) has written an open letter to the European Commission in a blistering attack regarding the parlous state of rail freight in the country at present.

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So Just Who IS Driving That Thing?

NORWAY – WORLDWIDE – We have all grown blasé watching films, particularly modern war movies, of drones both big and small, being controlled from thousands of miles away. How often however do you stop to think who is driving that thing and where did they learn the trade? Flying something in the park perhaps?

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Pandemic Makes Global Events Accessible Virtually to a Wider Audience

SINGAPORE – Apart from those who have made fortunes trading in PPE and the like there have been little in the way of positives from the scourge that is the Coronavirus pandemic. However one thing which is now possible, which to most would have been unreachable previously, is the ability to be present using virtual technology at events occurring no matter where on earth they are.

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Who is Going to be Working Where from Now On

SWITZERLAND – WORLDWIDE – The General Meeeting 2021 of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) saw delegates introduced into new roles with many new faces in the 12 elected Vice Presidents of the Extended Board and the respective Chairs of the 13 FIATA Institutes and Bodies, offering a chance for a reinvigorated panel with greater diversity in age and gender, in line with the FIATA Reset Program.

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A Five Minute Read to Understand What is Happening Elsewhere in the Industry

SPAIN – Anyone in the market to outfit a port, harbour or shipyard may wish to take a look at lots available at the auctioning off of the assets of the La Naval shipyard running on the site until 30th November. The yard designed and made suction hopper dredgers and offshore oil, gas and wind turbine equipment over a century of production.

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Just Exactly What is Available from the Eight New English Enterprise Zones?

UK – So what good is a Freeport to me? As with other contentious subjects, Brexit, Scottish Independence, Marmite spring to mind, Freeports are viewed cynically by many yet hailed as the saviour of the British economy by others. What, however, do they actually offer?

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New Attitude to Manufacture Gas On Board Ship and Avoid Storage Pitfalls

LIBERIA – ITALY – FINLAND – GREECE – SWITZERLAND – Anyone seeking the Holy Grail of ocean fuel, cheap to produce, zero emission, easy to store etc. will have cast their eyes across hydrogen and soon found possibly multiple reasons to discard it, certainly as things stand today.

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The Mongolians Said 'Let There be Light' and the Austrians Said 'We Can Do That'

AUSTRIA – MONGOLIA – Lauterach based logistics group Gebrüder Weiss was tasked recently with transporting 12,600 LED street luminaires and lamp posts to Mongolia via the New Silk Road rail route for the lighting group Zumtobel. LED lighting has become an essential for both homeowners and local and national authorities looking to lower their electricity costs.

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Road Borne Supply Chain Under the Microscope at Westminster

UK – EUROPE – Transport lobby group Logistics UK has certainly been making its presence known along the corridors of power of late, and fittingly much of the chat was about crossing the English Channel at a time when minds are focused on the horrors of migrants drowning in the freezing seas just this week.

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Rates Will Rise to Pay for Disastrous Year

UK – The full effects of the pandemic are now coming home to roost with talk of tax increases, inflation and all the other bad economic news that follow any form of disaster. One sector which will certainly see rising rates is the insurance sector and now that has received almost official recognition with news out this week.

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Changing Traffic Patterns Elicit Change but Confusion Over Who is to Pay

UK – It is an accepted fact that when a tax or surcharge is introduced into the shipping sector, the rate originally charged then rarely ever goes down or disappears altogether. Therefore the latest move by the Ports of Felixstowe and Harwich has gone down like a lead balloon with industry participants.

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As Prices Drop so Empty Box Stocks Continue to Rise

US – WORLDWIDE – Container xChange, the online platform founded just four years ago in Germany and which aims to make using third party equipment a more simple process, be it any form of shipping or tank container (via recent acquisition, has issued its latest assessment of the US box market.

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New Design AI Assisted Seagoing Trimaran Wins Approval in Principle

CHILE – UK – WORLDWIDE – The dreams of previous decades that aquaculture would feed the world of the future have been severely tarnished with the problems now associated with fish farms. Problems with pile up of waste, invasive parasites such as fish lice which go on to infect the indigenous marine species, can be seen from the Scottish Lochs to the Norwegian Fjords, not helped by huge fish escapes, some underhand dealings and illegal fish exchanges by some operators.

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Annual Seahorse Party in December Will Again Offer a Chance to Network

UK – The rush to convert journalism to multi-media sources at rock bottom prices continues unabated and it seems the freight and logistics press is yet another casualty in the race to the basement when we look at standards in the press. Traditional copy writers who know their stuff have fled to the Public Relations sector as experts sadly lacking in both hard copy and online outlets in which to practice.

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Climate Activists Back to Complain About Pollution Again

UK – WORLDWIDE – One year on climate activists from the Ocean Rebellion group returned to the offices in London of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) after torching a boat at the same location then in protest to what the objectors perceived as total disregard for the Paris Agreement by the shipping industry.

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The Smaller Logistics Related Items That Often Get Overlooked

UK – DHL Supply Chain has engaged tech start-up, DigiHaul as its primary sub-contractor in a 10-year contract. Through DigiHaul, DHL is now able to tap into a network of 750 sub contract carriers, shoring-up availability ahead of the busiest period in the year and at a time when driver resource is in high demand. Over 600 loads a day will be booked, tracked and managed through the DigiHaul solution.

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Who is Heading Where in Transport

UK – WORLDWIDE – WISTA International, the Women's International Shipping & Trading Association, which is dedicated to enhancing the position of women through global networking, has appointed the well-known figure of Sue Terpilowski as its new official Press Officer. The announcement came at the WISTA International AGM & Conference held in Hamburg in October.

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Changes Are a Boost for Multimodal Container Cargo

UK – The latest decision taken with regards to HS2 has produced great chasms of different opinions the like of which can only be matched by Brexit, or possibly Covid vaccinations. The scrapping of the Leeds leg of the high speed line has incensed northern politicians and brought sighs of relief from others.

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UK Must Adopt Same Standards as Crime Levels Rise

EUROPE – Anyone who has been woken from unconsciousness at night by the sound of intruders breaking into the vehicle whilst sleeping in a lorry cab will hope that the latest initiative from the European Commission spreads quickly right across the continent without any watering down or delays.

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South African Youngster Scoops the Big Prize

SWITZERLAND – WORLDWIDE – The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) and the international freight transport insurer TT Club have revealed their choice as this year's global winner of the Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award (YIFFYA) during today's final online event.

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As Supply Chain Players Talk Up COP26 the Truth is Somewhat Different Says New Report

UK – Whilst everybody in the world of transport is talking up both the ravages of the pandemic and the efforts they are putting in to negate their environmentally detrimental emissions, a recent report from supply chain and logistics consultancy SCALA makes worrying reading.

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Work Goes Ahead with Danish Research and Development Facility

UK – DENMARK – WORLDWIDE – As Cop26 shut up shop in Glasgow and the politicians shuffled their various ways back to the world of broken promises, so came at least one hopefully meaningful announcement as London headquartered ship management company V.Group took some positive steps toward cleaning up the industry.

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Shore Side Operations and Ocean Vessels are Both Potential Victims

FRANCE – WORLDWIDE – Cyber-crime now poses the most serious threat to the maritime sector above all others. The illicit activity can ruin companies through malicious hacking of financial records, expose them to blackmail with the potential loss of billions or simply destroy the ability of their websites to handle traffic.

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Air Freight Continues March to Digitalisation

UK – UAE – This week the Dubai Air Show was the chosen site for to reveal its new online tool, entitled eMagic, which uses AI to convert emailed enquiries in different formats and languages into standard data formats, eliminating the need for manual processing. eMagic can read different types of content, including email, text, and image and convert them into instant air cargo quotes using standard data formats such as JSON and IATA ONE Record.

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Sabre Rattling Answered with Longer Term Military Mobilisation Deal

UKRAINE – GERMANY – In military politics, as with comedy, it appears timing is everything. In a week when reports of over 100,000 Russian troops are massing at the Ukrainian border comes a statement from NATO regarding the rapid deployment of military assets in the region.

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The Weekly Look at Bits and Pieces You May Well Have Missed

UK – Two leading logistics groups have announced commencement of operations at new Leicestershire based distribution hubs in the past week. Firstly DSV has opened the doors to its new 522,000 square foot industrial warehouse, cross-dock and office facilities at Mercia Park.

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As Road Safety Week Opens a Pause for Thought

UK – The tragedy which is Covid 19 may have brought misery to the doors of many but it seems there are numerous lives which it has inadvertently saved, belonging to people none of whom will ever know they actually dodged a bullet.

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A United Front is Essential to Face Governments and Carriers Alike

WORLDWIDE – Two stalwarts of the world of freight forwarding CLECAT and FIATA, respectively, the European and global associations for freight forwarding and logistics services providers, have renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to reinforce the longstanding cooperation between the two associations.

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Court of Appeal Must Rule on Mandatory Inoculations

US – How times change, particularly when it comes to attitudes over vaccines it seems, a controversy which nowadays seems to engender fits of anger across the world between dissenting parties. When Dr Edward Jenner first stuck a hypodermic needle containing cow pox in the arm of his 9 year old gardener's son he could never have envisaged where that process would lead.

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Saved Carbon from Chip Fat - Who Knew?

UK – Having witnessed logistics rivals Kuehne + Nagel agree a deal to purchase 25,000 litres of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) annually for the next lustrum just last month, now the Deutsche Post DHL Group has joined with Finnish company Neste in an agreement to also utilise the fuel from its the DHL Express East Midlands Airport hub.

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Doubts Cast by Many Over Efficacy of Current Emission Reduction Policies

UK – WORLDWIDE – COP26 has spawned a flurry of environmental announcements, many with logistics connections, as companies elect to use the hubbub surrounding the Glasgow sited climate conference to demonstrate their own green credentials and the efforts they are making to reduce emissions and pollution overall.

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As Work Progresses on Future Fuels so to Shore Side Operations See Acquisition

FRANCE – US – True to form the diversification policy pursued by French container shipping line CMA CGM continues unabated with the news it has signed an agreement to acquire a 90% stake in the Fenix Marine Services (FMS) terminal in Los Angeles, currently held by EQT Infrastructure III.

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Now to Watch and See What Actually Happens Over Training, Parking and Rail Freight

UK – Plaudits from all corners of the freight community rained in after the government's latest proclamation concerning solving the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver shortage. A review is to be launched to examine ways of improving the compulsory ongoing training mandated for all existing and returning HGV drivers.

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RNLI Fleet to be Serviced by Comparative Youngster

UK – The rebirth of a once iconic name in ship building continues with the news that Harland & Wolff has signed a framework agreement with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) for the haul-out, repairs, maintenance, refurbishment and associated works for the RNLI's entire fleet of lifeboats.

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(Yet Ironically None of Them From Sweden)

UK – This week Thomas Miller Specialty and AIG announced they are ending their three year close and collaborative partnership for fixed premium P&I as of 1 January 2022. The two insurance groups say they are looking forward to continuing their strong and supportive relationship in other business areas going forward.

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Those Relevant Staff Moves Brought Up to Date

UK – Thames Freeport, which opens for business this month, has appointed former Secretary of State the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly as its inaugural Chair. Serving as MP for Bolton West from 1997 until she stood down in 2010 Kelly served as Secretary of State for Transport, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Secretary of State for Education and Skills and Minister for Women and Equalities, as well as holding ministerial roles in HM Treasury.

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Exhibition Aims to Boost Input Into the Profession

UK – Following the three day 2021 Multimodal Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC which, despite the continued rumblings of the pandemic attracted over 7,200 visitors to the stalls of 162 exhibitors, some real effort is going into the continued push to attract more young talent into the freight and logistics profession.

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Competitive Tendering is Now Apparently the Order of the Day

UK – Following the controversy of a company such as Uniserve picking up a contract of more than three quarters of a billion pounds for supply and delivery of PPE, all without having to go to the trouble of tendering for the business, it is hardly surprising that the latest government contract has slipped past without any great fanfare.

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Six Shortlisted Will Offer Presentations Online

UK – EUROPE – Tuesday 9 November will see an online ceremony to decide the European Logistics Association's (ELA) 'Project of the Year' 2021 and offers the opportunity to vote for one of the six shortlisted finalists after viewing the presentations.

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Cooperation Between Former Rivals is Seen as the Way Forward

NETHERLANDS – BELGIUM – It seems that the modern belief of port management, certainly in Europe, is that there is strength in consolidation. We have seen this this year alone with Haropa, that cooperation joining the ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris in France and two Thames side UK ports, London Gateway and Forth Ports Tilbury, linking up for the Thames Freeport project.

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Logistics Events Begin the Return to Normal

UK – With the dust settling after the Multimodal Exhibition finished just a few days ago, an event which was for many in shipping and forwarding the first time they had emerged blinking back into the real world of commerce, learning once more to network like a toddler keen to walk upright, for freight forwarders the next big industry occasion looms large.

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No Such Thing as Containers When German Line Began Operating

GERMANY – This month container shipping line Hamburg Süd will be almost literally 'pushing the boat out' as part of the company's 150th birthday celebrations as a suitably decorated 40 foot box fronts the 150th anniversary exhibition at the Hamburg International Maritime Museum.

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Joint Venture to Initially Set Up Spanish Base

US – UK – SPAIN – With all eyes on Glasgow this week as COP26 gets going Honeywell has announced the commercialisation of a revolutionary process that expands the types of plastics that can be recycled and can produce feedstock used to make recycled plastics with a lower carbon footprint.

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Other Environmental Solutions are Missing Out Due to Narrow Regulations

WORLDWIDE – Clearly annoyed at the way the conversation is moving on the way the shipping industry affects climate change, with concentration on fuel types, and how this view can be ameliorated, a group of leading maritime technology companies and other prominent marine interest organisations have written an open letter to move the discussion on from a single subject agenda.

image: UK, Australia, hydrogen, renewable, Ryze, JCB, FFI, transport, logistics, fuel, Bamford,

Multi-Billion Pound Deal to Get Fuel to the Customer

UK – AUSTRALIA – The race to primacy in the 'Fuel of the Future' is hotting up with the news that a multi-billion pound deal between construction giant J C Bamford Excavators (JCB) together with Ryze Hydrogen, and Western Australian energy providers Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) was signed on the eve of COP26.

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