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November 2010

image: UK freight fleet logistics electric trucks urban supply chain

Smiths Claim 10+ Year Battery Life for Vans and Trucks!

UK – It is no secret that we at Handy Shipping Guide are always keen to promote new cleaner technology, nor can it be avoided that, as Britain’s biggest seller of trucks and vans powered exclusively by electricity, Smiths Electric Vehicles clearly have a vested interest in promoting their products. New information gathered by the company from its own and its customers’ records regarding possible battery life nevertheless makes persuasive reading.

image: Hawaii shipping container reefer Christmas trees freight forwarder

Concerns as Slugs and Tree Frogs Arrive with Festive Symbols

US – Alien invasion is the last thing on one’s mind when purchasing a Christmas tree but Customs officers in the fifty first state have to be particularly on their guard at this time of the year. Shipping containers of Christmas trees from the mainland into the island state of Hawaii carries risks that most shoppers, keen to recreate that traditional feeling, would never contemplate.

image: Somalia pirates bulk freight shipping container abduction hostage RPG AK47 laser weapon

Successes Reported by Multinational Force - but One More Ship Lost

SOMALIA – Another mixed week for the forces of good and evil with the abduction of the MV Albedo, a Malaysian freighter carrying containers from Jebel Ali taken hostage whilst she was en route to Mombasa. The ship was captured on the 26th November, along with her crew of 23 Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iranian and Sri Lankan sailors about 900 miles East of Mogadishu. This brings the total of known hostages to five hundred and twenty one together with their twenty two vessels.

image: UK bulk shipping freight steel ore Capesize vessels ships

Baltic Dry Continues Downward Trend

UK – WORLDWIDE – The further purchase of new ships by the major ore carriers in the light of increased estimates of future steel production is largely to blame for the continuing descent of the Baltic Dry Index which fell again this week, according to most industry observers. Six weeks ago we tentatively suggested that rates would probably stabilise in the short term. That proved accurate, as long as you viewed short term as meaning around ten days, any longer and our analysis goes into the bin alongside many more.

image: Europe freight cargo airfreight security checks printer cartridges

Siim Kallas Proposes Changes to a Mixed Reaction

EUROPE – After the recent air cargo bomb scares when explosives were discovered in printer cartridges in the UK and Dubai many people were surprised at the fact that freight is frequently, in some cases usually, carried in the holds of passenger flights. Now the EU transport minister, Estonian Siim Kallas, has announced he will outline various measures at a meeting in Brussels on Thursday with a view to countering the problem.

image: UK truck jacknife freight brakes haulage snow

RHA Pointers to Avoid Jack-Knifes

UK – With most of the country covered by heavy snowfalls, and the prospect of much more to come in the months ahead, comes a timely reminder from the Road Haulage Association (RHA)of the need for extra vigilance in the loading and driving of trucks, as they continue to deliver vital supplies of freight around Britain and abroad. The problem of ‘Jack-Knifing’ where an articulated vehicle sees the trailer folding on the coupling in an attempt to overtake the truck, much like a folding pocket knife, is a perennial problem.

image: Oman container shipping line freight cargo LNG box ship VLCC

Omani Rotation will take in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Libya

OMAN – It is a little over seven years since the Government of the Sultanate joined with Oman Oil to form a company with the avowed intent to ‘revive the historical Omani seafaring tradition through modern shipping and chartering’ and to facilitate more import and export cargo for the country; now the Oman Shipping Company (OSC) has announced details of its first containerised service to trade with Red Sea and Mediterranean ports, with the first freight moving from the 26th December.


Two New Giant Bulk Freight Vessels For MOL

Monday, November 29, 2010
image: Japan Brazil tonne bulk freight shipping container

300,000 Tonne Ore Carriers to Join Fleet

JAPAN –BRAZIL – Perhaps better known for the box carrying crocodile which adorns their shipping containers Mitsui OSK Line (MOL) are in fact also one of the world’s largest Capesize dry freight bulk operators so it was no surprise when Vale International SA, part of Vale SA, the largest iron ore producer in the world selected the Japanese company for their latest contract.

image: Australia express road freight carrier airfreight

Qantas and Australian Post Have Questions to Answer

AUSTRALIA – As predicted in our story in June it appears that the joint freight operations of national air carrier Qantas and Australia Post namely Australian Air Express (AAE) and Star Track Express, will not see any expansion in the near future as the co owners continue to debate the best way forward. As anticipated Star Track profits dropped by a third last year against the A$25 million + recorded in 2008 whilst AAE apparently saw a record rise in the six months to June this year, A$13million+ against under A$120,000 for the same period last year.

image: France container shipping freight vessels TEU box carrier

CMA CGM Link with Turkish Group

FRANCE – TURKEY – After many false starts it appears CMA CGM, the worlds third largest container shipping line, have finally managed to obtain some hard sought cash to strengthen its equity base and, according to the French group, secure the financing of its investment plan. Under the terms of a just signed agreement the Turkish owned Yildirim Group will receive five-year ORA equity notes giving access to 20% of CMA CGM’s share capital in exchange for an investment of half a billion dollars.

image: Australia intermodal freight terminal multi modal shipping container pollution cargo

Giant Scheme 'Too Close To Homes'

AUSTRALIA – We regularly have to highlight the pro’s and con’s of the development of multi modal freight terminals in the UK and elsewhere as, world wide, the onus switches to less polluting methods to transport cargo. For every bright eyed developer there is usually to be found a bunch of local residents desperate to prevent the scheme. Cries of ‘profiteer’ and ‘Not in my back yard’ resound and the result is usually a long drawn out battle which may take years to resolve.


IATA October Freight Figures Encouraging

Friday, November 26, 2010
image:  Switzerland freight cargo airfreight volumes

Cargo Transport Up Over 14%

SWITZERLAND – Figures released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and garnered from the organisation’s 230 scheduled air carriers, show another real boost in comparison to the previous year. Cargo levels rose almost as much as the year on year September increase (15.5%) with a leap of 14.4% in the volume of freight carried in a like to like comparison.

image: UK freight driversí hours of service cargo

Hours of Service Remain Unchanged

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has welcomed as a ‘victory for common sense’ the announcement by transport minister, Mike Penning, that he has decided to leave the domestic drivers’ rules unchanged. The review of the rules, which apply to goods vehicle drivers in Great Britain that are exempt from EU drivers’ hours legislation, was launched over a year ago.

image: China ocean air freight forwarding logistics express delivery e- services

Aramex Launch New Service

CHINA – EUROPE – UAE – Emirates based logistics group Aramex have announced details of a new Ocean – Air freight route from China into Europe. The company claim the new service is a faster and a more cost-effective delivery solution for shipments between Asia and Europe.

image: China Russia rail freight infrastructure container shipping intermodal

Volumes with China could Double in a Decade

RUSSIA – CHINA - Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin gave a speech today at a plenary session of the 5th Russian-Chinese Economic Forum in Moscow saying he believed that the next ten years the volume of direct rail freight with China could increase by 50-100%. Yakunin said that railway transport accounts for a substantial share of external trade freight between Russia and China. During the first 10 months of 2010, the volume of rail freight between the countries increased by 33% to reach 53 million tonnes. He confirmed that Russian Railways had earmarked improving transport provision and developing rail and intermodal terminal-logistic infrastructure on the main freight routes between Russia and China as a priority.

image: US pirate gang freight vessel merchant ship

More NATO Success as Gang Who Launched ill Conceived Attack Pay the Price

US – SOMALIA – For the first time in almost two centuries an American jury has convicted a pirate gang who now face the prospect of life imprisonment. The trial currently underway in Germany of another pirate crew continues, after criticism from several quarters who claim the likely outcome of four or five years gaol time followed by possible asylum will suit the accused penniless Somalis. No such luxury for the five men found guilty today on fourteen charges after a two week trial.


UK Truck Operators Have A New Voice

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
image: UK truck freight forwarding haulier road haulage tachographs  cabotage

But Internal Squabbles Between Haulage Representatives Must End

UK – A recently formed organisation representing the views of UK hauliers has appeared on the truck scene fronted by an ex member of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) Southern and Eastern Regional Council. The lobby group,, is led by Peter Carroll, a man who has a history of campaigning and links with the haulage and freight forwarding industries.

image: US dry break bulk shipping container tankers vessel

Crowley Maritime Scoop Almost 8% of Honours

US – Jacksonville based Crowley Maritime Corporation, part of the Crowley Holdings Group, which operates a range of services from break bulk and container shipping to salvage and harbour support were delighted to announce today that they have been awarded 85 Certificates of Environmental Achievement for 2010 during a Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) awards ceremony in Washington, DC. CSA represents 33 U.S. based companies that either own, operate or charter oceangoing tankers, container ships, dry bulk vessels engaged in both the domestic and international trades.

image: Somalia pirate attack freight merchant vessels

Seychelles and EU NAVFOR Work in Harmony to Arrest 16

SEYCHELLES – SOMALIA – This week has seen considerable success by authorities charged with protecting merchant vessels and safeguarding the freight and passenger trade in the Arabian Gulf. In the past we have seen the impotence of EU NAVFOR forces who, after apprehending suspected pirates, have had to immediately release them for lack of prima facie evidence.

image: Ethiopia cargo carriers air freight tonnes

Investment in Cargo Facilities Reap Rewards

AFRICA – ETHIOPIA – There are currently 32 members of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) and this week the report of the Secretary General to the organisation’s 42nd Annual General Assembly confirmed that Ethiopian Airlines, appropriately, carried the lion’s share of the 44,000 tonnes of freight cargo moved by its members. The air carrier shipped 87% of the total making it a considerable force to be recognised in the African airfreight industry.


Jordan Rail Freight Project Delayed

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
image: Jordan rail freight port import export intermodal

Initial Tenders Were to be Invited by Last Month

JORDAN – As we predicted last month it seems that the country’s ambitious plans to dramatically upgrade the infrastructure for rail freight has run into trouble, or at least slowed down. Working on the premise that one has to speculate to accumulate Jordan has been planning to invest around $5 billion to accommodate changes of gauge and establish a practical intermodal system. As we have indicated previously government debt levels will act as a disincentive.

image: Germany logistics express shipping supply chain freight forwarding hybrid truck

Deutsche Post DHL Aims for Market Domination

GERMANY – Never ones to undersell themselves Deutsche Post DHL have announced their intentions to dominate both mail and freight markets at a Frankfurt conference and to increase its profitability whilst doing so. The DHL divisions expect to make a €1.3 billion operating profit in the current financial year which the group says will produce earnings before interest and taxes of 13 to 15% up to 2015.

image: Asia US freight rate rise shipping container lines box FEU

TSA Announces Intention to Levy Surcharges as Maersk/Argos Row Ends

ASIA – US – The Transpacific Stabilization Agreement (TSA) has set out its stall by declaring it intends for its members to negotiate a container freight rate increase with customers from 1st May in the usual ‘voluntary guideline’ format equating to $400 per forty foot equivalent unit (FEU)for cargo bound from Asia to the US West Coast and $600 per FEU elsewhere on mainland America. Additionally TSA lines have further recommended full recovery of costs for other equipment sizes, and improved collection of floating bunker and inland fuel charges as well as Panama Canal, Alameda Corridor and other fixed accessorial charges.

image: India cargo mercantile ship freight

Representatives Meet 'Stiff Resistance' as Union Group Mourn Campaigner

INDIA – SRI LANKA – Today saw seafarers and dock workers unions launch a week of industrial action to protest against the use of ‘flags of convenience’ (FOC). Union activists accompanied by representatives of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) launched an investigation of ships, crew terms of employment, and working and living conditions on board FOC ships which they say are notorious for employing seafarers under exploitative contracts.

image: Somalia cargo ship container vessel pirate

Numerous Cargo Vessels Report Assaults

SOMALIA – GERMANY – NIGERIA – SEYCHELLES – OMAN – Reports of attacks by pirate groups continued to come in this week just as Germany started its first trial for the crime of piracy in over four centuries. A gang of ten Somali nationals face the Court accused of an attack on the MV Taipan, a German registered container ship in April. The crew of the vessel took refuge in a safe room when raiders boarded her and took control but the pirates made an error when they attempted to fight off Dutch commandos who exchanged shots before recapturing the ship.

image: US Boeing cargo freight navy

10th C - 40A Delivered Yesterday

US - The Boeing Corporation yesterday delivered the 10th C-40A transport - cargo aircraft to the U.S. Navy. The Boeing 737-700 commercial derivative was modified at the company’s Wichita facility for its Navy mission. The C-40A is equipped with a main-deck cargo door and can be configured for troop transport, freight transport or both. With superior range and performance, a state-of-the-art flight deck, 21st century avionics and quiet, clean, fuel-efficient engines, the C-40A increases the Navy's capability for rapid response to the fleet worldwide.

image: Europe rail freight intermodal terminal wagon intramodal

Process may Cost Companies 'Tens of Millions'

EUROPE – Tony Berkeley, chairman of the Rail Freight Group (RFG)has issued a statement in his role as President of the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA)to voice the organisations concern over perceived rail freight market re-monopolisation in certain EU countries. The move away from open competition to re-monopolisation may cost new entrants up to tens of millions of euro if adopted in some EU member countries. The ERFA say these costs will further reduce the competitiveness of rail freight because of the re-monopolisation process.

image: US freight audit cargo shipping logistics costs

Audit Group Say They Can Save Clients Money

US – Freight management and auditing group Betachon have this week offered to allow any FedEx customers a free, no strings attached,two-week trial as way to introduce businesses to its services. Freight auditors earn their money by supporting businesses of all sizes in their efforts to reduce shipping costs, minimize internal costs, negotiate logistics contracts and better manage overall cargo operations.

image: US LTL truck freight cargo handling YRC logistics

YRC Set to Shut Over 40 Facilities

US – For over a year now we have charted the ups and downs of holding company YRC who through their wholly owned subsidiary companies offer less than truckload (LTL), full load and national and international freight and logistics services. Sometimes it has been good news and sometimes not and occasionally awful but one’s view on the companies latest strategy will depend whether you are a stockholder or an employee.

image: Sri Lanka cargo freight and container handling warehousing bunkering

Magampura Opens with a Flourish

SRI LANKA – With much ceremony the deep water port, Magampura, formally known as 'Magama Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa’, was opened this week by President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The new port is situated in Hambantota province, family home of the President so not a great surprise to students of the country’s politics. The President made a lengthy speech at the inauguration including speaking of his government’s aim to develop a total of five international ports over the next few years with the avowed intent to make Sri Lanka a strategic ocean freight and passenger link between Asia and Europe.

image: Asia container shipping freight bulk tug

MOL Move Into Asian Tugboat Business

ASIA – JAPAN – VIETNAM - It is almost a year since our article on diversification forming a major part of the strategy of the worlds leading freight groups. In a natural extension of the activities for which they are better known i.e. container and bulk shipping, Mitsui OSK Line (MOL) have announced this week that they are getting into the tugboat business – in Vietnam.

image: Greece post panamax dry freight bulk carrier vessel charter fleet

Greek Group Reveals Charter Update Details

GREECE - Dry bulk cargoes specialist Diana Shipping Inc has added a new 2010 built, 93,000 dwt freight vessel to its fleet which, in addition to the new ship the Alcmene, first in the class for the firm, now includes fourteen Panamax and eight Capesize with two more vessels in excess of 200,000 tonnes under construction. Alcmene was formerly named the East Sunrise 88.

image: France Denmark container shipping line bulk logistics environment award box vessels

A.P. Moller - Maersk Achievements Recognised in Paris

FRANCE – DENMARK – This week the fourth annual European Business Awards held in Paris saw shipping group A.P. Moller – Maersk scoop the “Environmental Awareness Award” in recognition of their policies, strategies and innovations in the field. In common with many freight and logistics groups Maersk have shown themselves to be prepared to explore every avenue in an attempt to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment.

image: US Europe supply chain RFID freight warehouse transit

Next Generation RFID for Freight Items

EUROPE – Bologna based Datalogic Mobile, a global manufacturer of mobility solutions for retail applications is to coordinate a research project funded by the European Commission entitled SELECT (Smart and Efficient Location, Identification and Cooperation Techniques)which focuses on designing an automatic wireless system for identifying and detecting objects in real time within the supply chain. The idea is to produce a new generation of radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices which will upscale the availability of freight and retail items in warehouses and in transit.

image: Europe UK electric truck freight cargo congestion charge

Low Price and Minimal Running Costs will Appeal to Many

UK – EUROPE – An all electric delivery truck with a 300 mile range and 400 Kg payload for less than £11,000? Probably sounds too good to be true to many freight and trade companies looking for a light duty delivery vehicle for urban use; coupled with the added benefits of no congestion charges in cities such as London, no road fund licence in the UK and ‘fuel’ costs of 2 pence per mile this may be an offer too good to refuse.

image: UK freight groupage transport trade removals fraud money laundering full load

Kent Firm Boss Laundered Millions

UK – Convicted fraudster Stephen Court who was convicted in June after defrauding HMRC of £3.8 million now faces a further six years in gaol after a confiscation hearing last week reviewed the money he had laundered to fund his lifestyle. Court, aged 57, ran Kent removals firm Transmove located in Bean near Dartford shipping groupage and full loads of trade removals around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

image: Nigeria cargo freight oil facilities

Guerrilla Group Threaten More Attacks

NIGERIA – Following our piece yesterday regarding attacks on oil facilities in the Niger Delta authorities have now issued a maritime security alert concerning all shipping in the area, be it passenger or freight based. The rebel group MEND who oppose what they say is the theft of Nigeria’s oil by the government in collusion with overseas oil companies are reported to be readying for more attacks on the oil installations.

image: China airfreight cargo airlines freight

New Service to Start 'Within Two Months'

CHINA – The agreement signed in February between Air China and Cathay Pacific to establish a jointly owned cargo airline look about to come to fruition. The existing airfreight carrier Air China Cargo Co Ltd (ACC), previously a wholly owned subsidiary of Air China, has been split between the two companies with Cathay investing around $260 million for their share.

image: Greece shipping container dry bulk cargo

Paragon Still Make a Profit However

GREECE - Paragon Shipping Incorporated saw profits tumble but shares rise after presenting their third quarter figures this week. Operating an average just in excess of thirteen vessels the dry bulk and container operator pulled in a time charter figure of less than $23,000 per day compared to the $34,000 plus they achieved in the same period last year.

image: US Boeing China cargo airfreight freight

Country's Cargo Carrying Capacity Set to Treble

CHINA – US – Boeing lead the way in production of commercial airplanes and the US based company have been enthusiastically employing Chinese skills for some time in the production of the world’s fleets. Currently there are more than 5,700 Boeing airplanes flying throughout the world with parts and assemblies built by China. China has a role on all of the Boeing commercial airplane models – 737, 747, 767, 777, and the newest and most innovative airplane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

image: US container shipping line export cargo reefer box TEU

CMA CGM Adjust 'Black Pearl' Route as Demand Increases

US – SOUTH AMERICA – French container shipping line CMA CGM has extended its Black Pearl service to the West Coast of South America (Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Chile). The line say this is as a response to a growing cargo market demand for exports between the US and the West Coast South America, up 23.5% in 2010 compared to 2009) and between the US and the Caribbean which shows a 13.8% increase in the same period.


A Mixed Week For Shipping In Africa

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
image: Somalia freight shipping pirate oil rig

Good and Bad News from the Pirate Capital of the World

SOMALIA – NIGERIA - The African coast has seen more activity in the past few days with a gang of suspected pirates foiled, an oil facility raided, a fatality at sea and the release of high profile hostages in addition to the attacks detailed in our story of the 14th November. There are liable to be more questions than answers when each story is analysed and doubts as to the efficacy of security measures in the region to protect oil terminals as well as freight and passenger ships or fishing vessels and private yachts.

image: UK electric truck ocean air freight van logistics

Your Chance to try an Electric Commercial Vehicle

UK – Regular readers will know of our continued support for the use of greener technologies in air and ocean freight and particularly with the use of electric trucks which are developing constantly and now offer a genuine alternative for many companies and organisations prepared to step up and put them to the test. Now interested parties in the North East will have a chance to evaluate making the switch, courtesy of Smiths Electric Vehicles, manufacturers of the Edison Transit based van and Newton trucks which range up to 12 tonnes.

image: US freight pallets cargo shipment airfreight unit load device supply chain solutions

Parent Company Buys IFCO Systems

US - Brambles Limited, the parent company of CHEP, announced the planned acquisition of IFCO Systems, who supply and manage reusable plastic crates and containers (RPC’s) and cargo pallets in twenty three countries. The basis of the IFCO business is the management of a rental pool of in excess of 102 million RPC’s used throughout the world for the shipment of fresh fruit and vegetable products. CHEP of course are known internationally for their global pool of over 300 million pallets and Brambles feel the two businesses will prove mutually advantageous.


Dire Warning Over Shipping's Fuel Future

Monday, November 15, 2010
image: Singapore shipping bulk cargo ocean freight sulphur

90% Sulphur Reduction Needs Attention Now

SINGAPORE - Speaking at the Singapore International Bunkering Conference (SIBCON), the world’s largest bunker fuel conference, Maersk Oil Trading’s Niels Henrik Lindegaard gave a keynote speech warning that shipping companies and regulators must work together now to prepare for future IMO sulphur regulation or face potentially crippling costs. If the industry doesn’t immediately begin researching the safest, most sensible ways to meet the strict sulphur emission reductions the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has planned for 2015 and 2020, economic problems await said Lindegaard.

image: US Colombia freight airfreight cargo

DoT Secretary Welcomes Colombia as Open Skies Partner

US – COLOMBIA – Last week U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood welcomed Colombia as the United States’ 100th Open-Skies partner when representatives of the two countries reached agreement to liberalize U.S.-Colombia airfreight and passenger services for the airlines of both countries. Once full Open Skies takes effect at the end of 2012, airlines from the United States and Colombia will be allowed to select routes, destinations and prices for both passenger and cargo service based on consumer demand and market conditions.


FTA Backs Scottish Rail Freight Strategy

Monday, November 15, 2010
image: Scotland rail freight container feeder service

Bid to Increase Country's Exports Welcomed - with Reservations

SCOTLAND – This week the Freight Transport Association (FTA) came out in support of Network Rail’s Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS) for Scotland’s railways which it believes will go some way to boosting the country’s performance as a net exporter of goods allowing for more freight-friendly rail movements, connecting Scotland with England and the rest of Europe. As is usual however the FTA are looking for a government commitment to invest in the recommendations to ensure success.

image: China Germany project freight forwarding cargo heavy lift

German Companies Cooperate in Major Shipment

GERMANY – CHINA - Rickmers-Linie and Kühne & Nagel cooperated in moving the latest stage of a contract to ship sixteen rail mounted cranes for the Chinese Ministry of Railways. Due to arrive at Xingang on the 24th November the three rail-mounted cranes manufactured by Kirow AG left the Wallmann terminal in Hamburg, which specialises in the handling of out-of-gauge, heavy lift and project cargo, at the end of September aboard the Rickmers Jakarta.

image: Somalia pirate attack freight chemical tanker cargo freighter India

Panamanian Flagged Ships Seized in Indian Ocean

SOMALIA – INDIA -The spate of attacks on freight and passenger vessels alike continued this week with the seizure of the Panamanian flagged MV Hannibal ll in the Indian Ocean at a point between Salalah in Oman and Male in the Maldives. The 24,105 tonne chemical tanker was carrying vegetable oils from Pasir Gudang toward Suez at the time. The master of the vessel reported that he had been attacked and boarded by pirates in an area some 860 nautical miles East of The Horn of Africa illustrating once again that the settled weather and use of ‘mother ships’ is enabling attacks far from the pirates home bases.

image: Sweden wine spirit beer freight forwarding distribution logistics

Hillebrand Expand Through Acquisition

SWEDEN – GERMANY – Mainz based wines and spirits logistics specialist J F Hillebrand have strengthened their distribution capabilities in Scandinavia by buying up Stockholm-based Lagena Distribution AB, the leading distributor of alcoholic beverages in Sweden. Since its formation in 1994, Lagena Distribution AB has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Systembolaget AB, the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly. In April 2010, Systembolaget’s Board took the decision to sell Lagena Distribution, as part of an effort to increase the focus on core operations.

image: Israel cargo air freight

Government Advised to Attain Global Standards

ISRAEL – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Director General and CEO Giovanni Bisignani didn’t mince words when he called on Israeli Transport Minister Israel Katz last week to utilise global standards to shore-up the country’s air transport sector. Bisignani made specific comments on safety, security and infrastructure. Bisignani urged Israel to speed up its exit from Category 2 of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) saying that remaining an IASA category 2 nation was a “national embarrassment” and costly for the financial health of Israel’s native carriers. Bisignani said:

image: UK IMO bulk freight vessels life saving Panamax

IMO Issue Mandatory Rules For Life Saving Devices

UK - IMO, the International Maritime Organization, is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. The organization has just announced that the 2010 edition of Life - Saving Appliances is now available. This publication includes the latest consolidated versions of the mandatory International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code, the Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-Saving Appliances and the Code of Practice for the Evaluation, Testing and Acceptance of Prototype Novel Life-Saving Appliances and is an essential guidance aid for all ship owners and operators from Post Panamax bulk carriers to fishing vessels.

image: Japan container shipping truck carrier CO2 emissions box fleet

New Low Friction Coating Reduces CO2 Emissions

JAPAN – Almost every week we report on yet another attempt by the major ocean freight carriers to reduce fuel consumption and thereby lower CO2 emissions. Mitsui OSK are one of the companies who are never afraid to innovate in the name of improved performance (and a greener public profile). Now the Japanese box carrier has trialled a new product on one of their fleet of car carriers with impressive results.

image: US freight truckers alcohol locks drunk driving

And None Too Soon

US – WORLDWIDE – It is over a year since we first wrote on the subject of devices designed to completely eliminate the global evil that is drunk driving, an unnecessary problem that kills over 10,000 people in the United States alone every year. At the time there was speculation that governments lacked the political will to make such devices a compulsory feature on all new vehicles and only in Scandinavia did it seem that this would be the case.

image: Asia logistics supply chain TEU ocean freight forwarding airfreight

New Recruit for Damco

ASIA – Logistics arm of Danish shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk has appointed Alain Ventura as its Country Manager for Malaysia and Singapore. In his new role Mr Ventura will be based in Singapore and take over responsibility for all aspects of the logistics and freight forwarding business in the two regions reporting directly to Tony Hotine, Chief Executive Officer for Damco in Asia Pacific.

image: UK container shipping line project freight forwarding supply chain logistics

OOCL to Support BIFA Celebrations

UK – The British International Freight Association (BIFA) have signed up Hong Kong based Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) to be sponsors of this years BIFA Freight Service Awards 2010 in the Project Forwarding Category. OOCL join a positive who’s who of Premier League companies who will sponsor in eight other categories, and appropriately enough this years host is a direct connection to the actual Premier League in the person of former football referee, TV pundit and newspaper columnist, Graham Poll, one of the best known and most experienced English referees of all time.


EU hits Air Freight Cargo Cartel As Expected

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
image: Europe air cargo freight carriers cartel anti trust

Billion Dollar Fines Across the Sector

EUROPE – In an horrific league table of disaster the European Commission announced the penalties it will impose on the air freight cargo carriers found guilty of collusion and, as predicted, the figure came to almost €800 million. The Commission found that the carriers coordinated their action on surcharges for fuel and security without discounts over a six year period. The fines were collectively one of the highest penalties ever imposed by the EU since its inception.

image: Somalia freight pirate warship attack bulk carrier

Hostages Used as Shields During Incident

SOMALIA – The increase in pirate activity around the African East coast continues with news that a gang had the audacity to launch an attack on a Spanish warship this week. Meanwhile came a report that a South African yachtsman, who yesterday escaped capture by pirates when he refused to cooperate with their demands, was this afternoon transferred to South African authorities in Mombasa, Kenya.

image: Denmark TEU box traffic container shipping line

Good Q3 Maersk Figures Anticipated

DENMARK – AP Moller Maersk, owners of Maersk Line, the largest container ship operator in the world will issue its third quarter figures on Wednesday and industry analysts are openly expecting a return to more profitable times. With other box shippers presenting figures which have exceeded expectations against the previous years results a higher profit forecast for the year is widely expected.

image: Somalia freight merchant vessel pirate

EU NAVFOR Score Victories - but Kidnappings Continue

SOMALIA – SEYCHELLES – Notable victories for the EU NAVFOR Somalia force this week with the warship SPS Galicia supported by a Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) able to locate and disrupt two groups of pirates in Kenyan waters. After two attacks on a merchant vessel on the 2nd November the Galicia, which was patrolling the shipping lanes some 75 miles distant was able to answer the distress calls and intercept two skiffs with eleven suspected pirates aboard.

image: Switzerland ocean freight forwarding airfreight anti trust cargo

Panalpina Say New Services and General Upturn Have Helped Profits

SWITZERLAND – Freight forwarding group Panalpina have released third quarter figures which they claim out pace the general freight market trend. The company recorded strong volume growth with a 27% increase in Airfreight and a 16% increase in Ocean Freight year-on-year compared to industry averages they put at 24-25% in air and 12-13% in ocean freight respectively.

image: South Africa shipping container line Panamax box TEU cargo crane

Post Panamax Giant to Call at Durban Tomorrow

SOUTH AFRICA – Ironically it is land locked Switzerland that is the home to the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) the second largest container shipping line in the world in terms of TEU capacity, and the 5th November will see one of the world’s largest box carriers arrive at the Port of Durban on her maiden voyage into South African waters when the MSC Maeva becomes the biggest vessel ever to dock in the country.

image: IATA FIATA airfreight air cargo freight forwarders shipper supply chain

TIACA, IATA, FIATA and GSF commit to form industry advisory group

WORLD WIDE - The largest air freight bodies have joined together to present a united front to regulatory authorities globally and ensure their views carry the maximum weight. Michael Steen, Vice Chairman of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) on behalf of the Chairman, Des Vertannes, Global Head of Cargo of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Jean-Claude Delen, President of FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations,, and Peter J. Gatti, Executive Vice President of the U.S. based shipper organization, The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) speaking on behalf of the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) have signed a letter of intent committing to work towards the formation of an industry advisory group facilitated by TIACA to ensure the air cargo industry has a strong, unified voice.

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Control System Compliance Date Moves Closer

EUROPE – After the concerns expressed by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) covered in our story two days ago over the introduction of the introduction of the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) comes news for those operators worried by the implementation of the new ICS (Import Control System) on the 1st January 2011 as French company MGI (Marseille Gyptis International ) tell us all freight forwarders and shipping agents, fleet owners, NVOCC operators and importers can use their M-customs solutions package to ensure they comply.

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Established I o M Operator Rails Against New Service

UK – Subsequent to our story on the 23rd October regarding a new container shipping service to and from the Isle of Man, and how it might affect the current RoRo ferry trade operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, the latter have issued a statement in which they are extremely critical of the authorities after operating under a controlled agreement for many years.

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Electronic Addition to any Modern Commercial Vehicle will Save Fuel

UK - A new fuel-saving device designed to put the brakes on ‘heavy right-footed’ drivers is now available on all Mercedes-Benz vans and trucks. Called ‘ExcelArate’, and developed by specialist firm Zeta Automotive in partnership with Mercedes-Benz UK, the device works by simply limiting the performance of unladen commercial vehicles. Empty running is of course the scourge of the freight haulier and the system is likely to attract some attention as cargo carriers look to improve their environmental credentials.

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Refcon System Monitors Temperature Automatically

SOUTH AFRICA - In a first for Sub-Saharan Africa ports, South African port operator Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) has implemented the world class Refcon system at its Cape Town terminal to remotely carry out temperature checks on reefer shipping containers. Previously reefers were manually checked by operators at intervals of four hours. In addition, shipping lines carried out their own “shadow monitoring” twice daily. Faults and breakdowns were only identifiable during the monitoring times.


US Waterborne Freight Schemes Under Way

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
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California Green Trade Corridor is a First Step to Nationwide System

US – In April we wrote of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s intent to stimulate freight shipment by short sea and inland waterway routes with the ambitious Marine Highway Project and October saw an important development in bringing the vision of more environmentally friendly movement of cargo around America.

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New System Needs More Testing to Avoid Potential Problems

UK – Europe – The United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) believes that the introduction of the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) which has been developed to capture and process information relating to all movements of excise goods in duty suspension within the European Union, has the potential to paralyse the shipment of such freight around the UK and throughout Europe.

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QR National Puts Faith in China

AUSTRALIA – Rail freight giant QR National whose specialist bulk freight subsidiary ARG recently signed a contract with QGC Pty the coal seam gas explorer to ship 260,000 tonnes of pipework in the next ten months are to expand their locomotive fleet with the purchase of six C44ACi units from UGL Limited.

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