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October 2009

image: Port Management Group Volumes Tilbury Container Services bulk liquid cargo volumes

Mixed Results for Forth Ports in Trade and Countrywide Statistics

UK – Edinburgh based Forth Ports plc published full year figures yesterday for its combined operations which whilst unsurprising were pronounced as “satisfactory” by the groups management. Forth, who own and operate seven ports nationwide, announced throughput at their Tilbury Container Services operation down 22% and in Grangemouth the reduction was 11%.

image: logistics

Integrated service to improve supply efficiency

EUROPE - Kuehne + Nagel has been selected by Valeo Service, a producer of components and modules for vehicles, as its preferred partner for inbound road logistics shipments in Europe. The new agreement means K + N will be responsible for a complex supply chain operation that will tie together a multiplicity of diverse suppliers and producers.

image: Air freight

New services for new markets on Irish trade

IRELAND – News that Air Asia X - the low-cost long haul arm of Malaysian carrier Air Asia – has increased frequencies and included a new destination to its winter 2009 schedule has been greeted warmly by its Irish cargo agent IAM.

image: US Highway Authorities Freight Truck gross weight American Trucking Association Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez rigs

Administrator say he is “Neutral” on Axle Weight Increases

US – Reports just in that the American Trucking Association, who have lobbied long and hard for a review of US truck weights, have been snubbed by the Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez who apparently says he has better road based plans to assist the nations economy . It is hard to imagine what he means as the very reason for reconsidering truck loads is to reduce vehicle numbers and carry more freight efficiently.

image: Rail, RFG

First Spanish - UK run on time

EUROPE - The successful first run of a refrigerated freight train service from Spain to the UK via the channel tunnel has been hailed as a step in the right direction by the head of the Rail Freight Group (RFG).


Thai Air Freight Now in ACCC Spotlight

Friday, October 30, 2009
image: ACCC

Prosecution launched against another airline

AUSTRALIA / THAILAND - The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) investigation into air freight rates price fixing is to be extended even further with the announcement on Thursday that the organisation was implementing proceedings against Thai Airways International.

image: US Rail Freight Norfolk Southern Corporation Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp BNSF container shipping lines railcars hauliers George Soros

Wabtec Figures Show “Filter Down” Effect of Freight Hauliers Problems

US – The latest set of figures from the Wabtec Corporation, the Pennsylvania based marine supply to transit business, show the trickle down effects of the recession via the US rail freight industry. Wabtec are key suppliers of heavy equipment to the freight carriers including locomotives, freight cars and maintenance services. Investors supposedly number George Soros amongst them and the company has shown an average growth by over a third annually for the past five consecutive years.

image: Container Shipping Lines China Cosco carrier MOL NYK Maersk CMA CGM Neptune Orient APL shippers NOL

Neptune Orient Confirm Fourth Period of Downward Spiral

SINGAPORE – After China Cosco Asia’s most valuable regional carrier confirmed a $100 million loss they have now been joined by Neptune Orient Lines, group owners of APL, whose $35 million profit for the corresponding period last year appears to have slumped to a loss of almost $140 million for the past quarter.

image: PD ports

Environmental report O.K.’s construction

UK – PD Ports has received formal consent from the Marine and Fisheries Agency (MFA) for its plans to redevelop the QEII berth at Teesport so as to support MGT Power’s Tees Renewable Energy Plant.

image: Freight Passenger transport  swine flu Canada US Mexico Italy France Sweden Germany UK public service vehicle operators

Governments Fear Freight and Passenger Movements Could Slow or Stop

After the outbreak of A(H1N1) virus last spring in Mexico a carpet of fear about the disease seems to be about to spread across the Northern hemisphere. The Canadian government yesterday requested that all public service vehicle operators allow any passengers reporting to them with the disease be allowed to rebook trips without penalty, in an attempt to prevent the virus spreading during the coming winter.

image: Volvo Suzuki  Honda Hindenburg Hydrogen Fuel cell UK Canada Calgary ACAL Intelligent Energy

New Developments all Point to a Cleaner Future

WORLDWIDE – This month has seen a rush of developments toward the Holy Grail of freight and commercial transport, the clean, mean cheaper machine. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell, long lauded as the new superhero and saviour of the planet, seems to be developing nicely, and with names like Volvo, Suzuki and Honda in the frame this week, its time to sit up and take notice. Most interesting however, are a couple of less well known names from the UK and Canada. ACAL Energy, based in Cheshire are claiming this week that they have achieved record power output levels in the laboratory with their kilowatt-scale demonstrator which they say will lead to cell development and eventual replacement of many of the worlds conventional internal combustion engines. The company is devoted to production of engines exceeding 1kW using their patented catalysts resulting in a system which is 90% platinum free.


IATA Slams UK Governments ADP Policy

Thursday, October 29, 2009
image: IATA

Recovery for air industry ‘far too early to call’

GENEVA - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned that though figures in the air industry show a year-on-year improvement from September 2008 compared to the same month this year, this is far from a definite sign of an improvement in the industry. The figures, according to IATA’s Director General and CEO Giovanni Bisignani, are deceptive due to the exceptional weakness of trade in September of last year.

image: Truck Plane Technology US train driver New Zealanders UK cell phone text Hudson River helicopter crash

Safety Moves World Wide to Prevent More Driver Initiated Accidents

US – NEW ZEALAND – UK – Just about everybody today who takes responsibility for the control of a vehicle, be it freight train, HGV truck or passenger plane takes some sort of extraneous personal technology with them. A cell phone, a laptop these are common to most drivers on highways and skies across all first world countries. What is different is the vast panoply of laws applicable to such devices across the globe. What is considered personal choice in one place is perceived as madness in another. We have written before on the differing views held by US states and truck drivers when it comes to cab messaging in the big rigs which move from state to state.


Highwaymen Target Chinese Haulage Trucks

Thursday, October 29, 2009
image: Robbery

Sword wielding gangs threaten drivers

CHINA – An old problem is sweeping the Chinese haulage industry. According to local media reports, a wave of armed robberies is taking place across the east and south of the nation as highwaymen armed with swords are hijacking trucks and stealing their cargoes.

image: Chinese Carriers freight rates TEU line Piraeus Hong Kong Shanghai CCSL Cosco Pacific Hutchinson Port Holdings Singapore Group PSA International Pte China Shipping Container terminals cargo

Economy of Scale Shows its Downside as Shipping Demand Sinks

CHINA – Reality bit this week for two more of Asia’s market leaders. Cosco Pacific and China Shipping Container Lines both posted figures showing substantial last period declines. Cosco, responsible for more than twenty container terminals in the region, joined with its two larger competitors, Hong Kong based Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd and Singapore Group PSA International Pte, in producing results which demonstrate the depths which cargo levels have fallen to. The group, also based in Hong Kong showed a profit fall of almost 50% in Q3 against the previous year.

image: Truck Volvo Mack U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) North American Trucks (NAT) Irish Truck of the Year 2010

New Company North America Trucks will Market Both as Demand Rises

US – After Volvo Trucks AB posted a smaller loss last week than originally anticipated, it has announced sweeping changes to its management system in the country whilst maintaining its two main commercial vehicle names. Both US Volvo and Mack trucks keep their badges and separate identities, but a new company, North American Trucks (NAT) will begin trading as from New year’s day 2010.The move is intended to streamline administration but both vehicle brands will continue to be marketed by independent sales teams.

image: Commercial Shipping Registration lines Paris MOU ship vessel maersk Isle of Man St. Kitts & Nevis International Ship Registry SKANReg Indian Register of Shipping

Or- What Flag is it This Week?

WORLDWIDE – The story we ran recently of the tax advantages offered by registering vessels in the Faroe Island offers only a glimpse into the murky waters of flagging in some of the world’s more obscure countries. Shipping lines have long favoured the more exotic and far flung parts of the world for registering their fleets, principally dependent upon tax regimes and ship regulation.

image: carbon

Carbon emissions to be cut 39%

BRUSSELS - The European Commission today proposed a tough new law to cut average CO2 emissions from vans. Under new legislation the European vehicle industry will need to improve its van emission by 2016 or else face fines for excessive emissions.


Mystery Pirate Ship Back at Malta

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
image: pirates

Arctic Sea to be returned to owners this week

MALTA – According to a statement from the Malta Maritime Authority the MV Arctic Sea is to be handed back over to its owners outside Maltese territorial waters later this week.

image: Bridge

Grants for Humber bridge angers Welsh members

UK – A leading UK trade body, the Freight Transport Association (FTA), has accused the British government of hypocrisy due to a recent decision announced by Transport Minister Sadiq Khan that £6million was to be granted to the Humber Bridge Company whilst proposed reforms for the Severn Crossing have been ignored.

image: Faroe ship register vessel bareboat tax Ministry of Trade and Industry International Maritime Organisation (IMO) tonnage

Scandinavian Scheme Designed to Save Vessel Owners Money

FAROE ISLANDS – The Faroe Islands International Ship Register (FAS) was created in 1992 but never marketed aggressively until now. There appear to be clear tax advantages to vessel owners who subscribe to the scheme including a 100% refund of tax contributions from crew income back to the shipowners.

image: DP World London Gateway container port East of England Regional Assembly Development Agency TEN-T Trans-European Transport Network Gilson infrastructure ships vessel tanker Finding Nemo Disney Coryton Shell Haven carriers Environment Agency TEU

Funds from Europe Available for Controversial Dredging Operation

UK – The proposed DP World London Gateway container port received a boost this week when East of England Regional Assembly and East of England Development Agency announced that £12.7 million has been made available to fund the deepening of the Thames estuary to allow access for the largest of container ships. The cash comes from TEN-T Trans-European Transport Network whose purpose is to establish a single cohesive multi modal European transport infrastructure. Approval for the new £400 million port, with a scheduled throughput of 3.5 million TEU’s per annum, was given in 2006 but since then the world has turned.

image: Iraq

New feeder service start of full operation

IRAQ – Maersk Line are to begin a feeder service from Jebel Ali in the UAE to Umm Qasr, Iraq from the first week of November. The move is expected to be followed by expansion into inland freight and reefer services in the near future.

image: USA

Set standard for new ‘green’ technologies

USA – The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), an independent non-profit organisation which aims to promote the better use of resources, has announced they are combining with members of the US trucking fraternity to create a new conference forum to help improve the industry’s energy efficiency.

image: Australian New Zealand Ports Container Shipping in Port Botany Port of Tauranga DP World Patrick Asciano Australian Amalgamated Terminals Consumer Commission docker stevedore terminal

As Traffic Levels Shrink Intermodal Developments Continue Apace

AUSTRALIA – NEW ZEALAND – The countries port operators are in a battle to develop and maintain facilities in a market which is currently shrinking, yet which they view as potentially profitable enterprises as freight levels recover. In Sydney both the DP World and Patrick handling terminals in Port Botany have come in for bitter criticism from the Sydney Ports Corporation for what is perceived as abysmal service levels with major delays to trucks. Work continues there apace however on the development of the third terminal with news that the first dock buttresses are now in place to support the new quay which will provide a 1.85 kilometre long loading and discharge wharf.

image: RZD

New technology promises to improve CIS and Baltic trade

UZBEKISTAN – In a speech opening the start of the Council for Rail Transport of the CIS and Baltic countries in Tashkent today the president of Russian Railways (RZD), Vladimir Yakunin, struck an upbeat tone on the state of rail freight and, by extension, trade throughout the region.

image: Truck Alcohol Locks digital tachographs speed cameras lorries buses Ignition Alcolock vehicles Sweden France

No One Will be Able to Drink and Drive

WORLDWIDE NEWS – Currently, in the UK at least, there is no compulsion for anyone to fit a device into an HGV or any other truck to prevent the driver moving away whilst over the alcohol limit – yet. However in this age of digital tachographs, speed cameras et al. perhaps this is one imposition that should be made on the freedom of, at the very least, commercial vehicle drivers. From next year Sweden will require Alcohol Ignition Locks or Alcolocks, as they are known, to be fitted to all lorries and buses and from 2012 to all new vehicles. Already 50,000 vehicles in the country are so equipped.

image: Belfast

First direct route from Northern Ireland to US and Canada

BELFAST / MONTREAL / BALTIMORE – American-based Trans Atlantic Liner Services (TALS), a break bulk and specialized ro-ro operator, have announced that they plan to begin a new service between Belfast, Montreal and Baltimore from next month.

image: Chile

Sweet deal for 3PL provider

CHILE - Nestlé Chile has chosen Kuehne + Nagel as its exclusive contract logistics service provider to manage the company’s national distribution centres. Kuehne + Nagel will be responsible for warehousing and distribution services for the range of Nestlé products in the country.

image: European Truck Makers Sweden Volvo Mack Nissan Diesel Renault Scania vehicles

Scania Follow Volvo with Better than Expected Figures

SWEDEN – After Volvo posted figures last week showing a nett loss for the third quarter of around $420 million, fellow countrymen at Scania followed suit yesterday but showing a nett profit for the same period of around $40 million. Despite dropping by almost 85% from the same period last year, management at Scania, like their rival colleagues the previous week, were comparatively upbeat.

image: Charter Shipping Groups Hapag-Lloyd Peter Döhle Schiffahrts KG container bulk carriers vessels ships

Financial Crisis Comes Home for Shipowners

GERMANY – Confirmation of the rumours which abounded last week that the country’s fleet owners are struggling in the current poor economic times. Companies, which for years have traditionally invested in container and bulk carriers to be leased on to the lines for charters worldwide, have now found their revenue streams shrinking in the light of new negotiations with hirers.

image: Japanese Bulk Container Ship Zero Emission Electric Ferry patrol work boats cape size bulk carriers IHIMU-ZEEPS Zero Pollution Vessel new builds carbon dioxide nitrous oxide emissions Japan Tokyo Kure Yokohama

Propulsion Experts Seek to Build Zero Pollution Vessel

JAPAN – Since 2006 the diesel electric contra rotating system produced by IHI Marine United of Tokyo have powered six marine vessels and the company have eight more on the order book. The considerable reductions these units achieve in fuel consumption and noxious carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions are not the ultimate goal for the company, which has shipyards in Yokohama and Kure.


Antitrust Is The New Airfreight Buzzword

Monday, October 26, 2009
image: Antitrust American Airlines (AA), British Airways (BA) Iberia airfreight cargo fuel surcharge Australian Competition and Consumer Commission European Union competition commissioner Cathay, Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines Emirates Qantas US Korea South Africa

Confusion Reigns as Past Transgressions Haunt New Alliances

WORLDWIDE – Statements in the Australian Courts last week only serve to promote more consternation and concern amongst the world’s airlines. With $1.6 billion in fines already levied globally for price fixing, all parties are on their toes when it comes to new agreements such as the proposed tie up between American Airlines (AA), British Airways (BA) and Iberia. The response to a statement of objection to the partnership from the EU regulator on the 2nd October saw share prices drop and this weeks comments that the airlines involved may have to forfeit valuable take off and landing slots to allow the alliance to go ahead.

image: Panalpina

Still strong after 15 years

SWITZERLAND / USA - The global forwarding and logistics group Panalpina and its long-time airline partner Atlas Air have renewed their cooperation agreement which sees the two companies utilise both their respective strengths.

image: BIFA

Negative response from haulage representatives

UK – Proposed increases to the UK’s fuel tax system have been met with criticism from trade bodies and representatives who argue that further taxation on the haulage industry will force already struggling companies into insolvency.

image: pirates

Forum to discuss issues and find solutions

DUBAI – A conference to discuss strategies to counter the rise in piracy, particularly off the Somali coast, is to be held in Dubai between the 6th and 8th of December. The event is being organised to assist in improving cooperation between both commercial interests such as shipping lines and government organisations, primarily the navies and coast guards who are attempting to stem the increase in global piracy.

image: East Asian Community Logistics Infrastructure Australia, New Zealand India Japan Asian Free Trade Association customs Preah Vihear Thaksin Shinawatra Hun Sen Cambodia Dawei Tavoy Mynamar Kanchaburi Thailand HUA HIN Cha am

Working Groups to Examine Economic “Cooperation” and Customs Provisions

HUA HIN - THAILAND – After a generally successful Asean summit here the meeting closed on Saturday with an agreement for four working groups to study the feasibility of a free economic zone involving all the major nations in the region. The studies will look at Customs procedures and duties, origin of goods matters including a standardisation of export labelling and economic proximities.


Port of Immingham Bucks the Trend

Monday, October 26, 2009
image: ABP

ABP opens new bulk handling warehouse

UK - Associated British Ports’ (ABP) Port of Immingham has opened a brand-new £4 million warehouse to answer increased demand for the handling of bulk products at the port. The facility is designed to store a wide range of bulk products including grain, animal feed, fertiliser and biomass products.


Trucking Tolls And Tonnage A US Update

Sunday, October 25, 2009
image: Tolls Tonnage freight operators import container haulage fuel maintenance American Trucking Association (ATA) drayage haulage Wyoming America’s Recovery Capital ARC U.S. Small Business Administration

The Situation in the American Truck Industry This Month

US – An examination of the market this week concludes that very little has changed with regard to the situation facing American freight operators with import container haulage appearing to have stabilised and even improved in some regions. General drayage operations also remain pretty static and a recently published survey by the American Trucking Association (ATA) confirms these findings.


Rail Union Warns of Potential Strike Action

Saturday, October 24, 2009
image: Rail

Claims that operator threatened total redundancies

UK – The UK’s rail services are under the threat of strike action due to a row that has exploded between the track and infrastructure operator, Network Rail, and the workers Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT).

image: Rail Freight Terminal Southend on Sea Pier London Airport cargo sidings intermodal Passengers Olympics Visitors road freight

New Station to Handle Passengers for Olympics Visitors Flying In

ESSEX – ENGLAND – Further to our story of two days ago London Southend Airport were quick to deny all allegations that the site was being developed for an intermodal handling facility by the Stobart Group who have acquired the site. In a statement to the Handy Shipping Guide Mr Alistair Welch, the airports Managing Director said,

image: Marshall Islands, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Nauru, the Cook Islands States of Micronesia Trade Office discussions Brisbane Australia Fiji aviation Simon Crean Ratu Inoke Kubuabola

Vanuatu to get Trade Office Funded by Australia and New Zealand

AUSTRALIA – The quest for a form of pan Pacific free trade agreement closed here yesterday with both positive and negative points on display. The finalisation of a full agreement is expected by many industry observers to take up to five years and beginning talks, whilst ostracising one of the sixteen nations involved, is not an ideal way to start a party. The agreement envisaged, known as PACER plus, may rapidly become PACER minus unless Fiji’s relations with its neighbours improves as agreements develop.

image: UK Freight Forwarders British International Freight Association (BIFA) Section 33 Immigration, Asylum Nationality (Ian) Act 2006 Intra European Freight Trade Shippers consignment data

Government Concedes to BIFA that Security Data Provision Unnecessary

UK – The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has been told by the Government’s Home Office and UK Border Agency (UKBA) that there will be major concessions to the relevant Act of Parliament which will allow the continuation of free intra European trade without the need for shippers and freight forwarding agents to provide excess freight consignment data on a routine basis.

image: Laomaailm Estonian transport logistics Cubical KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA warehouse PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd SICHUA – CHINA – Chengdu A P Moller-Maersk Tianfu TOKYO JAPAN  Mitsui OSK Lines China Shipping Group US BRUSSELS BELGIUM Association des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobiles India Asia Motor Works Hindustan Motors Shandong Shifeng Canada Halifax Stanfield International Airport

An Update on Some Smaller Transport Related Items World Wide

ESTONIA – Reports in that the troubled Laomaailm, Estonian transport and logistics group have been deserted by key staff who have immediately set up their own company to be called Cubical. Recent cuts due to the group’s turnover plummeting by around 40% last year meant half the workforce had already been laid off. The CEO plus other senior managers are involved in the new venture whose staff deny they will be in competition with their previous employers.

image: Association of South East Asian Nations China India Japan South Korea Australia New Zealand Mynamar Cambodia Thaksin ASEAN imports exports trade

Trade and Political Rows Brew up Between Nations Ahead of Conference

CHA AM – THAILAND – The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) will begin their postponed summit on Friday in an extremely tense atmosphere. The original April meeting did not take place due to the political protests in Pattaya. Now trade disputes over the shipping of exports and imports between invited guests India and China will add an unwelcome frisson to the conference.

image: Khorfakkan Freight Container Terminal Liebherr Sharjah United Arab Shipping Company quay port shipping gantries Momentum Logistics Gulftainer

Sharjah’s Major Port Defies Shipping Downturn and Invests in the Future

KHORFAKKAN – SHARJAH – UAE – Gulftainer, the UAE based port management group who run the Sharjah and Khorfakkan Container Terminals, continued their investment and expansion programme this week with the arrival of two further container gantries from Liebherr and two more due in December.

image: Australian Rail Freight Victoria State Transport Minister Lynne Kosky Mildura Donald Intermodal Terminal GTS Freight Management fork lift truck goods pallet Regional Infrastructure Development Fund tonnage agricultural commodities

Victoria’s Trains Can Handle Extra Cargo Whilst Local Firm In Safety Award Final

VICTORIA – AUSTRALIA - State Transport Minister Lynne Kosky said today she was confident that the states crumbling rail network could handle the extra tonnage likely to be produced by a bumper grain harvest this year. A$73 million had already been spent in upgrading the Mildura rail line as reported here in August and Ms Kosky is certain that the existing rolling stock will be sufficient to cope whilst regional improvements are made. The Victorian State Government has already promised A$463,000 to upgrade the Donald Intermodal Terminal to enable the handling of more agricultural commodities.

image: Australian Toll Holdings Group Logistics New Zealand freight forwarding ELG Footwork Express warehouse transport Japanese Chinese importers exporters

New Zealand Acquisition adds to Transport Portfolio

AUSTRALIA – In media releases today Toll Holdings announced that it had acquired the assets of one of the largest New Zealand freight forwarding companies, Express Logistics Group (ELG). In a A$50 million move Toll have added the twelve ELG branches, which span the US as well as Australia and its home country, to the group which already boasts a network of over 700 locations in fifty plus countries around the world.


Bath Police Crack Down on Haulage Operators

Thursday, October 22, 2009
image: Bath

Deliveries only rule sees enforcement

UK – In response to the complaints of aggrieved local businesses and residents police in Bath are clamping down on haulage drivers who defy the 7.5 tonne weight limits in the city centre.

image: Smiths

Smith Electric wins another customer

UK - Leading soft drinks retailer AG Barr is taking carbon emissions out of its distribution operations in London. The company is using a 10 tonne Smith Newton truck to deliver IRN BRU and other famous brands to retail outlets across the capital.

image: Britain Holland France Belgium shipping truck Sweden Gordon Brown trucking airfreight Long Beach Los Angeles New York Newark American Trucking Association ATA UN International Maritime Association (IMO) Danish Government  Cpoenhagen pollution Luxembourg

Can Industry Change Enough to Avert a Global Meltdown?

WORLDWIDE – As the worlds nations gear up to face the harsh realities of carbon reduction, the EU squabbles about money and Gordon Brown wrings his hands and tells anyone who will listen that the future is catastrophic, vested interests in the world of shipping, trucking and airfreight are all fighting to preserve their profits.


Paragon Shipping Win Three Year Charter

Thursday, October 22, 2009
image: Charter

Future rosy for bulk ship company

GREECE - Paragon Shipping announced today that it has entered into a new three year time charter contract with Bunge S.A., a global agribusiness concern.

image: Dempsey truckers truck drivers Minister of Transport Ireland Fianna Fáil Province UK Lithuania Poland Hungary Sweden Norway Romania Slovakia Czech Republic

Minister Wants To Realign Alcohol Levels With EU Partners

IRELAND – The nation’s truckers and private drivers are all watching the current row storming in Parliament as the fight to reduce the legal drink – drive limit with the bulk of the European Union continues. Drinking and driving is, as usual, a contentious subject in the country and the proposal by the Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, which he insists will become law, is meeting bitter opposition from his own Fianna Fáil backbenchers and some political opponents.

image: TBS shipping logistics multipurpose tweendeckers handysize handymax bulk carriers vessels ships Latin America China Japan South Korea North America Africa Caribbean Middle East heavy lift ships port services operations

TBS will ask Shareholders For Permission to Quit Bermuda

BERMUDA – The NASDAQ listed shipping group TBS, whose vessels range from bulk carriers to heavy lift ships and who offer port services and associated logistics operations, are intending to commence trading from Ireland having re-registered the company’s affairs currently TBS International plc as TBS – Ireland. Stock will still trade as ticker symbol “TBSI” assuming the approval of the Supreme Court of Bermuda and the stockholders, the Directors have approved the move unanimously.

image: Australia  Flinders island Freight Ferry Tasmanian transport Norse saga Graeme Sturges stock Southern Shipping

It’s Make or Break Time in the Tasmanian Transport Tangle

AUSTRALIA – Once again, like a fabled Norse tale from long ago, the classic story of unpaid bills, broken promises, threats and insults which emanates from the small community on Flinders Island is in the News. Well, tell the truth it never really disappeared. We have followed the dispute since the first day through desertion (the skipper skipped) and mutiny (the crew of the ferry went down the pub), shadowy figures with court appearances for allegations of previous ferry safety related offences, politicians hurling abuse across the Chamber.

image: Walvis Bay  Namibia  Port Container Handling Freight pollution Namibian Ports Authority NamPort Bisey Uirab Navis Zebra Enterprise Solutions bulk containerised TEU commodity tonnages ship cargo vessel stowage Botswana shipping lines

Investment in Technology as Freight Levels Rise and Pollution Worries Escalate

WALVIS BAY – NAMIBIA – The Namibian Ports Authority (NamPort) have invested a reported N$13.5 million in a NAVIS SPARCS N4 container terminal operating system from Navis, part of Zebra Enterprise Solutions. In April this year Namport appointed Mr Bisey Uirab as CEO and he made the announcement this week saying, “With this system in place, NamPort will enjoy benefits such as improved yard planning and control, enhanced vessel planning and control, as well as superior equipment control. It will enable NamPort to increase capacity, lower operating costs and improve customer service.”


Container Shipper Expands Asian Service

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
image: APL

APL to launch Japan-Thailand-Vietnam route

JAPAN / CHINA / VIETNAM /THAILAND - APL has announced it is to launch a new Japan-Thailand-Vietnam (JTV) service, which will further strengthen its Intra-Asia short sea network and better serve key manufacturing and consumption markets within Asia. The company plans to devote 3 vessels with a capacity of 1,200 TEU’s each.

image: MOL

Massive new ship to be constructed

JAPAN / CHINA – Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) today announced that MOL has become the first overseas ship-owner to sign a long-term iron ore transport contract with Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. of China. MOL will transport iron ore from Australia and Brazil to Jiangsu Shagang’s Ningbo facilities.


UPS Honours Woman Freight Truck Driver

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
image: UPS

Praise for 35 Years of accident free haulage

FLORIDA, USA – It’s a theme that rears its head on occasion in conversations between truck drivers – are women truckies up to the job? For those who believe not, then UPS driver Virginia ‘Ginny’ Odom certainly knocks the chauvinists’ arguments into a cocked hat.

image: Road Sea Air Freight C. H. Robinson haulage third party logistics 3PL LTL less than truck loads intermodal global decline

3PL Providers Statistics Demonstrate Recent Trends

US – WORLDWIDE – An analysis of the figures released yesterday by third party logistics management company C.H. Robinson can be interpreted as a summation of the current state of the global freight market. Robinson’s figures were, as expected, down across the board in all relevant sectors. Not, however, as bad as some had predicted and the breakdown of the individual components makes for interesting reading.


BAA To Sell Gatwick Airport

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
image: Gatwick

Appeal ongoing over Stansted and Scottish airports

UK – The British Airport Authority (BAA) has agreed to sell London Gatwick airport, the UK’s second busiest, for just over £1.5 billion to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), an investment fund manager that specialises in infrastructure assets and already owns London City airport.

image: Cross Channel Freight Traffic Truck France England UK M20 Kent Police Sea France NorfolkLine Ramsgate Boulogne Dover Dunkerque Speed Ferries Euroferries truckers hauliers shuttle vans operation stack rail

Reductions in Traffic Levels See Continuing War in Road versus Rail

FRANCE – ENGLAND – The news this week that freight traffic travelling via the rail borne truck shuttle operation under the Channel was down 36% between July and September compared to the equivalent period in 2008 came as no surprise to European hauliers. Eurotunnel SA announced the figures in Paris yesterday and seemed to indicate the problem was, at least in part, caused by the fire last September, a little hard to credit as they announced as long ago as February that services were again fully operational.

image: South Africa Targets Road Sea Freight Transport South African National Roads Agency African Union Conference of Ministers Responsible for Maritime Transport piracy European Union bloc Road Freight Association marine pollution

Development for 2010 FIFA World Cup Means Changes Ahead

SOUTH AFRICA – Ambitious plans to invest 13.6 billion Rand in the country’s transport infrastructure took another step forward this week with the news that the South African National Roads Agency raised R750 million in a bond auction according to its financiers. This means almost 13 million Rand has now been secured to pay for the transport improvements ahead of the FIFA 2010 Football World Cup.

image: Sierra Leone National Shipping Company cargo clearing freight forwarding Harrison Line Delta Airlines US Liberia Mano River Union Marine Training Institute Coulson Sickle Cell Foundation Ethiopian Airlines natural harbour

Sonnie John to Head Up State Run Agency

SIERRA LEONE - Mr James “Sonnie” John was been appointed by the Sierra Leone National Shipping Company as their new Deputy Managing Director last week. Mr John has experience with Harrison Line and Delta Airlines having graduated from the Mano River Union Marine Training Institute in Marshall, Liberia and completed a B.Sc. in Business, an Associate Degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

image: APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine Mitsui OSK Lines Maersk line TA1 TA2 TA3 Le Havre Antwerp New World Alliance TNWA container carriers freight cargo volumes ship vessels New York Savannah Miami

Lines Act to Deal with Excess Capacity

SINGAPORE – A press release today from the New World Alliance carrier group (TNWA) announced radical changes to the Trans Atlantic freight routes subject to approval from the authorities. The TNWA, container lines APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine and Mitsui OSK Lines have been exchanging space with Maersk line to alleviate some of the problems caused by the shrinking of cargo volumes.

image: Air Freight

MASkargo looking at bigger freighters

MALAYSIA – It what is rapidly becoming the theme of the week (see here for previous stories) another Asian airline has confirmed that they are seriously considering expanding their air freight operations in the belief that this particular sector will recover profitability soon.

image: Textainer HSH Nordbank TEU Trencor Services pty Container Lease Amphibious Container Leasing Limited (Amficon) dry freight boxes flat racks open tops

Textainer Purchases 31,000 Units from AMFICON

BERMUDA – Textainer Group Holdings Ltd, who own or manage 2.3 million TEU’s worldwide, have announced that at the beginning of the month they transferred ownership of 31,000 containers which they had been managing for UK based Amphibious Container Leasing Limited (Amficon) to increase the ownership portion of their fleet.

image: Konecranes Materials Handling UK Britain Finland Morris Loughborough East Kilbride

Reduced Demand Means Consolidation to Cut Costs

UK – FINLAND – Despite new orders throughout the group Finnish owned Konecranes are to close their Loughborough based crane manufacturing plant and move the operation to East Kilbride, Scotland. The action is part of an overall slimming down of the group in tough economic times.

image: Kenworth Peterbilt T440 PACCAR PX 8 diesel electric trucks lorries vans drayage haulage Cummins T740

Class 7 and 8 Models will Suit Home Haulage Market

US – Kenworth and Peterbilt, both PACCAR owned companies, have revealed details of their new model trucks this week. Although the two share some similarities they are different enough to warrant a close look from advocates of each particular brand.

image: Ferry

Promises better scheduling and facilities

UK - Norfolkline has bought into service a new ro-ro ferry onto its Irish Sea Heysham – Belfast route. The ferry operator claims that the transfer of the Maersk Importer means that now it’s freight customers have a superior service with ‘a new standard of excellence’.

image: SNCF France rail strike freight SeaFrance France Telecom

Hopes That Workers Will Return Tonight

FRANCE – Three of the French rail unions went out on strike yesterday bringing chaos and with threats of more action to come. Our Paris staff expect the first action to cease tonight but say that feelings are running high amongst the workers of SNCF, the nationalised rail group following plans to restructure the freight sector of the company.

image: Guadalajara International Airport (Jalisco) FedEx European Air Freight Charles de Gaulle Middle East African air freight Aeroports de Paris SNCF Germany Holland Frankfurt Cologne Hong Kong Singapore Shanghai ANC Asia

Expansion of Paris Hub Handling Facility Continues

PARIS - FRANCE – FedEx’s European hub, based for the past ten years at the city’s Charles de Gaulle airport has developed steadily, doubling the turnover of items in that time and becoming the company’s largest facility outside of the United States.

image: Smith Electric Trucks Commercial Vehicle US Newton lithium-ion batteries AT & T Staples Coca-Cola Missouri Kansas City Tanfield London Taxis International Department of Transport’s Low Carbon Vehicle Procurement Programme SEV US Corp

First For SEV America as Construction Commences

KANSAS – US – Smith Electric Vehicles, who recently moved into their new 80,000 square foot facility adjacent to the airport here, watched their initial US truck roll off the production line this week. Tanfield owned Smith’s have headed electric truck production in the UK with their Transit based electric vehicles and now have moved into the US market.

image: Mail

Smaller companies could benefit

UK – Though the news that Royal Mail workers are to hold walkouts this week, with the possibility of more in the run up to Christmas, has triggered a storm of ‘doom-and-gloom’ stories in the British press the fact is that if industrial action is taken by the organisation it could provide a much needed boost to the UK’s hard-pressed freight and parcel delivery services.


Police Use Truck to Pinch HGV Drivers

Monday, October 19, 2009
image: Police

Dangerous distractions targeted

UK - Officers from the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) are using a novel new tactic to crack down on lorry drivers who are breaking the law.


India Freight And Logistics Update

Monday, October 19, 2009
image: India freight logistics Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd (DFCCIL) Mumbai Gujarat APM Terminals AP Moller-Maersk Rewari Kanpur Vapi Maharashtra infrastructure handling transport Ahmedabad

Port and Freight Corridor Developments Underway

INDIA – Rising levels of container and conventional shipping traffic is leading to further redevelopment of the subcontinents transport infrastructure. Following our report in August that a Memorandum of Understanding had been signed between the Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation and the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd (DFCCIL) to develop a logistics hub in Rewari, news reaches us that preliminary works have commenced and similar agreements will see developments in Ahmedabad with plans afoot for similar facilities at Kanpur and Vapi (Maharashtra) if the proposed sites prove feasible.

image: Ship

CMA CGM vessel calls at SPCT

HO CHI MINH CITY – The new Saigon Premier Container Terminal (SPCT) handled its first vessel last Thursday. The development, an 80:20 joint venture between Dubai-based marine terminal operator DP World and the Vietnamese state-owned Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company, received the MV Asta Rickmers, a 1,200m TEU ship belonging to the French CMA CGM line.

image: British Airports Authority Competition Commission Ryanair BAA  airport airlines Ferrovial Gatwick Landing Heathrow Stansted

Spanish Owners Wish to Retain Depleted Assets Whilst Airlines Look On

LONDON - Despite speculation that London’s Gatwick airport would change hands within the past year Ferrovial, Spanish owners of the British Airports Authority, go into todays appeal having failed to find a successful bidder for any of the seven UK airports which they have in their portfolio.

image: Kuehne + Nagel

K + N to handle future supply chain needs

EUROPE – Lichtenstein - based construction tool manufacturer Hilti (of the eponymous ‘Hilti’ drill) have entered into what is described as a ‘strategic partnership’ with German logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel. The agreement will see K + N take responsibility for all of Hilti’s future logistic requirements.

image: US Vessel India Alang SS Independence Platinum II Polychlorinated biphenyls PCB Gujarat Pollution Control Board San Francisco Oceanic Basle and Stockholm Conventions Kiribati ship

Toxic or Not, Which Ship are You ?

INDIA – Confusion reigns supreme over the identity of the vessel moored in the waters off Alang awaiting destruction. Or does it? As you can see by the photographs someone seemingly didn’t bother to disguise the ship too carefully, if indeed they are, as suspected one and the same vessel. But why would you go to the trouble of hiding the identity of an ocean liner? Could it be that she holds a toxic secret?

image: Air freight

Lease new aircraft for dedicated cargo operations

THAILAND – Following on from last weeks stories concerning developments in the Vietnamese and Chinese air freight sectors, Thai Airways has just taken steps to increase its own air freight capabilities.

image: Shipping container fleet box Chang Jung-fa Evergreen Eva Air vessels fleet carrier

Purchase of One Hundred Vessels Planned for 2010

TAIWAN – In an interview given to United Daily News today the founder of the Evergreen Group Dr Chang Jung-fa predicted the company would order 100 new container ships in 2010. He apparently stated his intention to make Evergreen the largest container carrying group in his lifetime. Speaking after Chang 81, was named last week as one of the 111 celebrities and business people making up the preparatory committee to organise celebrations of Taiwan’s 100th National day in two years time, such a prediction from anyone else would be dismissed out of hand, but not in this case.

image: Suffolk LM logistics Syntex warehousing warehouse transport truck container haulage vehicles Lehnkering Martlesham Felixstowe Verbrugge (UK) Bradford UK Company Voluntary Arrangement

Part of Warehouse and Transport Group Request Absolution From Debts

SUFFOLK – UK – LM Logistics Ltd., part of the Felixstowe based LM Logistics Freight Group is seeking assistance from its creditors after failing to obtain investment to cover its debts. The company is currently unwilling to reveal how much is on offer to its outstanding debtors should they choose to accept the Company Voluntary Arrangement, without which the company is liable to enter administration.

image: Iran, nukes

Describes embargo as ‘insignificant’

TEHRAN - Iran's Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) has rejected the British government’s claims that their vessels have been instrumental in transferring illegal materials including products used in the country’s nuclear and missile programs.

image: US Canada  American Arrow truck sales Volvo North America freighter rig States Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) Michelin trailer haulier

Once Again Dealer Will Hand Out A Rig to Needy Haulier

US – Need a truck? Life been tough lately? Well thanks to the generosity of North American commercial vehicle dealers Arrow truck sales, some unlucky driver is about to see the lady turn around. For the third consecutive year Arrow, in conjunction with Volvo North America are about to make some worthy freighter very happy – by giving him a new rig !

image: freight, haulage

Match results across the globe in other freight sectors

USA - News that the third quarter falls in the international air freight sector were leveling off seem to be being matched by similar figures coming out of US trucking and rail freight operators.

image: DB Schenker Rail Freight Deutsche Bahn multi modal trains German Chancellor Angela Merkel Hans-Peter Friedrich

Deutsche Bahn Sale Strategy May Change in Current Market Conditions

GERMANY – Reports in today indicate that the Government may change their plans to hold an initial public offering for shares in Deutsche Bahn as had originally been mooted. Instead the DB Schenker Freight Division may be sold off and rail analysts are keenly eyeing possible developments.

image: Electric Powered Ships truck van marine motor superconductor technology Nadeshiko Maru IHI Marine United Inc Siemens vessel electric car ferry Japanese nautical marine maritime bass fisherman nuclear diesel contra-rotating propellers

100 foot vessel will carry 800 in Silence

JAPAN – After our recent spate of electric truck and van articles news now of the latest in electric ship design. In 2004 Siemens filed a patent application in the US for their electric marine motor using superconductor technology. The plan is to utilise special high temperature conductors slung in pods under the hull using passing seawater as the essential coolant. The US Coastguard Research and Development Centre in Groton, Connecticut wrote a 2001 report describing a dynamic simulation model (DSM) of an electrically propelled ship with power provided by four 625 kW fuel cells. It concluded that a fuel cell-powered ship can achieve transient responses comparable to those of conventionally powered vessels.

image: Ferry

Success Shows Cross-Channel Market Still Vibrant

UK – Ferry operator and multi-modal logistics provider Norfolkline have reported that they have further increased their market share in the cross-Channel ferry industry and expanded their workforce to deal with increased demand for its financial services.

image: Atle Jebsen Shipping Pioneer container truck lorry Rocknes Bergen Antigua and Barbuda US train bulk shipping AS Kristian Jebsens Rederi (KJR) Philippino

Norwegian Ship Owner Killed Close to His Birthplace

BERGEN – NORWAY - Atle Jebsen, a man with shipping interest stretching to Australia and New Zealand has died in an accident this week. Born in 1935 Mr Jebsen was the grandson of Peter Jebsen a major figure in Norway’s industrial development.

image: Air freight

New cargo airline from next year and Boeing open new Chinese facility

VIETNAM / CHINA – Following on from yesterday’s story concerning developments amongst the Chinese air cargo operators comes additional news on the regions industry.

image: London Freight transport association motorists congestion charge zone Boris Johnson Toll

Congestion Charge to Go Up But Automated Payment Introduced

LONDON – ENGLAND – Mayor Boris Johnson is to implement the changes to the Congestion Charge he outlined in his pre election pledge. From next year motorists will be able to pay automatically every time they enter the charging zone. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) have given their support to the scheme.


Chinese Air Cargo Market Due For Revision

Thursday, October 15, 2009
image: Beijing Shanghai Los Angeles San Francisco New York Chicago Portland Frankfurt Paris London Air China Cargo CITIC Pacific Cathay freight cargo

Freight Expected to Improve Before Passenger Numbers

CHINA – If analysts are to be believed, carriage of freight aboard Chinese airlines collapsed by around 50% in June compared to 2008. Passenger numbers were slightly better than this. However freight always bounces back faster in these conditions and it looks very much as though, with the numbers improving, a shake up in the Chinese air freight market will not be long in coming.

image: strike

One day walkout planned

UK / FRANCE – French ferry operator SeaFrance will be suspending services tomorrow due to workers calling a day-long strike in protest over job losses at the company. The strikes will affect the company’s cross-Channel services between Dover and Calais on Friday before resuming on Saturday.

image: Middlesbrough BBI Brookfield Asset Management CANADA BERMUDA AUSTRALIA UK  Teesport Northern Gateway project Babcock and Brown Infrastructure Corus Mexico Korea Italy iron ore coke Queensland Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

Middlesbrough Ports Group Might Change Hands as Part of Canadian Brookfield Asset Management Agreement

CANADA – BERMUDA – AUSTRALIA – UK Brookfield Asset Management and Brookfield Infrastructure have announced the signing of an agreement with Babcock and Brown Infrastructure (BBI) to sponsor the acquisition of 50% of the direct asset value of BBI in the course of which it will take 100% control of PD Ports for a “nominal sum”. Brookfield will simultaneously assume the outstanding liabilities of PD, supposedly £315 million, of which they will repay £100 million to creditors immediately.

image: rail

Agreement will open up steppe

MONGOLIA – In a conference held today in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator the President of Russian Railways (RZD) and the Mongolian Minister of Transportation signed an agreement for a joint development of the Mongolian Railway network starting with the development of a line between Zuunbayan and Dalanzadgad across the south of the country.


CEVA Logistics Wins Thai Award

Thursday, October 15, 2009
image: CEVA

Recognition of performance in country

THAILAND - CEVA Logistics has been named ‘Hi-Tech Logistics Service Provider of the Year’ for the second consecutive year at the 2009 Frost & Sullivan ASEAN Transportation and Logistics Awards in Thailand.

image: India

A takeaway from the subcontinent

SHIPPING - Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS), a leading marine services provider, has reopened its Goa office. The move is a response to an increased interest in India as the projections for the subcontinent portray a potential economic giant in the not so distant future.

image: Shipping trucking banks trucks rail intermodal multimodal CSX YRC Worldwide CMA CGM Hapag Lloyd SNCF France Germany US Britain road operators freight logistics transport

Softly, Softly Approach Taken by Logistic Industries Creditors

.GLOBAL NEWS – A review of how banks are handling outstanding debt in the shipping and freight transport industries generally reveal that they are showing great reluctance to seize assets and foreclose even when customers credit limits are exceeded.Banks, who have been reviled of late as most ordinary citizens and business leaders blame them for the parlous state of the world’s economies, are having to take a more measured view of the debt levels incurred by some of their customers. Smaller businesses are not immune of course when bankers know they can be first to help themselves to a company’s assets, the larger companies and corporations however offer an entirely different prospect.

image: Polar

Polar expedition concludes ice-free summers possible in a decade

ARCTIC – Following on from our previous stories concerning Beluga Shipping’s navigation of the North-East passage comes news that a recently conducted polar expedition to study ice conditions has concluded that the Arctic could be easily navigable for summer shipping in ten years and completely open in twenty.

image: Cairns Chamber of Commerce Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Tasmania Ferry shipping Queensland Australia Lady Barron dock Matthew Flinders Island Graeme Sturges Greens

Cairns to Papua Route Considered as Stranded Tasmanian Crew Waits for Wages

AUSTRALIA – A spokeswoman for Cairns Chamber of Commerce has revealed today that discussions are continuing with regard to initiating a new shipping service between the city’s port and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. A trade delegation arrives on the Island next month and will discuss the scheme, the brainchild of a consortium of North Queensland businessmen who believe the burgeoning liquefied natural gas project in Papua will demand an integrated infrastructure to supply goods and services.

image: Australian Trucking Company Mannway Logistics Melbourne, Victoria depots Sydney New South Wales Brisbane Queensland Ferrier Hodgson Partners Road Transport Group  Linfox Toll vehicles multi modal rail

Recession Hits Victoria Based Road Transport Group as Linfox and Toll Move In

AUSTRALIA – Mannway Logistics hit the skids today after thirty years of success in the industry. The company have appointed Ferrier Hodgson Partners to administrate their affairs and there are hopes of a trade sale. The company competes directly with Linfox and Toll who are both likely to be considering the acquisition of their much smaller former competitor. Estimates of Mannway’s actual size are a little hazy staff numbers shown as 330 on receiver’s press release, 800 on the Mannway website and 1000 elsewhere.

image: MOL

Will handle Steve Madden’s Chinese and Indian supply

CHINA / INDIA - Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) today announced that New York-based Steve Madden Ltd., a leading international footwear and fashion designer, has selected Hong Kong-based MOL Consolidation Service Limited (MCS) as its exclusive buyer’s consolidator for it’s China and India suppliers.


Freight and Logistics Giant Having Great Week

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
image: Kuehne + Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel announce brace of new contracts and award

SWITZERLAND / JAPAN / USA - Kuehne + Nagel is having a bumper week after announcing that it had won two important contracts and had retained its position as the only logistics service provider among the 25 “world’s best companies.”

image: Drug Shipping containers multi modal van Edinburgh London Heathrow Portland Oregon Canada US Blaine Customs Enforcement officials heroin cannabis cocaine UK Border Agency officers Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency California Mozambique Afghanistan South Africa

Seizures Up Globally as Multi Modal Stashes Found in Containers to Souvenirs

WORLDWIDE – As is usual in times of hardship crime rates appear to be increasing in all transport sectors with drugs the cargo of choice for most would be villains. The crime wave is sweeping from coast to coast and nation to nation as traffickers see the trade as their passport to riches at a time when most of the world is suffering financial hardship.


Kuwait to Muscat Railway Under Examination

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
image: Trains

Could prove significant logistics link

ARABIA – The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is examining an ambitious $10 billion scheme to build a high-speed trans-Arabia rail network between Kuwait and Muscat in Oman. If approved the railway is projected to haul up to 30 million tonnes of freight and bulk goods such as minerals and petrochemical products.


Row Over Kiwi Freight Brewing

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
image: Fight

Road, Rail and Shipping industries under pressure

NEW ZEALAND – A fight appears to be brewing up between the various segments of New Zealand’s domestic freight providers. In developments that make the term ‘multi-modal’ appear a rude word, spokespersons of the coastal shipping sector have fired what looks like the first salvo at the road haulage and rail freight sectors in what could be a fight for survival for the industry.

image: Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) Mombasa docks liner agents ship owners Bill of Lading Kenyan Maritime Authority (KMA) container cleaning shipping DP World East African boxes handling

“Unfounded” Charges Push Up Freight Costs and Privatisation Discussions Begin

MOMBASA – KENYA As the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) continues the preparation of its report into the future development of the port and the country’s Privatisation Commission searches for a consultant to advise them as to precise details after previous bad experiences, shippers in the country are up in arms about the mysterious costs which are imposed seemingly at random, on freight moving through Mombasa’s docks.

image: COSCO CSCL Container Shipping Rates Chinese US trade matters Captain Jiafu Wei Trans Pacific Atlantic Press Club Washington TEU FEU China Ocean Shipping Group China Shipping Container Lines Handy Shipping Guide cargo carriers

No Return to Seasonal Sale of Shipment Across Major Trade Routes

CHINA – US – Despite the tradition of rate reductions following the peak season for both Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic container routes, the major carriers seem to be aligning themselves for a rare burst of unification to maintain freight prices after the troubles of the past months.

image: DB Schenkers Longannet Stirling Fife Transport Scotland Freight Train Noise Rail Pollution Aircraft Noise Truck Emissions Clackmannanshire Alloa freighters green

Freight Train Noise and Vibration Are Not a Serious Nuisance say Local Council

SCOTLAND – Rail freight, long hailed as the green answer to all our transport ills, has a new downside after all. After claims that rail is not as green as it seems by the time fuel is burnt to produce the electricity to drive the modern engines come new problems.

image: Flinders

Government moves to reestablish services

AUSTRALIA - Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure, Graeme Sturges, said today that a deal with Southern Shipping’s competitor, Les Dick Shipping, has been agreed so as to allow freight services between Flinders Island and the mainland to resume.

image: Eurotunnel Dartford Link tunnel Queen Elizabeth II Bridge Private Finance Initiative (PFI) high speed link Goldman Sachs M25 bottleneck vehicles freight Transport Minister Sadiq Khan

Speculation Rife as Firms Check Out Government Asset Sale

UK – The Government announcement that it would look to a fire sale of the country’s state owned assets to recoup in part the billions lost in the latest economic collapse, has started speculation running rife as companies jockey for position to acquire what they see as potential bargains, particularly in the transport sector.

image: Toll Holdings

Purchase of Japanese Freight Company breaks new ground

AUSTRALIA / JAPAN – Australian freight giant Toll Holdings Ltd is to assume control of Japanese logistics firm Footwork Express, subject to regulatory approval. Toll currently controls 36 percent of Footwork and will pay around A$95 million for the purchase.

image: Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company DCHC Port dock reach tonnes Konecranes Middle East North African Admiral Mohamed Saad Zagloul cranes Finnish

Damietta Port to Upgrade Equipment for Increased Trade

EGYPT - State-owned Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company (DCHC) is to take delivery of six rubber tired gantry (RTG) cranes and two empty container reach stackers (RST) from the Finnish manufacturer Konecranes.

image: EV

March to zero emissions continues

UK – Following on from their award success at the Irish Fleet Transport ceremony, Smith Electric has announced that bus operator Go-Ahead London has taken delivery of its first Smith Edison vans, following a successful month-long trial of the technology.

image: Kent Multi Modal Freight Terminal England Maidstone Eurostar Dover lorries cargo Bearsted Borough Green industrial Sheppey

Battle Lines Drawn as Two Sites Vie for Development

KENT – ENGLAND – The complex struggle for any new development in the “Garden of England” always produces a series of contentious arguments, and the fight to site a proposed new cargo terminal in the heart of the county which surfaced this week is no exception.

image: RHA, freight

New impetus to deal with members concerns

UK – The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has launched a new campaign, Deliver UK, to further the cause of the industry. The new initiative is intended to take new approaches to reiterate the association’s core policies for increasing awareness of the importance of the sector, of which much of the British public is ignorant.

image: trucks, air freight

Increasing confidence in sector

USA – California-based Great Western Transportation (GWT) has expanded into the North America and Mexican air freight service. The move is new territory for GWT, whose traditional fields are commercial trucking with freight consolidations and expedited Less-than-Truckload transportation services throughout the Continental United States, Canada and Mexico.

image: ABG shipyard STX new build protectionism tonnages vessels corruption global recession Finland Germany South Korea Japan India President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Brazil Vale Hegemann Poland America Seattle European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes Stichting Particulier Fonds Greenrights Todd Pacific Poland Polish

Few “Green Shoots” in the Global New Build Sector

WORLDWIDE – Shipyards hit the headlines this week mostly for all the wrong reasons. As the global recession sinks its claws into the businesses which form the underlying framework of commerce, the yards scrabble for any new orders whilst facing the biggest ever spate of cancellations and delays in payment.

image: Smiths, EV

Newton storms new electric category

IRELAND - Smith Electric’s ‘Newton’-class vehicle has won the Fleet Transport Irish Truck of the Year Award in the electric section of the Green Commercial category in recognition of its outstanding performance in the field.

image: Malta Iran Syria US  Gulf of Suez freight container ship illegal arms munitions weapons Kalashnikov 7.62 mm Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines Leonhardt & Blumberg  Hamburg Hansa India German Government warships Hezbollah

Spate of Illegal Arms Confiscations Continues

GULF OF SUEZ – The continuing surveillance of suspect shipments produced more results last week when US troops raided the MV Hansa India and discovered seven containers laden with munitions.


Iranian Shipping Line Faces UK Embargo

Monday, October 12, 2009
image: Iran, atom bomb

Banks forbidden from trading with suspect carrier

UK / IRAN — The British government has banned UK banks and financial institutions from trading with the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines due to allegations that the company has been instrumental to the Iranian nuclear and missile programs by transporting embargoed material and equipment.

image: CEVA

Work will be sourced to new warehouse

Italy – CEVA Logistics and ElectronicPartner Italia (EPI), a leading company in the consumer electronics, domestic appliances and telecommunications sector, have signed a three year agreement for CEVA to handle EPI’s Italian Logistics.

image: Transpacific Stabilization Agreement (TSA) container rates shippers carrier freight cartel lines cargo volumes fleets new builds vessels

Time for the Carrier Groups Freight Price Agreement to Prove its Worth.

USA – ASIA – The Transpacific Stabilization Agreement (TSA), a loose amalgam of the major cross ocean container freight carriers, have set their “agreed” rates for the trade commencing from June next year. In addition they have proposed a $400 levy from August 2010 to penalise shippers moving cargo at periods of peak volume.

image: India fuel bunker vessel deep draft ships shippers Vallarpadam International Container Trans-shipment Terminal Dubai Port World TEU tonnes Kerala Colombo transhipped Cochin Port Trust Kochi Puthuvype Island special economic zone freight trains Suez Gulf routes vehicles

Expansive Plans for Cochin Port Trust after Kerala Opens for Business

INDIA – A spokesman for Cochin Port Trust says six national and international companies have shown interest in setting up a bunkering terminal on Puthuvype Island adjacent to Kochi port. He said plans were in place to complete the facility, sited in a CPT elected special economic zone, within two years.

image: Trucks, crime, theft, stolen

Cooperate to combat lorry theft

UK – Freight companies are being encouraged to sign up to TruckWatch, a crime prevention initiative which is being run jointly by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and the Police.

image: Australian Carbon Reduction Scheme Christine Milne Australian Trucking Association (ATA) transport rail sea freight exchange emissions Copenhagen Greens

Revised Carbon Reduction Scheme Negotiations Continue

AUSTRALIA – After the Governments plans to introduce a carbon pollution reductions scheme were left in tatters in August when parliament rejected them out of hand, a revised plan is now under discussion with all the major players taking there normal entrenched positions.


MAN Trucks to Partner with Sinotruck

Monday, October 12, 2009
image: MAN Trucks

Consolidates relations betweens manufacturers

CHINA - MAN SE, the world’s third-largest heavy truck manufacturer, has received clearance from Chinese authorities to form a partnership with Sinotruk, China’s market leader for such vehicles. The deal means MAN now holds a major share in the fastest-growing lorry market in the world and reinforces the long-standing relationship between the two companies: Sinotruck have had license agreements to produce MAN vehicles for 25 years.

image: TDG, Freight

Logistics honcho brings wealth of experience

UK – European logistics company TDG has appointed Marcos Clowes as its new Business Unit Director - Transport Business Unit. The firm has recently conducted an extensive restructuring of its operations and Mr. Clowes will have overall responsibility for TDG’s transport services, fourth-party logistics, industrial, retail, bulk and packed chemicals sectors.


Falls in Air Freight Tonnage Decreasing

Sunday, October 11, 2009
image: Air freight

Levels still down but drop levelling off

HONG KONG / EUROPE - Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) has announced today that though its figures for cargo handled in September are down from the same month last year the decrease is only some 4.3 percent, with over 212,000 tonnes of air freight passing through the company’s facilities. This is in sharp contrast to the average figure for the rest of the year which saw tonnage down by about 16.3 percent.

image: Penzance, freight

Council and residents at loggerheads

Penzance, UK – A proposed £44 million freight and passenger terminal linking the Isles of Scilly and the UK is facing strong opposition from residents of the historic port of Penzance. Though the town is host to the current link service these are now considered inadequate for modern needs and proposals have been put forward by a local authority-led consortium, the Route Partnership, to build brand new facilities to ensure smooth future operations.

image: Agility

Reaffirms events relationship

Agility Fairs & Events has been awarded a multimillion dollar contract to manage the on-site logistics for the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery (ITMA) fair which is to be held in Barcelona in 2011.

image: Piraeus Greece Indiana USA Hoosier Manitowoc CAT Caterpillar Logistics Services Airfreight Air Freight shipping logistics trucking Nova Scotia Newfoundland Labrador Cosco Pacific Brussels Belgium Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Adelaide YRC Worldwide Incorporated ferry truckers carrier container dockers strike port piers

A Collection of Smaller Items From Around the World

CANADA – The Crown Corporation have announced rate increases on the Marine Atlantic Co run Nova Scotia – Newfoundland – Labrador ferry service to be implemented on 26th October. Mounting handling and fuel costs mean that the increases, between 7.8% and 13.8% on fuel plus the trailer drop charge up from $101 to $210. Local truckers are, needless to say, extremely unhappy and are in discussion with the company.

image: Black Rose India bulk carrier Paradip Mongolian pollutant tonnes oil diesel Resolve Marine Group New Delhi Florida California Ukrainian Russia Ukraine Bangladesh

US Firm Appointed to Save the Turtles

INDIA – The hulk that was the MV Black Rose continues to leak oil as she lies below the waters off Paradip Harbour. As outlined in the Handy Shipping Guide story last week the Mongolian flagged bulk carrier sank and left exposed a weakness in the subcontinents ability to apportion blame and cost.

image: International Register of Shipping Certificated Auditors Chartered Quality tanker Julian Padilla Maritime Safety Management Systems global classification certification verification training

International Register Training Institute wins IRCA accreditation

LONDON - The International Register Training Institute has been recognised as an IRCA approved Training Organization. International Register Training Institute (IRTI) is a division of the classification society International Register of Shipping, a provider of classification, certification, verification, training and advisory services. This marks another significant step in International Register of Shipping’s progress towards building one of the most professional organizations in the maritime business.

image: Dar es Salaam Container Cargo Terminal Handling Monopoly Government Africa Uganda Rwanda Burundi handle containerised freight Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) Minister Nazir Karamagi traffic infrastructure Zambian Indian Chinese rail freight

Tanzanian Government Alters Agreement and Avoids Massive Penalty

TANZANIA – Reports reach us that agreement has been reached between the Government and Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) to end the companies monopoly for all cargo received through the country’s main port.

image: Calcutta Congestion Container Handling Export Traffic Kolkata Calcutta India vessels Haldia reach stackers shunter units Port Authority infrastructure port import demurrage

Import Build Up Causes Cessation Of Export Traffic

CALCUTTA (KOLKATA) – INDIA Overcrowding within the Port of Kolkata meant container mvements came to a halt and led to utter confusion as mechanical problems dogged the ports handling authority. Reports are that cargo is being offloaded at Haldia before vessels can proceed into Kolkata.

image: Shipping Customs Clearance Delays Freight Containers Mombasa Kilindini Harbour Kenya Revenue Authority Ministry of Transport Ports Authority containers cargo freight

Is This Incompetence, a Glut of Work or Something More Sinister?

KENYA – Import agents are up in arms this week at the continuing delays to import cargo which is afflicting the industry. The privately run Container Freight Stations (CFS’s) which were set up in 2007 specifically to cope with the backlog long associated with the country’s trade appear to be the root of the problem.


No Fags In Trucks For Canadian Hauliers

Friday, October 9, 2009
image: Canada Canadians fags smoking Ontario Trucking Association Britain UK fines driver taxi rig cab tolls taxes laws

Ontario Fines Smoking Driver For Lighting Up In Cab of his Rig

CANADA – Authorities in Ontario have fined a lorry driver over $300 for smoking on the job. UK readers will be familiar with the same law which forbids a person smoking in the workplace and enclosed public spaces.

image: IATA

Offers support to climate goals but warns against division

MONTREAL – In a speech given yesterday to delegates at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) meeting concerning Aviation and Climate Change the head of IATA, Giovanni Bisignani, gave a strong warning to the assembly against division in the aims of the coalition from national motives.

image: Shipping Industry Freights Aid Earthquake Tsunami South Pacific New Zealand P & O Cruises Padang Samoa Jakarta Handy Shipping Guide Mitsui OSK Lines Indonesian National Shipping Company Maersk Line Reef

Logistics Suppliers World Wide Answer the Call

SOUTH PACIFIC – The horrific events in the region which have devastated Samoa over the past few days have held the headlines of the international press for all the wrong reasons lately. It is good to report that whilst the world looked on there were those within the freight industry that stepped up to assist the victims.

image: Baltic Dry Index Vessel Acquisitions Japan Asia Yen charter dry bulk ship European commodity freight rates new builds

Rising Industry Thermometer Encourages Asian Confidence

ASIA – The steady rise in the Baltic Dry Index, seen by many as the key indicator to world commodity trade, has prompted rises in Japanese stock prices with the Nikkei and Topix up for the third consecutive day. Shipping shares are leading the charge as the BDI continues to climb, clawing its way back after the collapse of over 90% last year with the strength of the Yen moderating gains. The drop in Australian employment figures also provided a market boost. NYK, Mitsui OSK and K Line shares all rose by an average of almost 7%.

image: XPO

Start of planned international expansion

USA - Michigan based Express-1 Expedited Solutions (XPO) has completed its acquisition of LRG International Inc., an international forwarding company that specializes in ocean and air freight services. The acquisition will expand the company’s international scope with LRG being combined into XPO’s Illinois branch, Concert Group Logistics (CGL).


Shipping With Panalpina Is Childs Play

Thursday, October 8, 2009
image: Panalpina

Distributor wins toy contract

GERMANY - Panalpina has been awarded the contract to manage the supply chain for Giochi Preziosi’s German distribution. The contract will include customer order management, 1000 TEU’s of ocean freight from Asia to Germany per year, warehousing, and business-to-business distribution of roughly 10,000 shipments per year to Giochi Preziosi customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

image: Iran

US sanctions against Iran extended to forwarders

UK / USA / IRAN – The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has issued a warning to British forwarders to be aware that new sanctions being taken by the United States against Iran may make them subject to punitive action by the US Government should they assist US companies in trading with the pariah state.

image: Rhine Barge Shippers Western Europe North Rhine-Westphalia Lower Saxony traffic Hannover freight carriers

Devastating Weather is a Ray of Sunshine to Some

Western Europe – Some of the worst rainstorms in living memory swept across North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony in the early hours today bringing early morning traffic to a halt and flooding streets to unheard of levels.

image: GLN

Bangkok event GLN’s biggest despite recession

THAILAND - Over 200 delegates attended the Global Logistics Network (GLN) 7th Annual Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, for an event that stood up to it’s promise as an excellent networking opportunity for those involved in global logistics. Delegates from all over the world were in attendance.

image: US Electric Truck Market Navistar Balqon Freight Vehicles shipping containers trailers
carrying capacity zero tail pipe emissions lorry Manufacturers Department of Energy Elkhart County Indiana Hoosier State Senator Birch Evans

Truck Manufacturers Can Use Federal Money to Fund Projects

US –Commercial vehicle manufacturer Navistar has moved into the all electric truck market with the unveiling last week of their new greener lorry designed for urban, light duty applications. The news came the day after they revealed Mr A. J. Cederoth was appointed their new Chief Financial Officer.


UPS Offers Green Shipping Option

Thursday, October 8, 2009
image: UPS

Allows customers to offset carbon

USA - UPS now offers its customers the ability to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of their packages within the United States. Under the program, the parcel carrier will offer U.S. shippers the option of paying a small fee to calculate and offset the climate impact of the shipment of each of their packages.

image: Echo Global Logistics 3PL Freight and Cargo NASDAQ CHICAGO IT systems sales forward goods worldwide

Freight and Cargo Provider Price Stable

CHICAGO – The 3PL group Echo Global Logistics, launched its long awaited shares issue on the NASDAQ market on Friday after the company raised $80 million selling 5.7 million shares at an initial $14 each.


Explosives Warning Given to Shipping Lines

Thursday, October 8, 2009
image: explosives, shipping, freight

Lost containers have plenty of bang

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Shipping operators with vessels off the north-western coast of Papua New Guinea have been warned to watch out for two explosive-filled containers that are floating in the area.

image: Indian Highway Road and Transport Ministry Minister Kamal Nath rail freight Reserve Bank of India Finance World Bank Public Private Partnership (PPP) vehicles

Meetings with World Bank and Investors Scheduled – Single Road Tax Planned

INDIA – Having reported extensively on India’s plans to expand their rail freight network using foreign investment and, the optimistic outlook for the country’s expanding logistics network, the latest news from the subcontinent concerns the state of the nations highways.

image: South Australian Freight Council John McArdle Australia Rudd Government carbon trading Bill air freight transport and logistics

Multi Modal Lobbying Body Announces McArdle as Boss

AUSTRALIA - The South Australian Freight Council (SAFC) announced yesterday that it had elected John McArdle, currently the National Chairman of the Australasian Airports Association, State Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia and the air freight representative on the Freight Council’s executive committee, as its new chairman.


Not All Bad News For Air Freight

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
image: air freight

AMI’s new PDF tariff boosts online business

UK - Air Menzies (AMI) far sighted policy in adopting modern technology to complement their existing booking systems has paid off handsomely. The air freight consolidator has reported that customers booking airfreight online hit a new peak in August 2009, up 20% on the same month last year, and 6% above the previous record set in July 2008.

image: pirates

Ill-advised attack on French warship a definite mistake

GULF OF ADEN – The French Navy has confirmed that Somali pirates have launched an attack on the flagship of its Indian Navy fleet. The fact that the attack was launched by two small skiffs and a handful of men against the 18,000 tonne command ship, which is also used as a base for special forces personnel, would seem to prove the French Navy’s theory that this was a case of mistaken identity rather than a deliberate change in strategy by buccaneers in the region.

image: MOL

In effect from 1st November

EUROPE / ASIA - Mitsui O.S.K. Lines said it will apply a peak-season bill of lading surcharge for all shipments from Europe and the Mediterranean to Asia for all equipment types. The surcharge, which will become effective from 1 Nov., 2009 and will extend until 31 Dec., 2009, will be $100 per TEU.

image: Greek Shipping Freight Industry Ministry of Economy Competitiveness and Shipping coastguard service freighters Hellenic flag Ministry of the Interior Prime Minister George Papandreou

New Government Proposes Sweeping Changes to Freight Industry

GREECE – The new centre left administration in the country has wasted no time in radical proposals to reform and administrate the shipping sector, an industry historically dear to the nations hearts.

image: Fogg, crime, hijack

Elaborate lie broke down on the stand

UK – A lorry driver who was found bound and gagged in the cab of his vehicle in August last year has been found guilty at Chester Crown Court for conspiracy to steal after police revealed evidence that in fact the man was complicit in the raid.

image: North Korean Containers import export cargo impounded Busan South Russia Syria nuclear biological chemical infection Panamanian registered freighter MSC Rachele

Syria Named as Destination for Impounded Cargo

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Reports from unnamed government sources in the capital have stated that the four containers impounded in the port of Busan, and reported in the Handy Shipping Guide story recently, contained clothing “to guard against nuclear, biological or chemical infection.” Syria was also pronounced as the intended destination and the goods were declared as either of Russian manufacture or copied from Russian original designs, probably by North Korea, where the items apparently originated.

image: Canadian Truckers Heavy Lift Haulage Specialists Challenger Motor Freight Cambridge, Ontario Sandrock Specialized Carriers fleet trucking

Challenger buy out Sandrock to Extend their Fleet

CANADA – Challenger Motor Freight, of Cambridge, Ontario and the country’s largest privately owned trucking company, have acquired most of the assets of Sandrock Specialized Carriers, a heavy haulage operation established ten years ago.

image: Denmark Copenhagen container shipping TUI TCC Iran Iraq John Fredriksen oil tanker marine freight cargo Jacob Tolstrup-Møller Franck Kayser AP Moeller-Maersk CMA CGM Boxton Maritime

TUI Billionaire Shareholder May Possibly Join New Danish Carrier

DENMARK – Rumours abound that John Fredriksen, the Norwegian tanker billionaire, might join the board of The Container Company (TCC) a new player in a difficult market. TCC are based in Copenhagen and were set up by two Danes with a long history in container shipping, Jacob Tolstrup-Møller and Franck Kayser, who together have about 50 years in the business with such groups as AP Moeller-Maersk, CMA CGM and Boxton Maritime.

image: CEVA

Ideal compliment to existing airfreight operations

WORLDWIDE - CEVA Logistics has today launched its newly consolidated Charter and On Board Courier Services around the globe. The new services come as a response by CEVA to demand from its existing customer base.

image: Mitsubishi  i-MiEV Cargo Cargo Smiths Commercial Electric Vehicles Order Netherlands Eneco electrically powered electric van truck cars Tanfield Ecomobiel Urgenda Foundation Tokyo Motor show Randy D’Hollosy Ampere

More Orders in the Offing after €2.3 million Deal Agreed

NETHERLANDS - Eneco, the Dutch sustainable energy research and resource group have announced a further tender for 300 electric commercial vehicles following last months order for 50 Smith Ampere electric vans, the electric version of the Ford Transit Connect from Smith Electric Vehicles, in an order worth €2.3 million.

image: MOL

MOL makes donation to Ketsana relief fund

PHILLIPINES – Mitsui O.S.K. Lines today announced that it is to donate US$40,000 to relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon “Ketsana” that struck the Philippines at the end of September


ProLogis And Nipro Sign Warehouse Lease

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
image: ProLogis, Nipro Corporation, Mike Yamada

Osaka facility now 96% full

OSAKA – ProLogis, a leading global provider of distribution facilities, announced today it has leased 250,000 square feet (23,300 square meters) of newly developed distribution space to Nipro Corporation, a global manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and glass products.

image: Feederlink Port of Tyne Southampton Container Service transfer shipping Irish Continental Group Felixstowe Grangemouth Teesport Immingham Rotterdam Zeebrugge TEU’s vessels short sea route South Shields

Weekly Route to Commence Shipments Tomorrow

UK – Feederlink, the Dutch based container transfer shipping service, have announced a new connecting route to add to their local short sea network. The vessels will ply between the Port of Tyne, known as South Shields on Feederlink schedules, to Southampton, the UK’s second largest container port.


US Truckers YRC Appoint New Boss

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
image: US Truckers YRC Worldwide Inc Handy Shipping Guide haulier Con-way Werner Enterprises truck LTL Tim Wicks load drivers

Troubled LTL Haulier Negotiates Refunding With Lenders

KANSAS, USA – YRC Worldwide Inc continued its troubled battle against debt with the appointment of a new chief operating officer in the form of Mr Tim Wicks, formerly the executive vice president and chief financial officer.

image: Scania, Trucks, lorry, Almaty, Scania Central Asia, Urban Erdtman, Dan Shingleton, Vladimir Smirnov, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Özcan Barmoro

Truck builder seeks to expand into growing markets

EASTERN EUROPE / CENTRAL ASIA - Scania this week inaugurated its first distributor and service facility in Kazakhstan. The newly inaugurated sales and service facility - Scania’s first of its own in the region - is located in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. The new building also houses the head office of Scania Central Asia, which was established in 2007.

image: Abkhazia Conflict Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko Freight Vessels South Ossetia Abkhazia tanker ships Ochamchira cargo Georgia UN mandate French Nicolas Sarkozy US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Handy Shipping Guide Nicaragua Venezuela freighters

Georgian Conflict Tensions Rise After Ships Seizure

CAUCASUS – Once again the simmering political cauldron in the disputed regions appear to be boiling up with Russia’s announcement this week that they are to escort freighters en route to Abkhazia, the Georgian breakaway state.


TomTom Launch New Truck Friendly Satnav

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
image: trucks, satnav, freight, haulage, TomTom, GO 7000 TRUCK, Thomas Schmidt, Dan Shingleton

System hopefully to avoid problems of past

AMSTERDAM – TomTom, the satelite navigation company, have launched their new TomTom GO 7000 TRUCK, a device which is specifically designed for trucks and large vehicles. It is hoped that this new system will avoid the problems a number of truck drivers have experienced in the past from using satnav systems which have taken them inappropriate or dangerous routes.

image: Nigeria, Archangel, Russia, container, ship heavy lift wind generating North East Passage airborne kite system Beluga skysails MV Fraternity Foresight Sumatra Gulf of Aden satellite photography environment navigable global warming German Asia towing device European vessel Siberia

North East Passage can Generate More than Financial Benefits

ASIA – EUROPE – The story in the Handy Shipping Guide on the 2nd October outlined the potential political problems which arise with the recent transit of two German vessels utilising the recently navigable North East Passage, only possible because of the effects of global warming.


Dachser Expands Into Romania

Monday, October 5, 2009
image: Dachser, freight, logistics, France, Romania, Dachser Romania S.R.L., Michael Schilling, Graveleau, Philippe Tardieu, Dan Shingleton, haulage

Also rebrands French subsidiary

ROMANIA / FRANCE - European logistics provider, Dachser, has founded a new country organisation in Romania and rebranded its existing French operation to conform to the company image. The moves will act to reinforce Dachser’s position as a predominant player in the European freight market.


CMA CGM Turns Up The Heat On Investors

Monday, October 5, 2009
image: CMA CGM Zaha Hadid Korean French Fonds Stratégique d'Investissement FSI Marseille based container shipping giant Handy Shipping Guide Saade charter vessels ships Euromediterranée district

Pressure Mounts to Gain State Aid for French Giant

FRANCE – Marseille based container shipping giant CMA CGM SA, the worlds third biggest in the market are actively seeking state funded help according to reports today. As detailed in the Handy Shipping Guide last month Msieu Jacques Saade, boss of the group has been arguing long and hard for assistance to fight off what he sees as unfair competition.


Pirate Group Surrender Weapons

Monday, October 5, 2009
image: MEND, Nigeria, oil, amnesty, weapons, Dan Shingleton, Government Tompolo, Niger Delta, Godwin Abbe, IMB Piracy Reporting Centre

Nigerian amnesty should reduce attacks on shipping

NIGERIA – MEND guerrillas have accepted an offer of amnesty by the Nigerian government to surrender their weapons in return for promises of cash, education and the development of jobs and infrastructure for the peoples of the Niger delta.


Not Just Pirates Who Seize Ships

Monday, October 5, 2009
image: India Korea pirates vessel cargo containers goods Hyang Ro ANL Australia Mu San South North Busan Vadakara Pakistan weapons nuclear material munitions UN resolution 1874 Natonal Intelligence Service Coastguard

More Vessels and Cargoes Delayed as Authorities Clamp Down Globally

INDIA – KOREA – There has been a marked increase in the number of ships and cargo detained by authorities in the past few months. Just as pirate activity has seen a steady rise, so too has there been an upturn in the legal detention of vessels and goods.

image: Rhine shippers water levels barge buses cargo German Ministry of Transport Rotterdam Duisburg traffic freight rate increases passenger waters tonnages borne drought

Barge Traffic Severely Hampered by Low Water Levels

SWITZERLAND – The cost of shipping materials by barge on the river Rhine have risen with no reprieve in sight after water levels fell to less than 5 metres at Basle yesterday continuing the drought which has afflicted water borne cargoes for the past few weeks.

image: Hairatan, Dan Shingleton, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Logistics, rail freight, Uzbek Railways, UTY, Mazar-i-Sharif, Asian Development Bank, ABD, Balabhaskara Reddy Bathula, Central Asia Regional Cooperation Program, CAREC

Promises to be important step to opening up freight in Central Asia

AFGHANISTAN – Uzbek Railways (UTY) is to begin construction of a rail link from the Uzbek border to Mazar-i-Sharif after the Asian Development Bank (ABD) announced that it is to grant US$165m towards the project. UTY will also be responsible for maintaining and operating the line.

image: Somali pirate Handy Shipping Guide Spanish tuna boat criminals perpetrators attack helicopter shipping ransom hijacking European Security Defence Policy International Chambers Commerce Straits of Bab el Mandab Mogadishu Puerto la Cruz Venezuela Sagar India Chittagong Bangladesh Gulf of Aden Pulau Mangkai South China Sea EU NAVFOR Tanker War Iran Iraq vessels shipping lanes

Is It Time to Strengthen Resistance to the Raiders?

WORLDWIDE – Regular readers will know that the Handy Shipping Guide runs periodic stories regarding the rising tide of attacks on shipping over the past year or so. Piracy seems to be the growth industry for the world’s criminals as rich pickings can be had for minimal effort, and often with comparatively little risk to the perpetrators.


Calls Increase to Scrap Dartford Tolls

Saturday, October 3, 2009
image: James Brokenshire, Sadiq Khan, Dartford Crossing, M25, Essex, Kent, Haulage, Freight, trucks, lorry, HGV, LGV, traffic flow, Freight Transport Association, FTA, Gordon Telling,

Thames crossing congestion

UK – In a letter to James Brokenshire, Member of Parliament for Hornchurch, Transport Minister Sadiq Khan has stated that the government is considering scrapping tolls on the southbound part of the M25’s Dartford Crossing between Kent and Essex across the Thames.


MOL Assists Charity with Shipping

Saturday, October 3, 2009
image: Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, MOL, South Africa Mobile Library Vehicle Project, literacy, NPO Sapesi-Japan, South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative, Gert J. Grobler, Society for Promotion of Japanese Diplomacy, Mosel Ace, Durban

Transports mobile library vehicles to South Africa

JAPAN – Officials from Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) attended the departure ceremony for the “South Africa Mobile Library Vehicle Project,” which MOL supports with ocean shipping, held on the 1st of October at Tokyo’s Harumi Pier.

image: Canada Russia rangers Inuit who owns the arctic St Lawrence US seaway route Tapiriit Kanatami President Mary Simon ship traffic icebreakers cargo trade route Eastern Asia Western Europe transit Northwest passage

Global Warming Presents Opportunities and Conflict

CANADA – A row is brewing over the Northern sea route cleared recently when two German cargo ships transited with the assistance of Russian icebreakers through the Arctic waters opening up a possible new trade route.

image: Bridport, Tasmania Lady Barron Flinders Island Cape Barren Island Port Welshpool, Victoria Australia ferry service Matthew port TasPorts passengers goods livestock

TasPorts Lifts Ban – For Now

AUSTRALIA – The people of Flinders and Lady Barron Islands must sometimes wonder why they’re fated to be pawns in the financial game between their designated ferry services and the local port authorities.

image: US Shipping Partners LP Bankruptcy Court Southern District New York Corp Seacor Holdings vessels Chapter 11 refined petroleum petrochemical commodity chemical domestic coastwise trade

Court Confirms Reorganisation Plan Under New Name

US – The restructuring plans for the provider of long-haul marine transportation services for refined petroleum, petrochemical and commodity chemical products in the U.S. domestic coastwise trade, US Shipping Partners LP, were confirmed yesterday in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York.

image: India freight vessel regulation Agarnasi Island Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary Black Rose vessel ship bulk carrier shipping Mongolian flagged IGP & I Pacmar iron ore grease pollution  Bay of Bengal Paradip Orissa olive Ridley beach freighter

Flagrant Safety Breaches Cost the Country Dear

INDIA – The country is again counting the cost of slack regulation when it comes to salvage operations for wrecked vessels. Despite legislation to prevent vessels above 25 years old being hired by Indian companies this is claused to exclude foreign operators who charter such vessels.

image: Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd MOL safety PD Ports swine flu influenza land sea shipping shore marine Stena Voyager seagoing ferries cruise liner

Shipping Companies Turning to Staff to Improve H & S

WORLDWIDE – More reports are reaching us from companies who are being pro active when it comes to safety in the workplace. When the world is suffering a recession, as it is at the moment, very often safety has been sacrificed in the name of economy as people cut corners to retain profitability, or as in some cases, survive financially.

image: Derek Mercer Wattie Soutter John Rowe Patrick Maloney Russ O'Cuneff Cannabis in Chickens freight transport haulage company UK Holland cannabis skunk geriatric villains London

Codgers Collared for Concealing Cannabis in Chickens

UK – The members of a smuggling ring, which operated under the guise of a legitimate freight transport operation, and staffed by a group of geriatric villains, were brought to book today as they received sentences totalling almost forty years.


Bribery Hits The Headlines Twice Today

Thursday, October 1, 2009
image: shipping fraud trial High Court Sovcomflot BAE Yuri Nitkin Dimitry Skarga Yuri Privalov London Stock Market briber

Possibly The Largest Ever Shipping Fraud Trial Commences the High Court

LONDON – Whilst the general public were consumed today by the minutiae of a possible new bribery scandal surrounding how BAE have conducted their business, the freight community have all eyes firmly fixed on the High Court.

image: RoRo Ferry Marine Accident Investigation Branch report articulated road tanker vessel Stena Voyager Stranraer Scotland Belfast Northern Ireland 28 January 2009 freight carrying vehicles portside water jet units stricken suspended parking brake electronic fuel systems lorry chocked rear wheels lashing straps

“Stena Voyager” Incident Highlights Problem Areas

UK – A report issued today by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch clearly highlights the dangers surrounding the transit of freight carrying vehicles by ferries despite a number of well publicised accidents to such vessels in recent times.

image: Railrunner stone India bi modal locomotive rail truck car container logistics trains intermodal freight roads subcontinent patented technology designs

Link Up With Stone India to Progress Bi Modal Equipment

MUMBAI, INDIA – An agreement has been signed between Railrunner NA Inc and Stone Intermodal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Stone India, the locomotive and rail wagon constructor, to produce a new generation of bi modal freight cars capable of running on both roads and rail.


Greek Carrier Banned From US Waters

Thursday, October 1, 2009
image: Zebra mussel Liberian Greek vessel ship US coastguard Non-Indigenous Species Act Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Pollution Ports and Waterways Safety Polembros territorial waters ballast rudder top hatch cover inspection oil Rear Admiral Mary Landry Eighth District commander

First Use of New Law Sees Fines and Banishment for Shipping Line

NEW ORLEANS, US – A Liberian owned, Greek managed vessel which offended against the Non-Indigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act, a new law to prevent alien species entering US waters, has been at the centre of the first prosecution of its kind.

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