Friday, May 7, 2010

Aramex Expands Wholesale Road Freight Services To Scandinavia

Neutrality Designed to Reassure Forwarders
Shipping News Feature

UK / IRELAND / SCANDINAVIA - Global logistics and transportation provider Aramex have launched a specialist road freight service to and from Scandinavia. Designed to appeal to freight forwarders throughout the UK and Ireland, the door-to-door service offers twice-weekly, guaranteed departures to not only all the major cities across Scandinavia and Finland but also to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Available from all of Aramex' UK and Irish branches, the service is designed to attract small and medium-sized forwarders. As the new service is based on the ‘wholesale’ concept as used in their air freight operations, forwarders don’t have to worry about Aramex attempting to undercut them and steal their business.

According to Jim Armour, Aramex’ UK Managing Director: “Our wide experience in the wholesale air express market to the Middle East and the recent growth of our road freight services to continental Europe have shown conclusively that there is a gap in the market to this part of our region and it is a niche which we can fill”.

Aramex state that a number of companies involved in haulage for the chemical and engineering industries have already expressed considerable interest in the new service and the price-match guarantee which the wholesaler is offering until the end of the month is also proving attractive.

They further add that they anticipate that traffic on the routes will be split almost evenly between imports and exports and state that there are no restrictions on shipment size or commodity.

Full details of the service, rates and the price match guarantee are available from