Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Anthrax Outbreak Prompts Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Into Humanitarian Response

Emergency Medical Equipment Rushed to Disaster Zone
Shipping News Feature
RUSSIA - Cargo Express, a member of the ACEX Alliance, the Russian global logistics alliance which unites freight forwarders in Russia and the CIS with other agencies worldwide, has recently arranged delivery of humanitarian aid for those suffering from an outbreak of Anthrax. The disease, the first such outbreak for over 70 years in the country had killed at least one child and hospitalised over 100 people by early last month.

As with much of Europe of late the weather during June and beyond in the North of Russia has been exceptionally hot, temperatures reaching 25-35 degrees Celcius, absolutely atypical conditions for this region. This has caused melting of the higher layer of permafrost and the activation of anthrax bacillus which causes disease in a variety of animals.

ACEX reports that first the native reindeer became ill, at least 1,200 are known to have perished, and the disease was then transmitted to people in the area prompting the citizens of the Yamal region having to abandon the imposed quarantine zone leaving all their belongings and deserting their homes. All the native people had to quit the quarantined region. In order to relieve the emergency situation in the territory of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district and the administration announced an appeal for humanitarian and financial aid.

Medical supplies were ordered through the services of Omega Sever, a Russian company which specialises in supplying and developing hospitals and the forwarder transported a total of 14 pieces worth around £25,000 through the services of Yamal Airlines, based at Salekhard and also where the destination hospital is situated. Alexandra Chagina, the Deputy director for business development, Cargo Express commented:

“We had to organize a prompt delivery of medical equipment between Moscow and Salekhard. We had to collect parts of the consignment from different points of Moscow. According to the shipping terms the boxes had to be marked as the ‘Humanitarian Cargo’. When the shipment was ready it was delivered to the Domodedovo airport and then it had to be forwarded to the Salekhard clinical hospital.”