Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Successful Project Freight Forwarding Move for Out of Gauge Cargo

Manchester Group Draws on Experience for Latest Shipment
Shipping News Feature

UK – RUSSIA – Only anyone who has personally experienced the unique conditions which exist in the Sakhalin Region, the only region in the Russian Federation located on islands, will know the vagaries of the climate there, with year round snow, up to four feet at a time in winter, and the often foggy summers. The area however is rich in natural resources and has drawn a constant stream of companies seeking oil and gas, something which provides work for project freight forwarding outfits such as Tuscor Lloyds which has just completed another successful movement.

The cargo this time was a seven tonne wheeled loader which was required for a mining project in Korsakov which looks southward toward the Japanese island of Hakkaido. This location can be difficult, expensive and timely to reach but the client turned to the forwarders award-winning project cargo managers who have experience in shipping various tricky cargoes to Russia.

At over three metres high the best solution proved to be shipping as out of gauge cargo loaded on to a 40ft flat rack container. The Manchester based company collected the loader from the manufacturers and secured to the flat rack container using heavy duty ratchet straps and wooden chocks before transporting the cargo by road to the port of Felixstowe. By once again using a container the shipment was transported via a scheduled box line service whilst saving many of the costs traditionally associated with abnormal loads.

Upon arrival at the port of Korsakov the cargo was discharged from the container vessel using onsite cranes and once safely on shore was checked for any damage which could have occurred during ocean transportation. Despite the hazards of a sea voyage the straps remained intact and thus the cargo remained damage free enabling delivery to the client on time and within their tight budget.

Photo: The wheeled loader strapped to the flat rack.