Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Another Special Delivery Needs Oversize Charter Aircraft to Meet Time Frame

Damaged Undersea Pipe Demanded Instant Response
Shipping News Feature

UKRAINE – BELGIUM – TURKEY – With a fleet that includes seven AN-124-100 aircraft (payload 150 tonnes) and the largest aircraft in the world, the AN-225 with a 250 tonne capability, the AN-22 with a capacity of just 60 tonnes might seem the minnow in the tank. That would be until you stood under one.

Antonov Airlines is who you turn to when you have something simply too big for anyone else to handle, and no time whatsoever to get it there. This month the world’s largest turboprop aircraft, that minnow, carried 30 tonnes of equipment urgently required to repair part of the pipeline between Turkey and Cyprus, at an ocean depth of about 400 metres.

The goods emanated from Belgium and the charter flight was arranged by SkyAir Shop Aviation Services with the flight arranged and the AN-22 positioned for loading in less than 24 hours after confirmation of the charter.

To ensure the safe loading and offloading of this outsized and heavy consignment special loading equipment designed and manufactured by the Antonov Company itself was used. Andriy Blagovisniy, Commercial Director at Antonov Airlines commented:

“Our team did its best to meet the customer’s requirements on urgent delivery and support him on all stages of preparation and performance of the charter flight in such short term.”

And it seems Antonov’s efforts were appreciated with Tekin Ertemel, General Director at SkyAir Shop Aviation Services saying how happy he and his company were to work with such a professional operation which works as a complete team.

Photo: Loading into the AN-22 aircraft at Ostend Airport, Belgium.