Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Smaller UK Airport Seeks Increased Air Freight Revenue and Appoints Cargo Handler

Ties Between Logistics Company BDA and Coventry Extended
Shipping News Feature

UK – The depressed state of many of Britain’s smaller airports is gradually being reversed, usually due to the proliferation of economy airlines, Stobart’s London Southend operation being a case in point. Now Coventry Airport, for so long overshadowed by local rivals East Midlands and Birmingham, has made a bid to become a bigger freight base for the region having appointed BDA (Bespoke Distribution Aviation) as its official cargo handling agent. BDA itself is already a logistics success story for the airport, based there since inception and set to triple its size in a period of just two years. BDA has extensively trained staff in order to become the airport’s handling agent and is now registered to process all cargo including explosives and dangerous goods.

With a license to handle the variety of commodities and process all air cargo to meet all aviation security regulations BDA’s involvement should make the airport more accessible to businesses moving freight in and out of the UK. The agreement comes at a time when Coventry Airport says it is poised to become a major cargo hub with the recent £106 million redevelopment project on the site’s surrounding road infrastructure nearing completion.

That work includes major road widening and the construction of an underpass around the Tollbar Island roundabout, and restructuring of the bridge and roundabout on the A46 link road. Kevin Turner, Managing Director of BDA, said that such a hub location, which is also close to all major motorway networks, is vital not just for final mile logistics for international freight coming in and out of the country, but also as a central bridge connecting the northern powerhouse and the thriving industry of the south.

Having such access to this country-wide network has enabled BDA to move into new markets and extend its services from an air bridge logistics specialist to a company that provides a complete and end-to-end logistics solution collecting, flying and delivering freight throughout Europe, with its central hub at Coventry Airport. Turner concludes:

“The Midlands has always been seen as central to the country’s road network but Coventry Airport is now even more ideally placed to service the regional powerhouses developing all over the country, and indeed, across Europe. It provides an ideal location from which we can transport and handle freight quickly to anywhere in the UK. And it’s no surprise that it is home to some of the leading distribution companies and a host of other corporate businesses that operate key delivery networks.”

Judy Groves, Marketing Director at the Rigby Group, the largest UK airport management group by number of airports and manager of Coventry, said that BDA’s success story and appointment as the airport’s handling agent, encapsulates the vision of the Airport to become a key cargo hub for the global supply chain. She continued:

“BDA’s success story is phenomenal and we are really proud that they have their UK hub situated at Coventry Airport and are now our handling agents too. Their story, and the story of many of our other logistics residents that are based here, is further evidence that Coventry Airport is already playing a huge role in the global supply chain, and with our own handling agent, we will continue to do become a centre for air freight for many years to come.”

Photo: L to R: Rob Sweeney, General Manager Coventry Airport, Alison Brindley, Operations Director BDA, Andy Hixon, Coventry Airport.