Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Scalp for Project Freight Forwarding Group

Specific Design Required RoRo Transport
Shipping News Feature

MEXICO – LIBYA – Despite all the woes of late in the North African country life, and business, goes on as a recent consignment shipped by project freight forwarding specialists Tuscor Lloyds demonstrates. The shipment comprised 80 tonnes of asphalt plant and scalping screen from a Mexican supplier which needed particular attention as regards lifting and therefore had to be shipped as a RoRo movement.

The client, from the construction industry, supplied the machinery as four pieces together weighing in at over 80 tonnes which were mounted on specially manufactured trailer chassis which, due to the nature of the chassis and machinery, precluded top-lifting. Once loaded the chassis were secured using heavy duty ratchet straps. The cargo was shipped from Veracruz to the port of Antwerp where it was loaded and lashed to another vessel destined for Misurata.

Scalping machinery is designed to separate the largest sizes of material when grading granulated ore and is commonly used in mining and other industries, and Tuscor Lloyds project managers in Mexico and the United Kingdom handled this unique cargo through every process until the shipment arrived on time and in perfect condition